Quarter Passed 4?

Time is both limiting and enabling, as it can simultaneously free us and enslave us.

This electro inspired, jazz, blues, boogie, or whatever you want to call it speaks to many levels at once using what is considered the “Devil’s” notes by music ‘fearist’.

“No one knows what to do.” So what do we do? In music, in art, love, career, health, politics, peace and war, the world is ever changing. We don’t always like what we hear and see, but what is important is what we do and who we are.

Check out some of what we do at Takeo Tama by listening to “Quarter Passed 4” by Sekrett Scilensce HERE.




Takeo Tama is a Creator, Publisher, and Licensing Company of original multi-style Music. The catalogue is entirely handcrafted and Songs available do not utilize auto-tune. Their core focus is in Electro crossover and Synth driven Orchestra Songs. For Listeners, the experiences can transcend commonly known bands and musicians available. For Audio-Supervisors, an entirely fresh and captivating level of sound stimulation can be achieved.



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