Animation And Degeneration And You (The Connection?)

Opinions are like rear-ends; so what? People are free to think, choose, alter, at least when it comes to immediate choices aside from politics, propaganda, and menu items. Who notices the clutch? No one, but really fancy food is expensive as much as not making certain decisions can be detrimental beyond all recognition.

What price is paid? Does the Piper lead us into temptation? Is it all just another form of sabotage because someone merely wants to share a feeling, a story, an idea, an insight?

We have many things that run through our minds. This one is about, “Animation And Degenration And You” (and its possible implications).

If any…


Animation has come a long way over the years, quite backwards to some degree, which is to say, the quality has declined. Instead of detailed and interesting animations, films, cartoons, and such have reduced to blobs or sponge shaped characters with little hairs coming out of their noses that make obnoxious and repetitive sounds.

Again, no dialogue, no art, no finesse, no creativity.

We want to turn back time, to when Saturday morning cartoons were something to look forward to, when it was worth doing household chores to be allowed to watch.

Honestly, we likely would not allow our children to watch the morning cartoon programming these days.

It seems degenerative.

We think the corporate idea of quantity over quality is taking over every aspect of life.

Especially in North-America.

It’s ruining culture, art, Music, cinematography, animation, and even passion for education; it is all suffering, and what for? News of what color bikini a Kardashian wore? Or how about which rape a music artist “allegedly” committed? Or why small town school districts should get brand new football stadiums over new textbooks?

What happened?

Things don’t have to stay on this path. If only we would wake up to complacency and attempt to rediscover passion, artfulness, and enlightenment.

But hey, according to most we encounter, to quote/paraphrase directly, “Ah, but you guys digress,” and furthermore, “You can’t change that, you guys should just keep doing what you do, although, we’re not sure how many opportunities will be available for you.”


Moving on, right?

How to aspire, how to inspire, when to jump-in, when to leave, where to go, who to team up with, why ‘effing do it?

Scroll down below and tell us about your favorite animated adventures or even better, tell us what you wish someone would make?

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59 thoughts on “Animation And Degeneration And You (The Connection?)”

  1. The quantity of good shows getting crossed out has created numerous fans to battle back, with words, obviously! Also, the entertaining part is that there isn’t any clarification towards that and this have cause a decrease.

  2. I strongly agree with you cartoons make children more aggressive, if you can vividly recall those days when ninja movies where invoke mostly for the teens like us then, where we put all the action we learnt in practice after watching!!

  3. Loads of guardians question the savagery in a number of today’s cartoons and computer games, however a large portion of us grew up watching Tom and Jerry, The Road Runner, and other enlivened top picks where brutality was additionally a key fixing.

  4. In illustration studies, we tackle the discussion of expression with a tons of debates, really, it’s almost senseless but you can see that illustrators were more passionate compared to now.

    Or so it seems.

  5. My classmates are too divided to come up with anything that challenges the convention of “lack of story” in a bunch of today’s over computed cartoons.

    Hardly worth arguing.

    Fart jokes etc.

  6. I think you’re right an wrong, I mean, you have to have a point of reference, like when writing a book, a moment where you are reading another author and say “I can do better than this writer!” 🙂

  7. With the advancement of technology, animated movies today are way better than before, from graphics to humor. There are lots of software out there that focuses on animations.

  8. wow! good article! i agree with you wholeheartedly, that animated films can still be good nowadays, its just that animators are starting to think that their computers can do their movies for them. but lets hope that any day now animators will realize what makes a good movie, and start another golden age of animation.

  9. Very nice article. I like reading articles where one doesn’t resort to immature tactics, like saying, “This sucks” and such. I really like the fact you aren’t bashing and just comparing. Great article. Thumbs up from me.

  10. Excellent article, I am a huge animation buff and while I think many animated movies today don’t have the magic of the brilliant ones released in the late 80s to early 90s, there are still great ones most notably Pixar’s offerings, and I couldn’t agree more how much I thoroughly enjoyed Ratatouille, the best movie of the year bar none.

  11. Brad Bird is a great reference point, and he had a great point to make about animation in The Incredibles commentary.

    Animation isn’t a genre, western is a genre, science fiction isn’t a genre, animation is just a way of telling any kind of story, like colour film and sound.

    When people talk about a decline in animated films, it kind of bunches them all together with certain expectations. Really, all we should be looking at is the quality of the storytelling, performances. CGI isn’t a good thing, it’s a bad thing, it’s just another medium of expression like any other, are there bad films made that way? of couse they are, but to label CGI itself the problem is wrong.

