An Unusual, Usual Update, With Some Meaning But Mostly, Confusion? Yes!

So there’s been a few developments while we prepare to follow-through with the ideas stated in our last blog. All in all and on and on, EVERYTHING is SHTF – FUBAR – LMAO – BRB — Okay! Cultural acronym rant aside, what has happened? Well, for one, we’re now coming under #Censorship via a particular social-media entity and, its actually not something we said or did directly; no, it’s something Katlina Kliewer said or did or didn’t “resist” doing? Take your pick!! But! Don’t just take our word for it. You can see her information about it at the link below:


Anyhow! Now what…

Nothing!! Who cares…

We have our own thing going and frankly, its not worth the time or energy it’d take to ponder who, what, when, why, how or any of that crap but, what we “do” know? If you have it in your hearts to keep on keeping on with us then please stay and when you occasionally come to view our musings etc., just remember to stay in the spirit of sticking it to “them” and let’s not worry about the rest because no matter what, like John Cougar Mellencamp said, “Oh yeah, life goes on…”

What’s New, Now:

Well, how about Instrumentals? Yes! See, there’s this thing that occurred. Basically, we’d been cracking down on our relationships with certain entites that exhibited CHI-COM behaviors, mainly, items like doing what they please, at will with our provided content etc. and well, one of our main distributors fudged something up and a bunch of our stuff ended up on YT (despite that we’d only designated particular titles to be shared on that video-network). — But — Oh well, WE’RE TURNING THIS IN OUR FAVOR. So, if you want to check those items out before we decide how to itemize “our” control over everything again, try the links underneath:

Link Underneath 1

Link Underneath 2

Link Underneath 3

Link Underneath 4

“But Takeo Tama, those aren’t instrumentals?!”

Right! But it got us to thinking about our inventory and basically, we can just start releasing the instrumentals at will. Think about it, “Why the heck not?!”

So keep your eyes out for this development…

Lastly for now, all that stuff we’d done regarding investor-relations etc., well, screw that for now; BIGGER fish to fry. As well, our primary advertising etc., well, we’re attempting to see what may be possible if we just perhaps, privatize it so with that said, if you have a link you’d like shared/displayed across our network then just contact us! Call, text, e-mail, whatever!!

So look…

We were going to say a lot more in this update but BLAH! There’s far much work to complete so thank-you for reading and we’ll be posting again very soon!


For fun, after your comment, say something completely random underneath it! Anything!! It could be true, false, comedic, just make it random and fun…

Listen to these lyrics?!


Tell the Universe! Now!!

54 thoughts on “An Unusual, Usual Update, With Some Meaning But Mostly, Confusion? Yes!”

    1. We will definitely try to keep everyone informed. I mean the whole twitter thing isn’t important in the grand scheme of things, but we didn’t want to just fall off the Twitter-sphere and not tell you all why.

  1. What an unexpected turn of events. I like that you have adapted to the situation and are moving forward.

  2. I’m on board with the idea of releasing some new instrumentals. I really am looking forward to that 🙂

    1. Positivity can be hard in times like this, but we have to not just survive and get through this, we have to aim to succeed and actually keep enjoying our lives, with or without a pandemic, or screwy world leaders.

  3. It’s a good thing that you have your own website. At least you can still keep us updated despite being banned on those ‘other’ platforms.

    1. Did we every tell you about a guy we met named Roy? Best damn pool player we had seen. Effortless. So good, that we started referring to him in honor as Roysus. Anyhow, If we have the support of someone named Roy, the gods may smile upon us again.

  4. I think I’m starting to like music like this! This world is getting further and further away from what I expected…✌️

  5. Well what were anyone expecting truly to come of the current states of affairs? Food, gas, pandemics and now, censoring for really nothing to say. Why are you surprised?

    Or maybe you’re not but are just resting on it.

    1. No actually we are not surprised, have been aware that something similar like this was on it’s way, just unaware of exact details and of when of course. Sometime you can just smell a major change coming in the air, best to prepare your self as much as possible in all arenas.

  6. I can’t remember listening this type of ryth before, but I kinda like it… it makes me think of robots dancing lol… the lyrics are cool.

  7. keep your head high still, don’t give in to any pressure and distractions. See it as a journey that you soon get to your destination

  8. I feel the pain from this post. If you stop fighting, they will think you are a weakling. Deal with the investor discreetly.
    Just make sure you see the end of Corona virus, that shit going down in an awkward way

  9. Wow, I empathize with you but you just need to keep moving despite distractions. Keep it moving Man. It will be fine.

  10. Quite frankly ,I am not a fan of songs like these. However, for what is it worth I think it was a good song. Just not my cup of tea.To me its not about cursing. It is about the message.

  11. Wow, we wont stop the good works. Distractions is part of the lifes hustle. We are crazier than they thought. SHIT HAPPENS, LIFE GOES ON.

  12. That’s funny man. The journey looks rough, but I advise keep moving. This is how to know the strong with determinations.

  13. Finally got you some of that censorship going around, eh? 😛

    Just don’t get corona and you’ll be just fine! 🙂

  14. hahahaha That’s some Alex Jones shit right there! Don’t give up! Like he says, WE ARE THE RESISTANCE!

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