Bringing Back “Select” ‘Full-Version’ Streams/Downloads

We’ve been talking behind the scenes about reintroducing this feature, especially ever since the successful Q4 tests. Despite anything, we’ve come away wiser, smarter about how to make it a cleaner experience for page-visitors, and all that good stuff. Now, understand, these offerings will still be medium-quality, ad-supported, and won’t be something we can tune for special-treatment (at least, not until we find an outright sponsor or similar for particular content). Another possibility is that if a Song is to generate a substantial amount of revenue then we could release it in full HD quality without problems.

We have a ton of options available for you to contribute to our efforts regardless:


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Current Beta Pages:

Song: “The Russian Warehouse”
Performer: Us?!


Try the full-version here!!

Song: “The Love Is Sound”


Try the full-version here!!

Song: “Secrets”


Try the full-version here!!

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21 thoughts on “Bringing Back “Select” ‘Full-Version’ Streams/Downloads”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being ad supported, as long as the ads are relevant and tasteful and don’t weigh down the user experience of your blog. Keep up the great work!

  2. “We’ve been talking behind the scenes about reintroducing this feature” What I think that, more features on your products, more users might be happy to use.

  3. It’s very nice to know that you value the insights of your viewers to make good quality works and improvement to your site/app. It is not everyday that you came upon nicely tuned music, it is very unique and new to the ears.

    1. Yes I agree. And I’m so glad someone is doing something different than just the same ole 12 songs the play in rotation on the friggin radio every day! For a minute there I thought that was all the existed lol.

  4. Wow! So thoughtful of your team for the effort of ensuring the page-visitors for cleaner experience and the good stuff. More power to you all! So like the music in the list.

  5. I love the sound of the The Russian Warehouse.The fact that you want the experience to be quality to both yourselves and the audience is commendable. Good job at this.

  6. The Love is Sound is really cool and great to hear! The music complements the voice perfectly. I can’t stop dancing listening to it =)

  7. Making the song HD is something of concern. I like you effort to ensure we get all stuffs in good shape. I’m falling for the post. Keep ’em coming.

  8. The fixes and upgrades for better experience of visitors is good. I’m pleased to hear this. Keep it rolling good stuffs.

  9. I think you should go mainstream. I mean I am not saying hiding in the shadows is bad. I am just saying share this to more people.

  10. Thank you very much for sharing full version streams downloads. I can use this as a background music when I make my videos. Good job to you guys!

  11. I must commend the effort of considering your audience in your fixes and upgrades. The full HD quality of new songs just works for me.

  12. Very happy to hear that as you go along you’re finding ways to make things better not only for your business but also to your audience. It’s very thoughtful to assure us that and wishing you nothing but success. Keep featuring the unique tunes!

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