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Excerpt: Our articles (blogs, or however you want to call them), are never really rooted in overt self-promotion or business related musings but, today, we need to stray just a small moment to tell everyone about a few changes we are implementing (which shall ultimately help your experience with our stuff be even easier and more fun)...


Takeo Tama

A Music focused entertainment company, specializing in a variety of Song styles including Electro-Funk, Orchestra featuring Synthesizer elements, and 8/16-bit Chiptune arrangements.

All titles are available as world-wide releases and are pre-cleared for 'non-exclusive' and "exclusive" use.

Film, Television, Video-Game, App-software, mobile-Design, and Business Advertising/Marketing Licensing available here.

Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google-Play.

Team members include:
Sekrett Scilensce (Lead-Composer/Business-Developer)

Katlina Kliewer (Lead-Collaborator/Brand-Manager)

No auto-tune!


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