Germany Internet Is A Different Landscape

American Individuals and Companies sometimes put much emphasis on expansionism which they don’t understand on any level. Digital-Distribution of any kind is not contained to paradigms such as search, content being king, or advertising. Instead, you’d find that much word of mouth is still the norm and more socially accepted than brochures of any design.

You know those companies that tell you they’re giving you WORLD-WIDE distribution (ahem, musicians)?

You don’t even get outright DL/streaming the way you think in The Fatherland.

Think about it!


Bullied For Bullies & Other Fun Busy Bee Musings

Every once in a while, you get bullied. Sometimes it’s for ridiculous reasons and other times, it kind of makes sense (even though it’s likely wrong and still sucks). Then there is one ultimate form of bullying which we’ll affectionately cite as, “The Policy Change” ‘Complaint’ Rage…

Yes, “The Policy Change Complaint Rage”, the vernacular of the corporate-minded, hog-washing, syndicate; the ‘all clear’, all lights green, go Planet of the Apes style rhetoric of the so-called Directors of departments…

This article isn’t so much about what we’re about to show you, as much as it is more so about the connotations.

We received the below notice from one of the entities we contract with:


They followed-up their website push-notification with an email which detailed this exact information plus, a few more “threatening” ‘instances’ of details.

All of this said, whether you are a student of business, seasoned professional, or old-school Fat-Cat mogul, the thing that is troublesome is the fact that there is no indication of, “Why?”

Not in the original notification and not in the private email (at least not at the time of writing this article).

Just a warning to comply or die…

Imagine someone just calls you up and says, “Hey, your house, your car, and your wife are now mine, and you owe me ten thousand dollars if you don’t comply.”

It’s the same thing (albeit not as extreme).

What happened? Who messed up? Is there a larger underlying problem? Should we stop working together now as no one can guarantee the next steps won’t be damaging? Why are we being threatened vs. counseled??


Please, pretty please, aspire to be reasonable, sensible, and pliable in your daily life’s dealings or business engagements.

Be clear, concise, and don’t bully people.

If you really must bully then at the very least, layout all the information.

Moving On…

Now, enough of that!

Let’s preview something really cool!!



Facebook Is Not Relevant For Business

It gets tiring, being asked by money-hungry hopefuls about ‘the most important’ network “for business” and on and on and on… LOOK! None of them are really about marketing, sales, or conversion (in general); that is an up-sell by the companies themselves and the many guru-types that abound but in all factual-basis, these networks are places for people to just waste time and decide on personal matters and tastes (vs. your great new idea).

Video-Games do well on social-media spheres because they are highly social-activities.

Same with Movies.

Music has taken a backseat because every time someone follows a new band etc., they get an immediate auto-generated message saying: “Hey, great to meet you, see me here, like me here, send your friends here.”

It has gotten beyond old for people.

So, in regards to Facebook (or any of the said networks), it’s essentially redistribution of your message and wares (more than it is communication) in most cases.

Who knows?


The Happenstance Dance

Our articles (blogs, or however you want to call them), are never really rooted in overt self-promotion or business related musings but, today, we need to stray just a small moment to tell everyone about a few changes we are implementing (which shall ultimately help your experience with our stuff be even easier and more fun).

First order of things; if you weren’t having “fun” previously at this website, please schedule an appointment with your doctor, now!

Second order of things; ‘Whiskey’—we just never seem to have enough, so much so to the point where we’ve had to obtain Scotch (pronounced, Skuh-Huh-Otch, especially before running a billiard table), to hold us over.

Thirdly; we are well within a full-scale paradigm-shift, both mentally and physically.

Things we’re doing in no particular order:

1. We’ve scrapped a ton of wasted web-space and time consuming junk. LinkedIn is out (useless to us). G+, out!! Useless to us. Facebook? It is gone (not deleted), but gone for now. Likely shall never come back.

Many of you had already noticed this change but, we’re speaking to it here and now. Many of you had always suggested more use of video etc. and well, all we can say is, it’s coming and, it won’t be boring. Our facilitation of any ‘social’ “media” will occur via Twitter, VidMe, or YouTube. Tweets will be limited at this point.

Note: This is not, “Hey, we’re quitting social-media,” rhetoric; we have insightful and eye-opening thought-processes that we’ll be sharing soon.

Feel what’s coming

2. Adapting new modalities/networks etc. is not on the horizon any time soon. We need changes that are as complete as possible and, we need to be very good/sharp at a couple of items.

