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While we haven’t been saying much on the front-end of everything lately, we’ve definitely been EXTREMELY busy behind the scenes! As a matter of fact, one of the many things we’ve been figuring out is how to give every single one of you a faster, better, more streamlined experience when you take tyme to use our “Pages” section. So without further ado, we announce to you that we’re merging the new layouts currently and shall be ‘replacing’ previous designs and have as much up as possible over the next few hours.



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Country, Language, Region Support Relaunched For USA, ESP, DEU, UKR, JPN, KOR, PHL, CHN & RUS

We’ve relaunched regional support for the following languages: USA – ESP – DEU – UKR – JPN – KOR – PHL – CHN & RUS; if you’re unfamiliar with ISO country-codes, this just means: North-America, Spain/Mexico, Ukraine, Japan, Korea, Philippines, China and Russia — In two-letter format, these are typically: US, ES, DE, UA, JP, KR, PH, CN and RU. All said, there are some language-support options that may feel like they’re ‘missing’; well, here’s the quick explanation…

Everything included is based on data that’s specific to “us”. There’s no instance where we’re over asserting or bloating what we’re servicing.

International relations remain one of the more important mechanics behind all the fun we have being a world-wide-web entity but also, remains an important key to our survival moving forward.


Afrikaans, French, Italiano, and Tex/Mex almost made the cut but in “our” experience, most of the African, French, Italian, and Southwestern U.S. Spanish speakers we’ve ever known or encountered, speak English fairly well (even when a bit broken).

If you feel that we should consider supporting a particular language then please feel free to mention it.

Also! Do feel free to criticize any of the translations we currently have available!!

You can access our regions section below:

Click-Here if you can’t see the frame above.


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Any Products/Services Offered In Chinese Are For People Of China And Not Its Government Or Agencies

We wanted to be clear about something before any person or entity chooses to have an impression that may not be correct. Regarding all products or services (i.e. language-pages) that we have created for people of Chinese origin or descent; we want to stress that the materials are present “for the people” and “not” the Chinese-Government or its related/collaborative agencies. — TAKEO TAMA is “not” a Chi-Com nor’ engaged in any Chinese-Communications patents, operations, or legal-recourse.

It sucks that we’d even have to make such statements however, even if you’re reading this and thinking, “Well, come on, that’s no big deal, right?” — Trust us — It’s becoming a bigger deal than you could possibly imagine.

All said, fuck it! Let’s party!!



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July 4th, 1776

Whether you’re in America and celebrate in patriot ways or are in/from another part of the world but very much enjoy the USA tradition of Independence Day, let it be known that no matter how far the world arrives in change or how different everything may become, REMEMBER; there was a tyme before where it all wasn’t about ANY of the issues, scenarios, nor’ upheavals that plague planet Earth, today. No… There was a moment when it was pure and simple. An hour where all was celebrated in the name of Freedom — No vice, no denial, no purgatory. Have a very happy…..4th of July!

If you can’t see the image above, CLICK-HERE!!

Takeo Tama

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Ready For Fun, But, We’re Also Going To Level With You: “If You Think The USA and the World Isn’t Being Invaded Right Now, Think Again!”

Firstly, please make certain you understand going in that nothing we’re stating here is of bias or political. It’s facts! Secondly, entertaining while teaching is always pure joy and after our quick spiel on current events, we have some video-clips for your viewing pleasure (to just sort of sit back and allow to sink in).


We’re nearly ready to fully allow all visitors to test-drive our wares (i.e. Music) at full “Freenomic” capacity. The coding and design bits have been a tad tedious but oh well, hard work is just that; HARD work! But beyond those items are the events happening in the USA and globally which not only raise concerns but simultaneously, raise fears, anxieties, and uncertainties well beyond the norms.

Let’s begin at, “Obvious,”…

The toppling of statues, rewriting of history, full-fledged attacks via propaganda and ‘governmental’ prowess, the establishing of autonomous-zones within USA continental borders etc.

Well, perhaps that’s simply put, “An invasion?!”

The videos below depict more “formal” armies etc. but, maybe you understand what we’re attempting to illustrate…?

Note: We don’t support the RED DAWN remake at all as China was allowed to tell an American film-studio to remove the Chinese as the enemy and replace with North-Korea however, the scene is being used here as it’s entertaining and will aid us in getting to our next discussion points.

So perhaps some of you watched those and thought, Hmm, what’s the connection?

Here is a real-life clip from the invasion of Shanghai:

These groups on USA and the other countries around the globe’s soil, doing what in our view are Bolshevik/Communists style revolution tactics, let us just tell you; Minneapolis, right now, looks like Shanghai in that old footage. And from what we hear, a ton of other places that were looted etc. fared similar.

It sucks, but, it is what “it” is (and may become days after).



