Takeo Tama Process

Access a provider of multi-style Music with focuses in Electro crossover Songs and Synthesizer powered Orchestra pieces.

For Listeners, the experiences can transcend commonly recognized bands and musicians.

For Audio-Supervisors, an entirely fresh and captivating level of sound stimulation can be achieved.


It costs nothing to begin speaking with us about what's possible. Call/Text: +1 (646)895-6050


When it comes to High-Quality, No auto-tune Songs, always choose the best talents. Bring your ideas to life. Your imagination is the limit. Get help realizing it. Stand behind what's provided. Let experience yield your solutions.



Don't be afraid to experiment. Intriguing productions include some of the most diverse styling and obscure ideas available. Explore fluid experiences across Android, iOS, and similar personal Listening/Sound systems.



Work with people interested in your goals vs. the money minded, whether students or already working in Film, TV, Video-Games, App-software, Mobile-design, Corporate A/V, or Business Advertising/Marketing.