Takeo Tama co. mfg.

small company, LARGE style!

"We're a team of Music-enterprisers, dedicated to the tradition of creating and releasing High-Quality audio-experiences via our engineering skills and advanced understandings of Song distribution and production."

"Our sound-recordings do not contain the use of items such as auto-tune or similar."

"Our catalogues are available as world-wide Song releases and are Licensing ready for both exclusive and non-exclusive uses."

"If/when an exclusive-License is enacted, we are able to remove any of our titles from standard-distribution (a.k.a. POS) at any time."

"We very much aspire to help people who work in the entertainment-sectors of Film, Television, Video-Games, Mobile/App design, and Business Advertising/Marketing."

"As of writing this short about-section, we likely haven't been outside for 167 (or so) days, Contact us?!"