Our advice/warning (which we’re fully aware no person or entity is asking for but, f*ck all that for now), our viewpoint is to lookout for the following:

• Those mobs that aspire to take these protests/riots beyond cities into the suburban and rural areas, be extra careful because the governments across the globe “are” allowing them to take precedence and, “they” are armed in zones where police have either been removed or are in process of being, unfunded.

* You won’t be protected by anything but yourself in most cases.

• Those founders and co-founders of a lot of these so-called activism-groups for change etc., if you dig back a little bit, they say in interviews which doctrines they abide and aspire to implement.

* Video-Evidence below:


We’ve been dealing with some intrusive communiques and propaganda aimed directly at us over the last couple of weeks but we’ve been keeping all of that nonsense off-site. We don’t wish to burden any of you with any of this junk but we are moving forward with at least one mass statement regarding all of it.

You can read it here:

TAKEO TAMA Denounces Social-Media/Internet Censorship Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic & Racism “Baiting” Ops

Backup-link *

[Primary link is from FOX40 New York — Active links may change suddenly]…


We didn’t want to write this blog-post but after thinking about things for a few days, it’s probably better that you, our audience, readers, listeners, (whoever you are out there), it’s probably better that you know exactly where we stand/stood on the off-chance that all these things happening kick into to high-gear and much becomes lost in the fog.

“We” don’t have a dog in these fights.

The interests for “us” are merely financial in the respect that a ton of the entities trying to sway us to become vested in their ideals and morals are sources that pay us to do what we do best.

The Music

But “they” want blood for some reason.

We thank-you from the very bottoms of our hearts, underwear, and socks!!

PS: One video-clip we wanted to include was the invasion scene from Empire of the Sun (1987) [Steven Spielberg] but alas, we just couldn’t find the damned thing!

Bonus: Our very own KATLINA KLIEWER has made an awesome funny meme comparing the world depicted in Demolition Man (1993) [Sylvester Stallone/Wesley Snipes] to the current year, 2020, and statements made by none other than the insidious | 😛 | Dr. FauciWhat say you…?

Update (2020/22/06):
Gelsenkirchen: Controversial Lenin statue erected in German city

Update (2020/04/07):
Twitter Ditches “Offensive” Non-Inclusive Terms Such As “Whitelist”, “Man Hours” And “He, Him, His”


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Masks Are Officially Banned @ TakeoTama.com (All Visitors Must Not Have A Mask)

While we get all our nice, juicy, tender, plump, magnificently marinated, spicy “Instrumentals” ready for all of you, we wanted to take this moment to inform ALL OF “YOU” that we have officially banned M A S K of any shape or sort -at- Takeo Tama — All visitors are encouraged to stay at websites that are M A S K friendly until they feel safe enough to visit us here @ TakeoTama.com — We would apologize for any inconvenience but, well, … why?! – On the other hand, you are still most welcome to wear your underwear, socks, or perhaps, your robe with nothing under…?

Let FREEDOM boil!!

Let oppression sink…

PS: If you come to the conclusion that saying, “Don’t wear a mask!” is oppressive then guess what? You’re smart! One word; “Satire,” much??

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We’re Re-Discussing Localization @ TakeoTama.com However; No Determinations Yet…

Specifically, within the contexts of the pandemic etc., we have “every” reason to reconsider serving out localized content/links and similar but, we as well have no full control over global-internet initiatives and only vow to make considerations for our visitors/patrons vs. oblivious minded policies that wouldn’t allow our material to be as free to audiences. The main takeaway is “resources” but, we’ve learned that there’s some weight to us having placed those pages up in recent weeks, so, the volley towards discussions continues.

Despite the happy-accident with Music being wildly distributed to YouTube, we shall enact for all of that to be resumed back to “us” and therefore, while being the easiest options at hand for distribution, because we don’t support big-tech in the traditional understandings that many employ, we want everyone to be aware that we have every intent to restore control over those standpoints.

Stay-Tuned for updates…

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Working The Kinks Out, But! Pages Are Ready For “You” to Test!!

So…..we…..don’t have an EXACT handle on this whole scenario yet. #Censorship BS aside, we have been tirelessly working to get all the freebies running for you guys and gals so we can just jump “completely” forward however, recordings and Song-catalog submissions have eaten some of that meantime (and rightfully so) but! All said, we’ve decided we’re just going to start letting “You” test some of the web-pages and let us know how they’re working per your devices etc.

As well, we’re going to be a little old-school in that we’re literally just going to put them in an open page-directory, kind of like 1990s Internet and just let you click as desired.

This directory will eventually be closed to not attract Bot content-scrapers etc. but!! For now, have fun.

* If you can’t see the content/iframe above then please click-here…

And lastly, if you encounter problems then just let us know.


• These are all self-hosted/self-dedicated links, at no tyme are “you” required to register/sign-up for “any” uses

• As previously discussed, we’re removing all ads except for a couple of sliders and in-video streams (we did discuss entire removal but during testing we just want to see if it really doesn’t matter in terms of anything being intrusive etc.)

