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Some website visitors had been reporting a break in the URLs they were visiting to access German, Japanese, and Russian contents. We’re doing our best to make sure this stops happening so as a test, we’re sending out this article to see if things will work better this time around. If they don’t, you may flood our e-mail with complaints and harass us over social-media.

You may not drink our Whiskey however!



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STAR TREK: “Don’t Just Watch! Engage!!”

Captain’s log, star-date… — Once upon a brave new world and civilization, the closest you’d come to joining star-fleet would be by playing “pretend” or firing-up the forbidden camera your ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ said to never touch and role-play away! Today, you can do more!! Explore a new, fun, and challenging way to explore the galaxy and be the best crew-member of any star-ship ever encountered…


* * * * *

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Far Many Bozos…

Jeebus Cricks… — The once foretold “Bozo implosion” is beyond realized at this juncture. People accommodate nothing enhancing, other than other peoples bullshit and then, the bullshitters sputter the praises of being against naysayers, all to the benefit of selling more and being a better marketer? Fuck that! We need to realize that we’re all free to sit back or move forward, how and when we please.

The Bozo should not interfere.

The Bozo must not interfere.

Forget the Bozo


* * * * *

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China Is Calling?

We have been receiving your calls (中國) but alas, there is a language barrier (翻譯). We are intrigued and curious as to what you have in mind (你的申請?) regarding licensing (許可協議). Perhaps we can communicate through e-mail (電子郵件) so that it can be easily translated. 請再次聯繫! 我們祈求聯繫。

Your move.



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The Desire To Be Authentic And Unparalleled

The desire to be authentic and unparalleled. Some people just have it. Others don’t. But you don’t have to stand at or within any bounds of any spectrum to decipher these truths, Hell, you don’t even have to pretend because no matter what, things will either be evident to others or they won’t. Period. End all. Some individuals on Earth were not well understood because of the world’s at tymes, skewed and politically-correct volley but despite these challenges, many good messages still came through and sometimes across.

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Something Is Coming. Be Ready.

People grow through many incarnations of themselves and their ideas, outlooks, etc. How far someone takes that growth is the key. Balance, configuration, and mindset. Focus. Determination. Finalization. All parts of a recipe for either simplicity and ease or total destruction. All ingredients towards a new concoction or better yet, DISCOVERY! But it must begin somewhere and it must expand elsewhere.

Something is coming.

Be ready.

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And Now For Something A Little Different…

At the edge of nearly every Flash of Genius is a large amount of doubt (and even dismay at tymes). The thing about all of that is not so much, THE THING a person does with those fears but rather, THE ITEMS a person/entity empowers through that trepidation. In an ideal world, everything and everyone is heard and supported fairly however, reality is very far from any idealism and likely will not find final closure.

At least not until Armageddon or complete nuclear implosion…

Until then; Let’s ROCK & ROLL!

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Let’s Take It Back, Shall We?

You can have a multitude of #Song formats, genres, styles etc. but, what you can’t always have? Innovation! You can’t pull it out of your ass and, you can’t tell others that something is, “Innovative,” because frankly, that just defeats the purpose of something just being–the it thing–per the moment. — Let go of your preconceived notions and step into new, undefined landscapes from your mind, in your mind, and back to the minds of others.

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Offering Services: “Realistic Outlook Vs. Self-Imprisonment!”

TAKEO TAMA offers services which include the creation, distribution, and licensing of music sound-recordings because that is what’s “perfectly” inline with our passions and focuses. It seems a ton of other people/companies do it because they can’t garner enough ‘INSERT_BLANK’–we’re not judging–but it does seem like this. — Whether we license something today or tomorrow doesn’t matter because we’re constantly creating despite those activities (i.e. licensing for film a.k.a. synchronization) taking place.

So WTF is everyone else’s problem(s)?

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YouTube Is NPR On Steroids?

It sucks to use YouTube on its front-end. Seriously. It’s a wasteland of some sort, a sort of tech-dystopic echo-chamber of nothing but talk-radio heads (a.k.a. podcasts) and how-to jockeys (a.k.a. advice givers/gurus). The alternatives (i.e. Bitchute) are not better either, as you are automatically considered “Political” for utilizing any alternative networks per most TV-watchers opinions/mindsets. It just makes the whole idea of being entertaining a vacuum of blah and further sucking.

There is no “mainstream”.

There is no ‘underground’.

Not online, on the internet; it’s all just stuff to see, hear, and consume?

How are people having discussions about something not being mainstream-enough over the internet??

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