3. We can’t claim any innovation beyond our audio-catalogues at any point, maybe in the past where packaging was still a commodity but now, in the present, and towards the future, everything is stale and just really a series of updates (in terms of presentation).

We’re okay with that. This understanding leads to revelations and perspectives beyond our own hearts, minds, and spirits.

All your suggestions are welcome!!

4. We will be implementing non-intrusive recommendations to people, products, and services we enjoy. Nothing like what Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube ads display. Our integrations, occurring mostly at our song-pages will be clean, intelligent, and nearly un-noticed.


Don’t forget to visit: OCTOTIGGY

Express any opinions you have on this topic. We’re listening

5. We’re not leaving anything indefinitely, but we are looking beyond what is seen, heard, presented, and rehashed via the internet.

We don’t know what the next great innovations shall be or become. We don’t know if our entertainment-enterprise will sustain into the next jump.

We always know we’re ahead, better than a ton of people/services out there but, we’re all trapped in the same box known as the internet (for featuring and delivery of our audio).

Perhaps interesting times are about to begin again in tech sectors such as computing.

Maybe everything is at a stalemate for the next ten years?

Alright! Enough of our ramblings!!


Like we said, we’re moving in a very different direction; the format is a work in progress…

Stay tuned…..

What say you??


What Is The Fate Of Shapr?

An App deemed, the “Shapr,” has taken the brave (courageous) action of following our resident megalomaniac on Twitter—so, what the heck is a, “Shapr?”

According to them:

“Swipe for 1 minute each day and make the connections you didn’t expect.”

Watch THIS VIDEO for a simpler explanation…

1. The Interesting Thing About Shapr

Many people who embark on trying to find better ways to network etc. have likely encountered the mantra, “Social-Media is like having a publicist in your pocket.”

This is ‘mostly’ untrue because many social-networks are junkyards/wastelands for bloated, over saturated bombardments of, “Sell, sell, sell, buy, buy, buy,” nonsense.

Shapr could shift perceptions on a larger level (and inspire others who may be working on similar services to consider filtering as a necessity vs. trying to get every Tom, Dick, and Harry).

2. The Uninteresting Thing About Shapr

Since they may have developed the first (actual), “Publicist in your Pocket,” type/style of tool, they are doing an amazing job of presenting it in, corporatized-fashion?

Why make an App that essentially kills LinkedIn (potentially Twitter), with strong paradigm shifting possibilities yet, present it in that bland, Apple Inc. culture mannerism?

Our resident Firebrand was quick to point out the one thing that could kill them fast:

Backlash for unfiltered engagement via social-software is nothing new. Everything from Facebook to AirBnb has had its share of foul-ups in this arena. Alongside the obvious, and similar to the (so-called) music-industry, another problem that will either be ignored or remedied is filtering via fact-based merits.

Imagine cesspool marketer behaviors (as sometimes seen at social-media), transferring to Shapr.

While we really aren’t the type of people to do a write-up (per se), we deeply appreciate and respect what all of you here have to contribute and say about our concepts, ideas, and notions, no matter how aligned, bizarre, or frustrating they tend to be at times.

Shapr may one day wakeup to the reality that they are the most widely used tool in the pornographic industries.

Shapr might be the first social-service to go big since Facebook

What is the fate of Shapr??


Let’s Play The Vs. Game

@LilMike_317 – a Twitter user recently said, “Emails?? Where can I send my music I have a lot but where can I send..” to which we responded, “Emails are dead. Send them out to the world.” to which they replied, “I do that too much” (to which they then posted a link to one of their musical-works).

At social-media etc., many creators cry out, “How do I get more exposure, where do I send my stuff?”

We feel there is a good balance between our so-called organic onsite and expanded offsite marketing. We’ll disclose some stats:

“A Quarter Passed Four” (as Promoted by: Takeo Tama):

“A Quarter Passed Four” (as Promoted by: Sekrett Scilensce):

The above URLs are A/B short-links that were utilized during beta-demoing for a series of upcoming music-releases by: Sekrett Scilensce

As can be seen, between the specific tasks of only distributing these links between our community (i.e. the page you’re on), Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you’ll notice that results are nearly (if not completely) similar.

Note: We just recently did away with LinkedIn so, if you interacted with us there, just stay here!

Now, who cares, why the heck does it matter?

It doesn’t.

But it does make us ponder if Lil’ Mike is just not being very focused and diligent with their shares etc.

Ok! Onto the game!!

In the name of equality, fairness, and Rum Chata, we’re going to place Lil’ Mike’s song against one of our own and let you, the reader/viewer, weigh in on any aspect of what is written here.

