From 8-Bit To War-Strategy To Calm And Affectionate? Yes!

If you’ve been waiting for our usual updates and have been wondering, “Where the heck are you clowns?”, well, we’ve been extremely busy probing (non-sexually, perhaps?) and tweaking our presences across the Internet, social-spheres, and even our own intranets. Crazy! And… in particular, we’ve been uploading a butt-load of Video contents, specifically to:


Wake up!! Stay-tuned…

– Takeo Tama co.


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Touring: You Can Be Selective Now

Piling up in the car and hitting the road for the experience has always been worth it and valuable. You could live, you could die, you might make it…you might do all three! So, think about combining your YouTube efforts with where you’d like to headline. It’s smarter, wiser, and more likely to yield the result you’re seeking vs. guessing–and–you should look into the bigger things as the world has become smaller…..sooner!!


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Don’t Miss Out!

Though we are very much in a digital era, there is something to be said about holding and owning your favorite music in your own hands.

For a limited time, Takeo Tama Co is offering a selection of titles available on physical CD as well as digital downloads. ¬†It’s a really amazing deal that gets shipped directly to you. ¬†Downloads are immediate and our shipping is quick and efficient.

Get Yours Now!

Every purchase helps Takeo Tama conquer the world with quality music in astounding numbers.

If a hand autographed copy from the artists themselves interests you more, email us today.

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In the Background and Other Things

Many of you may have noticed, but there are a lot of things going on in the background currently at Takeo Tama Co. We have been steadily distributing and redistributing title after title as well as adding a few new options. There are a numerous amount of songs listed currently and still being added.



In addition to being available for the usual digital streaming and downloads, a few titles are available in physical disk form, such as;

“Ransom City”:

If you are into 8-Bit and video game styled music, Get YOURS Now!

With every purchase, YOU help change music worldwide.

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Japan Internet Is A Different Landscape

Many individuals and companies put emphasis on expansionism that they don’t fully comprehend. You want to talk about, “Totally different animals?”–The internet landscape in Japan is completely disconnected both culturally and technologically from many countries. Not just phone culture either but, from buying to reselling (sorry, there’s not much up-selling); you’d be hard-pressed to find any process which is outright familiar to you.

Hint: Don’t have angles…

Have great innovation at heart (for the mind is sacred in the land of Japan)…..


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Heart to Heart

Heart themed blog…?

Why not.

Broken Hearts:

Burning Hearts:

And Hearts on the cover…

Do I have your attention yet?

From an electro-freestyle sound, to J-Rock, to 8-Bit game inspired music… You never know what to expect from Takeo Tama Company or from Artist Sekrett Scilensce.

We will keep the music coming, Please continue to show your love and support.

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Germany Internet Is A Different Landscape

American Individuals and Companies sometimes put much emphasis on expansionism which they don’t understand on any level. Digital-Distribution of any kind is not contained to paradigms such as search, content being king, or advertising. Instead, you’d find that much word of mouth is still the norm and more socially accepted than brochures of any design.

You know those companies that tell you they’re giving you WORLD-WIDE distribution (ahem, musicians)?

You don’t even get outright DL/streaming the way you think in The Fatherland.

Think about it!


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LinkedIn Has Never Been Anything Useful

Musicians and Business Persons try too much and too hard, repeating monikers that aren’t their own. LinkedIn has never been anything useful, but you’d swear up and down a lot of people were “onto” ‘something’–but, they’re not; it’s all a puff of air. Outreach, availability, marketing…hey…this internet thing, it’s passive, impersonal, and pretty much a ‘look @ me’ “look @ me” wasteland.

Show the world greatness through your own online destinations.

Don’t ask people to come to networks you or they have no control over.


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Bullied For Bullies & Other Fun Busy Bee Musings

Every once in a while, you get bullied. Sometimes it’s for ridiculous reasons and other times, it kind of makes sense (even though it’s likely wrong and still sucks). Then there is one ultimate form of bullying which we’ll affectionately cite as, “The Policy Change” ‘Complaint’ Rage…

Yes, “The Policy Change Complaint Rage”, the vernacular of the corporate-minded, hog-washing, syndicate; the ‘all clear’, all lights green, go Planet of the Apes style rhetoric of the so-called Directors of departments…

This article isn’t so much about what we’re about to show you, as much as it is more so about the connotations.

We received the below notice from one of the entities we contract with:


They followed-up their website push-notification with an email which detailed this exact information plus, a few more “threatening” ‘instances’ of details.

All of this said, whether you are a student of business, seasoned professional, or old-school Fat-Cat mogul, the thing that is troublesome is the fact that there is no indication of, “Why?”

Not in the original notification and not in the private email (at least not at the time of writing this article).

Just a warning to comply or die…

Imagine someone just calls you up and says, “Hey, your house, your car, and your wife are now mine, and you owe me ten thousand dollars if you don’t comply.”

It’s the same thing (albeit not as extreme).

What happened? Who messed up? Is there a larger underlying problem? Should we stop working together now as no one can guarantee the next steps won’t be damaging? Why are we being threatened vs. counseled??


Please, pretty please, aspire to be reasonable, sensible, and pliable in your daily life’s dealings or business engagements.

Be clear, concise, and don’t bully people.

If you really must bully then at the very least, layout all the information.

Moving On…

Now, enough of that!

Let’s preview something really cool!!



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Facebook Is Not Relevant For Business

It gets tiring, being asked by money-hungry hopefuls about ‘the most important’ network “for business” and on and on and on… LOOK! None of them are really about marketing, sales, or conversion (in general); that is an up-sell by the companies themselves and the many guru-types that abound but in all factual-basis, these networks are places for people to just waste time and decide on personal matters and tastes (vs. your great new idea).

Video-Games do well on social-media spheres because they are highly social-activities.

Same with Movies.

Music has taken a backseat because every time someone follows a new band etc., they get an immediate auto-generated message saying: “Hey, great to meet you, see me here, like me here, send your friends here.”

It has gotten beyond old for people.

So, in regards to Facebook (or any of the said networks), it’s essentially redistribution of your message and wares (more than it is communication) in most cases.

Who knows?


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