  12. I liked the late 80s/early 90s era of animation better. Disney was really going strong at the time releasing movies like Aladdin and The Lion King that were well written and showcased animation never seen in the era before the animation renaissance. I feel sad now that many of the cartoons you see are based off of Flash programs and there is the overabundance of CGI. Apart from a few of Pixar’s and Dreamworks movies, many of them have been awful. Animation itself isn’t just about the amount of detail made in making the background look great, it’s about giving heart and soul to the viewer whilst creating a long lasting impression.

    Gone are the days where you can get up Saturday Morning/weekdays and watch the recognizable cartoons you saw from Disney, Warner Bros, and other well known companies. Batman: TAS, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Sonic SatAm, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, X-Men, TMNT, Gargoyles, etc. Some of those may not of been as good as compared to others, but at least you can tell that the people behind these shows tried making them good. Anymore, many of these current cartoons don’t have much variety within and you can clearly tell that many of them showcase far worse quality animation than what used to pass off as required standards 15-20 yrs ago. I’m not saying that all of them are bad, and I’m not saying that kids tastes haven’t changed. But this current generation should at least have cartoons that try to be good, not give a rehash of something that’s far worse than it’s predecessor.

  13. Disney was at their best in the 90s, they started really going downhill from the Emperors new groove onwards. As much as I like CG animated movies I still miss the traditional 2D movies, I’m glad that Disney’s going to give it a go again, good ol’ John lasseter!.

  14. I’m glad this article isn’t bashing the animation of today unlike most other articles dealing with this subject. There are a lot of great animated movies out there if some of you would learn to open your minds. The animation renaissance is still going on today, it’s just that we don’t hear about it often.

    I definitely agree with the last sentence of this article. Great job.

  15. The Fantastic Mr. Fox Stop frame animation always impresses me the time patience and attention to detail is just amazing. Almost everything in the movie has to be made by hand for the movie in a miniature form and they often have jokes within themselves. What I like most about the fantastic mr. Fox is the look of it it’s hard to describe but it’s all a little bit unsettling but it’s also a children’s story with a certain amount of cuteness. Idk this movie is just really charming.

  16. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind was my favorite animation movie. I grew up on this movie. I’m half Japanese and so my mom’s friend in Japan recorded this movie on VHS in Japan and sent it over to us in the U.S. I remember only understanding bits and pieces as they used fairly difficult Japanese (I was like 5 or so when I watched it) and also the tape cut off early so when I rewatched this movie as a young adult with subtitles and finally got to see the end, I sobbed. This movie has a special fucking place in my heart.

  17. I think the cartoon trans position is great! You clearly hear the heart and passion from the music synced by the Takeo Tama company. Garfunkel song was good in original end scene but Art-Rock didn’t progress far than with some 60s or 1970-1978 bands. Well ballads too but they became blues with metal and jazz guitar playings.

    Your song and style is very unexpected and great!

  18. Maybe, the reason why we like animated film/show before is because they became part of our life. As a kid, we enjoyed watching them and now we treasure those memories. I think, we’re just being bias.

  19. Well, from graphics to humor, animated movies today are way better than before. And there still have more animated show or movie that will take kids today to the right path.

  20. Early cartoons and animations seem cheesy or dull for today’s generation. I guess it is because back then, they make sure that they are “clean” forms of entertainment. Many may disagree with me on this, but one thing’s certain, this industry is in a serious creative rut.

    1. Social variables may have additionally added to the decrease of Saturday morning the rising separation rate put more accentuation on spending “quality time” with children — doing things other than sitting in front of the TV

  21. “Quantity over quality is taking over every aspect of life.” – How true! It would be tolerable if the quality has even a fair percentage of quality. Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t seem care about that as much.

  22. Back in the old days, cartoons were meant for kids. Nowadays, stories have become more complex and violent which are hardly suitable for the younger generation.

  23. Is this some lyrics to a song? Because if it is, that’s some heavy stuff you got there. Well if you asking me if I’m the connection, then I’ll be glad to be.

  24. Hahaha…I also don’t like that sponge shaped character with little hair coming out from his nose. I really don’t know how it became popular. It’s not even funny. It’s all about nonsense!

  25. I agree with the commenter who mentioned Pixar took great leaps when it comes to animation. And even Disney is trying to come up with different storylines than from the tried and tested “prince saves princess” route.

    My favorite animations were the ones from Disney years ago, Darkwing Duck, Talespin, etc. Nowadays, I love anime.

  26. Sometimes I am just surprised at the content of today’s cartoons. I could not believe that kids are watching those and claim to be entertained! I miss the good ol’ days when cartoons were made to have more content than just slapstick or toilet humor.

  27. Children’s television truly has come a long way for both better and worse. We cannot do anything about what stations want to broadcast, but it’s a good thing that we can still control what our children can view in our homes.