You could:

1. Talk about statistics (Hm?)

2. Comment on the music

3. Discuss why Dick Cheney shouldn’t be allowed into Disneyland

.A. p e n n y -4- your, thoughts?

Lil’ Mike

Addiction (Remix)


Sekrett Scilensce

The Wasteland

All rights reserved?


Publishing Industry Reality

We know a little bit about this or that, and it’s fine. Any questions etc. about what some call, “The Publishing Industry” (megaphoned); look, first of all, the whole damn thing has been broken since the early BBS-driven internet. It wasn’t just Blogs or Forums etc. that ripped it wide-open. Think of it this way, if you see these Facebook/Twitter profiles where someone wrote a book, calling themselves a bestseller etc., it doesn’t mean jack.

If you’re a New York Times bestseller, it essentially means you have a readership comprised of your close relative (who read it), close friend (who accepted a copy), and manuscript-agent (who got lucky and in turn, got you thinking you’re a somebody in a pool of fish who all think they’re sharks).

Just think about it.


Responsive Design Vs. App Culture

As we modify our infrastructure to support ‘Direct-Delivery’ mechanisms, older (but now standard utilized concepts) become re-explored. Much of it is whether to implement additional ‘Device-Application’ layers or if the entire Genetic-makeup of all dynamic-content should be loaded (and shelled) in the web-browser. The most secondary argument is whether these innovations service the long-term suggestion of financial-gains for the executed content within these Parent, Child, and extended-family architecture deployments.

The TAKEO TAMA perspective for entertainment-media is that we foresee the need to consistently have cross-browser, compatible offerings vs. device specific functions which introduce further steps between the material-origin and the person accessing the content.

We haven’t changed our minds on this core-competency but sometimes wonder if singularly implemented experiments would expand upon any gains possible.

Who knows?

We’ll see.


[sc name=”boilerplate1″]

Space Combat Anyone?

You know our crazy in-house composer, dude, guy, artist, godlike, musician person? Ja?? Well, we’ve turned him loose again and well, a magnificent piece of Electro fused Orchestration has commenced. But Hey, don’t just take our word for it…

Begin your first journey into, “Space Combat


Battle Stations?!

Attention: Help keep Takeo Tama Music, products, and services FREE and of the Highest-Quality. Never open your wallet or use credit-cards! Just CLICK-HERE!!



Animation And Degeneration And You (The Connection?)

Opinions are like rear-ends; so what? People are free to think, choose, alter, at least when it comes to immediate choices aside from politics, propaganda, and menu items. Who notices the clutch? No one, but really fancy food is expensive as much as not making certain decisions can be detrimental beyond all recognition.

What price is paid? Does the Piper lead us into temptation? Is it all just another form of sabotage because someone merely wants to share a feeling, a story, an idea, an insight?

We have many things that run through our minds. This one is about, “Animation And Degenration And You” (and its possible implications).

If any…


Animation has come a long way over the years, quite backwards to some degree, which is to say, the quality has declined. Instead of detailed and interesting animations, films, cartoons, and such have reduced to blobs or sponge shaped characters with little hairs coming out of their noses that make obnoxious and repetitive sounds.

Again, no dialogue, no art, no finesse, no creativity.

We want to turn back time, to when Saturday morning cartoons were something to look forward to, when it was worth doing household chores to be allowed to watch.

Honestly, we likely would not allow our children to watch the morning cartoon programming these days.

It seems degenerative.

We think the corporate idea of quantity over quality is taking over every aspect of life.

Especially in North-America.

It’s ruining culture, art, Music, cinematography, animation, and even passion for education; it is all suffering, and what for? News of what color bikini a Kardashian wore? Or how about which rape a music artist “allegedly” committed? Or why small town school districts should get brand new football stadiums over new textbooks?

What happened?

Things don’t have to stay on this path. If only we would wake up to complacency and attempt to rediscover passion, artfulness, and enlightenment.

But hey, according to most we encounter, to quote/paraphrase directly, “Ah, but you guys digress,” and furthermore, “You can’t change that, you guys should just keep doing what you do, although, we’re not sure how many opportunities will be available for you.”


Moving on, right?

How to aspire, how to inspire, when to jump-in, when to leave, where to go, who to team up with, why ‘effing do it?

Scroll down below and tell us about your favorite animated adventures or even better, tell us what you wish someone would make?

You’ve made an animated presentation of your own? Share it with us, link to it.

Contact us!

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