• As per now, the links are a mix of leftover YouTube residuals and some of our beta-pages however, they will all be renewed coding soon enough


CLICK-HERE for the pages…

That’s it for now. Have fun?!

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An Unusual, Usual Update, With Some Meaning But Mostly, Confusion? Yes!

So there’s been a few developments while we prepare to follow-through with the ideas stated in our last blog. All in all and on and on, EVERYTHING is SHTF – FUBAR – LMAO – BRB — Okay! Cultural acronym rant aside, what has happened? Well, for one, we’re now coming under #Censorship via a particular social-media entity and, its actually not something we said or did directly; no, it’s something Katlina Kliewer said or did or didn’t “resist” doing? Take your pick!! But! Don’t just take our word for it. You can see her information about it at the link below:


Anyhow! Now what…

Nothing!! Who cares…

We have our own thing going and frankly, its not worth the time or energy it’d take to ponder who, what, when, why, how or any of that crap but, what we “do” know? If you have it in your hearts to keep on keeping on with us then please stay and when you occasionally come to view our musings etc., just remember to stay in the spirit of sticking it to “them” and let’s not worry about the rest because no matter what, like John Cougar Mellencamp said, “Oh yeah, life goes on…”

What’s New, Now:

Well, how about Instrumentals? Yes! See, there’s this thing that occurred. Basically, we’d been cracking down on our relationships with certain entites that exhibited CHI-COM behaviors, mainly, items like doing what they please, at will with our provided content etc. and well, one of our main distributors fudged something up and a bunch of our stuff ended up on YT (despite that we’d only designated particular titles to be shared on that video-network). — But — Oh well, WE’RE TURNING THIS IN OUR FAVOR. So, if you want to check those items out before we decide how to itemize “our” control over everything again, try the links underneath:

Link Underneath 1

Link Underneath 2

Link Underneath 3

Link Underneath 4

“But Takeo Tama, those aren’t instrumentals?!”

Right! But it got us to thinking about our inventory and basically, we can just start releasing the instrumentals at will. Think about it, “Why the heck not?!”

So keep your eyes out for this development…

Lastly for now, all that stuff we’d done regarding investor-relations etc., well, screw that for now; BIGGER fish to fry. As well, our primary advertising etc., well, we’re attempting to see what may be possible if we just perhaps, privatize it so with that said, if you have a link you’d like shared/displayed across our network then just contact us! Call, text, e-mail, whatever!!

So look…

We were going to say a lot more in this update but BLAH! There’s far much work to complete so thank-you for reading and we’ll be posting again very soon!


For fun, after your comment, say something completely random underneath it! Anything!! It could be true, false, comedic, just make it random and fun…

Listen to these lyrics?!


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COVID-19: “Positive-Thinking Vs. Negative-Staggering” (The Pandemic, After) [Our Survival, Their Control]

We’ve spent a ton of time mulling over everything occurring across the globe. And then there’s the bullshit we call, “Entertainment”. – On one hand, we’d like to feel “this” world, especially “now”, perhaps needs/wants creators? To rough it through?? Turning to us for enjoyment, hopefulness, distractions that maybe could ultimately lead to understanding…

But, the family of six that can’t make the car payment or mortgage couldn’t (and rightfully so, wouldn’t) give a rat’s anus.

We’d love to be able to say, “Our work is important too,” but, meh.

We owe more to everyone who ever took a listen to our sounds than we do to any so-called associative-entities that proclaim to aid in spotlighting our wares. – The kid at an Applebee’s style restaurant, the kids delivering food, the grown-ups keeping our water, electricity and so on, “on” for the while until we learn where things go next.

We “are” and have been the way we exists because we became tired of seeing creators getting screwed by broken paradigms which don’t value creative-efforts. All events happening now are making it painstakingly clear; while the Internet has offered opportunities for creators of all types, these so-called rules of what’s deemed, “The Attention Economy” are serving corporations firstly, leaving creators with less, less financial-stability, less creative-control, and less abilities to connect with both the like-minded and those who are otherwise enthused to journey along for the ride, the adventures otherwise unexplored without the people we call, “The Creators”.

Yeah, we remain rogue…

But, we don’t “really know” what the fuck to do either.

One item we’re going to do right off the bat is move as much of our catalogs as we can to a completely ‘Freenomic’ existence.

For those that recall us in our many incarnations and off-shoots, we’ve mostly always begun and remained in that manner but recently, we were pushing hard, expanding to fight the advertisers, sub-publishers and low-paying content-providers harder at their own games but today, right now, “Screw it all!”

Our next updates will be the links to whatever we have to offer…

If “You” have the moment to indulge, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK-YOU.

Stay healthy, stay safe.



for all the survivors across the globe…..

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