  28. While a part of me hears what you are saying as I think back to the days of craning my neck at the theatre while watching the beautiful animation in a full length Disney production, there is still a larger part that agrees with the above poster who mentions unrealistic body and beauty standards in yesteryear’s cartooning. Many of today’s cartoons, while they may seem primitive or uninspired by some, have at least given a voice and a face to the common person and their not so lovely shortcomings. Watch Bob’s Burgers, the characters on this particular adult cartoon are so sadly awkward as to be ordinary citizens in today’s society. I personally think it’s refreshing to be able to laugh at our less than perfect selves and idiosyncrasies while allowing us to normalize differences by making us look good compared to those caricatured on TV.

  29. There are a lot of unrealistic animations which made it hard for people to relate to the story. Also, setting an unrealistic standard for several things, like beauty and body image.

  30. Admittedly today’s media quality has gone down a lot but, all hope is not lost If you are referring to animation then I have no qualms with that. However, what concerns me more is the fact that today’s animation the western ones are now focusing on senseless laughs instead of providing real value. Take for example shows like Teen titans young justice etc all of which got cancelled for what? so that the likes of sponge bob or tom and Jerry? But be honest do you actually learn from them???

  31. Philippine’s animation is a lot behind than that of other countries. It might be because of the lack of good animators and facilities.

  32. With the advancement of technology, so is the advancement of animation. There are lots of software out there that focuses on animations.

  33. I really likes animation Japanese movies, such as Totoro, Spirited Away etc.
    Animation movies is more powerful than real film … I think. It can be described the objects more fantastic .. beyond of our imagination as we can not see in the real life.
    So I agree with you if animation movies can also degeneration if make a bad movies .. they can distort the fact or the purpose of making the animation for propaganda, dangerous etc.

  34. Saturdays back then meant FREEDOM! From school, at least. And it was the only day that we can watch cartoons non-stop! Kids these days can watch whatever they want anytime. Where’s the fun in that? You have to put in some hard work (school, chores) and then reward yourself (Disney cartoons!).

  35. I kinda disagree with your point that animation quality these days has declined. But I strongly agree that Saturday cartoons back then was more fun to watch. Like, it was worth waking up to. Animated movies nowadays have adult themes and are very careful with political correctness which takes away the fun to some extent.

    1. We agree. At Takeo Tama, we don’t believe in “PC”. We want to hear what people really think. Sometimes the grittier the fun, the better.

  36. Just like most arts, animation is one form of expression. Animation not necessarily need to be “for children only”. Most animations these days are actually pretty deep as a form of expression. Even from the old days Disney made that one surreal animation about love, Ghibli Studios making feature-length animation about life (in “Grave of The Fireflies”), and even today most Disney movies have a darker and more adult side of their movies.

    When we look at them as a sign of expression and a form of art, there’s actually no “right” or “wrong’. It’s just how the animators express themselves.

    In my humble opinion

  37. Although animation has suffered over the years in that it has gone from a hand drawn art form to computer animated pixels, there have been a number of stages to consider. Early animated cartoons like Betty Boop and Felix the Cat (any of the earliest cartoons really) started out somewhat clumsy then quickly developed into a refined art form. Besides evolving from it’s primitive beginnings, what I gather, it was largely do to competition with the Disney studio productions.

    Once cartoons went from the big screen to the TV, production quality went down for a while in order to increase output, Popeye is a good example of this. A similar evolution happened with the computer animated cartoons from a primitive beginning to where now we get incredibly realistic CGI productions in movies.

    On the story side perhaps things have degenerated but this is most likely due to how our society has evolved, or devolved, depending on how you look at it. Sponge Bob may be lacking in moral substance, but how many people remember Lil’ Black Sambo cartoons or some of the depictions of other races in early animation? It’s a mixed bag but I feel things are moving forward non the less.

  38. I liked Toy Story and the Lion King a lot when I was growing up. I don’t know what kind of cartoons are playing on Television these days, but I’ve definitely seen Pixar films take a huge leap. I think most of those films keep the moral fibre that the old Disney films had which to me doesn’t seem degenerative. I do think they could still use classic animation more because it gives you less of a headache than 3.D. What do you guys think?

    1. It was the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films after the first one that seemed to reveal the intoxicating effects of CGI Green-Screen action-sequences.

  39. Cartoons this day are completely, I mean, Sponge Bob looks like a cheese and there are absolutley no situations.

  40. Well I agree on some points. I understan what you want to say, but it´s not really that bad, you just have to improve your kids to watch quality content too, I mean they are kids and the like to watch simple things like spong bob, or wathever, but you can also watch with them anime like My neighbor Totoro, The wind raises or some other.
    It´s all up to you.

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