YouTube Is NPR On Steroids?

It sucks to use YouTube on its front-end. Seriously. It’s a wasteland of some sort, a sort of tech-dystopic echo-chamber of nothing but talk-radio heads (a.k.a. podcasts) and how-to jockeys (a.k.a. advice givers/gurus). The alternatives (i.e. Bitchute) are not better either, as you are automatically considered “Political” for utilizing any alternative networks per most TV-watchers opinions/mindsets. It just makes the whole idea of being entertaining a vacuum of blah and further sucking.

There is no “mainstream”.

There is no ‘underground’.

Not online, on the internet; it’s all just stuff to see, hear, and consume?

How are people having discussions about something not being mainstream-enough over the internet??


Watch BTTF4? (Back To The Future 4, In Pixar Style!)

Get ready to smile. Get ready to laugh. Get ready to remember. Get ready, for the future? What happened after Back To The Future III?? Have you ever wondered??? Well, while we can’t promise this will conclude the series or the theories, we can definitely say that it’s a very welcome addition to the saga. It’s not corny, it’s not hard to watch at all. Get ready…



Why We Talk About Pop-Culture (Even Though We’re Not Mainstream)

Someone once asked, “Why the f*ck do you guys care?” — And — You know what, that’s a really good f*cking question! So yeah, we’re not wrapped into trends, we’re not wrapped into celebrity, we’re not wrapped into popular-census but, it’s kind of on-point with our self-concerned goal(s). Everyone has a reason why they do something. Doesn’t matter what it is. For us, it’s something like, we’re trying to save the recorded Music paradigm with well made audio experiences.

Certainly more like a Music recording paradox at this juncture but hey!!

We try pretty damned hard…



Political-Correctness “Is Out Of” Control (Oh Well?)

We used to live in a more natural world. People were natural. Language was natural. Human-behavior was natural. This new breed of trans-Human is far from natural but, you can’t argue the case against the accepting and, you can’t debate against the many who wish to be and or remain, susceptible. If you try and make sense of the senseless, a form of self-authoritarian policing shall be thrust upon your existence.

Art is therefore “Censored” for the sake of saving face…

A sad, depressing, state of affairs.


Social-Media Is Too Politicized (It’s Not Fun Anymore)

We stopped using social-media as additional points of interest for a multitude of reasons however, one primary reason that stands out above many of them is the fact that many of the social-media outlets are just too politicized at this point. Political-agendas and user-labeling by the network operators themselves is just ridiculous. Users attempting to police each other etc. is even more ridiculous.

We thought social-media was ridiculous as is but now, we definitely feel it’s over.

No one has to agree, no one has to follow.


Why You Won’t Catch Us On Any Talent TV Programing

First of all, it’s mostly rigged and scripted. No real deal-memos or prearranged publishing agreements ever get fulfilled correctly; and as well, it’s too short-lived to be worth anything more than ten-minutes of recognition. Sure, maybe one out of thousands of oncoming players will know how to harness and expand their appearance/performance but for the most part, many of these TV execs work in a bubble.

Now, before you decry “Jealously” or “We’re just [insert opinion here]”; understand, we don’t care or work in these paradigms however, why is it that when we do mention we’re involved in Music sound-recordings, why does virtually every person need/want to know if we’ve ever been a part of the glorified Karaoke-contests we affectionately call:

“Talent Television Programming”

As well; it doesn’t mean you don’t get to see some cool sh*t sometimes…


GDPR Compliance? Must We??

The thing is, if we enforce all of this content, are we then in fact, enforcing U.N. “Hate-Speech” laws and similar. The knee-jerk reaction for many is, “No” however; ‘how do you know?’–You see, it just all popped out of nowhere and all of sudden, “update your policies” – “we’ve updated our policies” and on and on and on… So! What the Hell is going on and what will be the truth moving onward?

Re-Optimizing Distribution-Pages (Site-Wide) [2018-14-05]

Network redundancies suck! That said, we’re undoing a bunch of them because, well, we can!! And we should, and you should benefit from these changes as well. So moving onward, there will be less clutter with sub-pages and sub-directories when accessing our content. Everything else should run as normal however, do expect some heavy experimentation here and there (because we’re psycho and do not know better).

But relax.

We’re not Google…

Temporarily Discontinuing “Downloads” From Gumroad (But Not Physical/Combo Products)

We think it’s in our best interest to only focus “downloads” and ‘streams’ of our Music-entertainment catalogues at the websites and hubs that best support these technologies. We were torn about direct-to-buyer options all along because it is essentially bullsh*t to try and up-sell people on items that they could expect to just logon to Apple-Music or Spotify and stream (both freely and premium). — Regardless, we’re still tweaking our other in-house mechanisms to better serve our Songs to whoever dares and want them.

That means you!

Alt-Tech Auto-Post Not Available (Wrappers Won’t Do)

Regarding or, we’ve been unable to fully integrate their systems into our distribution network(s). We know full-well and understand there are wrapper-solutions etc. however, the investment in sweat-equity required to make these hubs “useful” does not yet qualify within our desired methods of integration. It’s the same with Legacy-media per our considerations however, we are fully able to have content added to items like Twitter (albeit with some Human intervention) nearly hands-off, so, since SEM efforts are not plunged by these older-networks, we continue to utilize them.

We’re seeking a solution despite…