Bullied For Bullies & Other Fun Busy Bee Musings

Every once in a while, you get bullied. Sometimes it’s for ridiculous reasons and other times, it kind of makes sense (even though it’s likely wrong and still sucks). Then there is one ultimate form of bullying which we’ll affectionately cite as, “The Policy Change” ‘Complaint’ Rage…

Yes, “The Policy Change Complaint Rage”, the vernacular of the corporate-minded, hog-washing, syndicate; the ‘all clear’, all lights green, go Planet of the Apes style rhetoric of the so-called Directors of departments…

This article isn’t so much about what we’re about to show you, as much as it is more so about the connotations.

We received the below notice from one of the entities we contract with:


They followed-up their website push-notification with an email which detailed this exact information plus, a few more “threatening” ‘instances’ of details.

All of this said, whether you are a student of business, seasoned professional, or old-school Fat-Cat mogul, the thing that is troublesome is the fact that there is no indication of, “Why?”

Not in the original notification and not in the private email (at least not at the time of writing this article).

Just a warning to comply or die…

Imagine someone just calls you up and says, “Hey, your house, your car, and your wife are now mine, and you owe me ten thousand dollars if you don’t comply.”

It’s the same thing (albeit not as extreme).

What happened? Who messed up? Is there a larger underlying problem? Should we stop working together now as no one can guarantee the next steps won’t be damaging? Why are we being threatened vs. counseled??


Please, pretty please, aspire to be reasonable, sensible, and pliable in your daily life’s dealings or business engagements.

Be clear, concise, and don’t bully people.

If you really must bully then at the very least, layout all the information.

Moving On…

Now, enough of that!

Let’s preview something really cool!!



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36 thoughts on “Bullied For Bullies & Other Fun Busy Bee Musings”

  1. Well sounds like they’re just trying to pull some cheap scare tactics on you. I think I will come back here with a bucket of popcorn and see how this unfolds. This is much more interesting than Law & Order!

  2. Well I don’t know too much about law, but somehow this doesn’t look or feel right. I guess it they continue, maybe you can file some type of order for them to stop. After all, it all about what was (or wasn’t) agreed on.

  3. I don’t understand why some people like to bully other people. Most of those who are bullied are vulnerable ones. So what we can do is to not show to these negative people our weakness that can do whatever they want to make us fall.

  4. “If you really must bully then at the very least, layout all the information”

    What are you talking about? There is never any good reason to bully. All the reasons to do it are purely evil. Bullying involves a repetitive (almost daily) torture of another person. If you\re talking about intimidating a person so you can make him do whatever you want, that is not what bullying is. Bullying is about a dozen times worse than just pure intimidation.

  5. I hate bullies, I just can’t understand them. Are they not believe in karma? I feel sorry for them, but at the same time, I keep wishing that karma is for real. Hahaha…

  6. “Be clear, concise, and don’t bully people” What I think that, when you say something to others, you might think about people’ feeling. Then both sides are happy.

  7. Lesson learned…hope everything will turn OK. It sounds very scary and threatening. It makes me want to delete all my videos uploaded in Youtube.

  8. Youtube policy is really ridiculous. I agree it’s a type of bullying. People just don’t recognize it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter.

  9. You would expect this of children, not of a well known site. Do not let them get you down hearted. Keep on putting your music out there for everyone to hear, the problem is with them not you.

  10. Don’t bully people and I don’t understand why there are people hurting people by judging them. It makes the world unfair, though there are ways to resolve it.

    1. Based on the production value or whatever you’d call it, these guys are about as non sellout as it gets!

  11. Awesome music! To hell with those corporate bullies. They think they can control everything because they hold the money.

  12. That just came out of the blue? Perhaps they are seeing how popular you’re getting and they want to find some way of cashing in on your hard work. I hope those aren’t really YouTube policies. That would really suck!

  13. “This is not our rule. This is YouTube’s rule.” Thus, they claim to be simply relaying info. Then I guess you’d have to contact the source of said info. Figure out if those are indeed YouTube policies. Only then will you know what or who you’re dealing with.

    1. The other company should have told Takeo Tama something more exact from the beginning, not send out threats and then act as if it’s business as usual.

      These guys @TakeoTama are very smart and very right about what occurred, no matter what circumstances may or may not be in control at their 3rd party relationship’s head offices or however they’re setup.

      I hope the information comes out soon.

      Shame on the other corporation for seemingly extorting takeo tama without saying more details.


  14. Yeah sometimes I got bullied but I’m so grateful it didnt go as worse as anyone could be expecting. People change and I have also matured so much I need some respect as well.

  15. Nice information! Your right, it’s not right to bully and be bullied. There’s actually lots of bullies to a lot of places in the world. Good thing our country doesn’t have that much.

  16. Yes, at some point in our lives, some of us, if not all, do get bullied for whatever reasons.

    You advised bullies to “layout all the information” That’s great!

    However, I don’t think bullies have that in mind when they want to bully you for something they think they should, especially if they see themselves as having the power or position to do so. On the contrary, most of the time they, who we call bullies, don’t think bully others. They just do what they think should be done, which appears to be bullying for us.

  17. Well, what can I say? Youtube did it again… Just don’t let this demotivate you from doing all this amazing stuff.

  18. I think youtube and the companies that try and police them are going to go down hard! Think about it, what’s the point if the systems can’t just work out of the box? Tweaks is an excuse. If the scenarios can go up to the government level then I say use that to one’s advantage.

    How can you just watch the whole thing get stupider?

    I really appreciate that Takeo Tama is addressing everything intelligently and with all positive values.

    That’s the kind of core you want!

  19. Nice! Keep sticking it to them! Many thumbs up to you! Definitely Thumbs down to the “warning” issuers….

  20. Despite all the warnings or “bullying” as you guys said, the work you are doing is incredible and I love all the songs!

  21. YouTube’s very hard on users at times, that was how my account got shut down without warning! Big THUMBS DOWN!

  22. crazy policy! as I read that image, I thought of my brother’s band back when I was little. I just don’t understand what goes through some peoples brains! So much oppression. Why?

  23. At first, i was little bit confused on the heading, but after reading all of it, i have to say, this is totally more bullying than people would think with such a policy. Shame on all of them. 🙁

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