Achieving Homeostasis, Our Natural Response To & FTC, & A Few Other Musings

Article: Achieving Homeostasis, Our Natural Response To & FTC, & A Few Other Musings
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Author: Takeo Tama

Alright! So, what is homeostasis, for us? Well. We’ve had a long-line goal to become as self-sufficient as possible, in total regard to the creation, distribution, and expansionism of our audio and now, even our videos. Nothing is guaranteed, something is always around the corner, someone is always lurking, but never can “you” just know that what “you’re” doing will just stick with the onlooker. — So this is hard, and a little sad, but, it’s evolution.

Pretty much everything seen at any of our websites now, is self-hosted…

So yes; bandwidth costs, etc., etc. — It’s all up in the air now, and as explained in a previous blog, “you” can contribute if you want but really, all things thought of and said for the moment, this has become (albeit utterly), this has become exactly about building an entity that can lasts. That can derive, that can survive, that can flow with the next evolution, even, if it doesn’t necessarily have all the components in place for the exacts that may be changing because truthfully, in the next decade, it will be humanity moving into the quantum-computing eras and frankly, we’re likely all going to become lost, somewhere in all of that switch.

There are tons of rhymes and reasons behind much of this but, we’re going to cite one of our latest statements as food for thought regarding this very #blog you’re reading… “We’re Not Complicit, And Shall Never Contribute.” Brand and Channel operations resist FTC, COPPA pressures beginning at and associated third-party communications-hubs.

CHICAGO, IL (Midway) – – TAKEO TAMA, a leading provider of Music sound-recordings and obscure entertainments has issued its official stance pertaining to FTC/COPPA policy pressures, beginning at in relation to the current power-grab and monetary-pull being enacted across the platform by the Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations now imposed due to YouTube non-compliance with existing COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) laws.

“[YouTube] is more interested in throwing its user bases under the bus than being accountable and responsible for not complying with laws or regulations that they seemingly have known to have existed the entire time of their operations,” a Takeo Tama spokesperson explained.

“But we’re not bothered or worried in whole. You see, while a creator at [YouTube] will worry about their only platforming venture or option, typically, people and entities that have existed and expanded wider and as well, previously before the Internet as it is now known, will simply make a choice if [YouTube] is a good fit for continuing any style of business or ventures with.”

“At long last, in our case, it is plainly, disrespectful what [YouTube] is doing. Not many people or organizations are simplifying the shenanigans as such but in a pure outlook, like say, if [YouTube] was your human friend or colleague, based on their actions and inability to respond competently, if you asked yourself, would I still be friends or do business with this person albeit company, would you say yes or no?”

“Either way, further regarding our stance, all we’ve ever been able to do is ask of our audience to contribute where, when, and however they can. We’ve set more mechanisms for anyone interested in contributing but we are always realistic and well aware that we’re in a world where some people think a buck for a song or signing up for a free subscription to any service to hear us is a high toll to pay.”

“[YouTube] was a great middle ground to introduce new listeners and recapture previous audiences but truly, why gamble with a federal commission that’s seemingly enamored with a potential money grab.”

“We’re not complicit and shall never contribute.” Takeo Tama concluded.


TAKEO TAMA is a Music-entertainment provider, offering a variety of Songs spanning many genres and styles including Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune). – All titles are available where Audio is sold and are ready for Licensing in Film, Television, Video-Games and similar productions.



So; moving onward, change is inevitable, and, we hope “you” stick around through whatever comes next.

And speaking of such; a couple things to checkout!

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In conclusion…

We’ll be here in the new decade, still doing the strongest material we can, but, besides doing it smarter, wiser, and when required, aggressively, we’re going to be doing everything at capacity, the best we can. If that sounds confusing, just think of finding a way to do the things you do for yourself that still feels comfortable but as well, somehow, resembles the most awesome factory assembly line you could ever want to make certain that your desire to evolve doesn’t get hindered so much by any forms of anxiety, depression, or clueless-procrastination.

12 thoughts on “Achieving Homeostasis, Our Natural Response To & FTC, & A Few Other Musings”

  1. I have thought a ton about these similar things but can’t imagine peole being out there to find me without any socials or forums and all those things.

    This is inspiring but kind of crazy too.


  2. I am seeing all the different country pages and think its great! 🙂

    I don’t understand fully what’s happening but I do think it is awesome if you became like the bigger definer for the future changes into how songs are made or put out there.

    I’ve shown cousins your pages but they still think about labels and tv and things that I kind of feel won’t matter even more since other stuff comes out with confusing youtube and stuff.

    But anyways. keep it all up!

  3. I wondered when you’d find the way and I’m glad it came through. It’s undeniable that many things are uncertain going into the next 10 years.

    Thank you for keeping sharp!

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