COVID-19: “Positive-Thinking Vs. Negative-Staggering” (The Pandemic, After) [Our Survival, Their Control]

We’ve spent a ton of time mulling over everything occurring across the globe. And then there’s the bullshit we call, “Entertainment”. – On one hand, we’d like to feel “this” world, especially “now”, perhaps needs/wants creators? To rough it through?? Turning to us for enjoyment, hopefulness, distractions that maybe could ultimately lead to understanding…

But, the family of six that can’t make the car payment or mortgage couldn’t (and rightfully so, wouldn’t) give a rat’s anus.

We’d love to be able to say, “Our work is important too,” but, meh.

We owe more to everyone who ever took a listen to our sounds than we do to any so-called associative-entities that proclaim to aid in spotlighting our wares. – The kid at an Applebee’s style restaurant, the kids delivering food, the grown-ups keeping our water, electricity and so on, “on” for the while until we learn where things go next.

We “are” and have been the way we exists because we became tired of seeing creators getting screwed by broken paradigms which don’t value creative-efforts. All events happening now are making it painstakingly clear; while the Internet has offered opportunities for creators of all types, these so-called rules of what’s deemed, “The Attention Economy” are serving corporations firstly, leaving creators with less, less financial-stability, less creative-control, and less abilities to connect with both the like-minded and those who are otherwise enthused to journey along for the ride, the adventures otherwise unexplored without the people we call, “The Creators”.

Yeah, we remain rogue…

But, we don’t “really know” what the fuck to do either.

One item we’re going to do right off the bat is move as much of our catalogs as we can to a completely ‘Freenomic’ existence.

For those that recall us in our many incarnations and off-shoots, we’ve mostly always begun and remained in that manner but recently, we were pushing hard, expanding to fight the advertisers, sub-publishers and low-paying content-providers harder at their own games but today, right now, “Screw it all!”

Our next updates will be the links to whatever we have to offer…

If “You” have the moment to indulge, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK-YOU.

Stay healthy, stay safe.



for all the survivors across the globe…..

Tell the Universe! Now!!

124 thoughts on “COVID-19: “Positive-Thinking Vs. Negative-Staggering” (The Pandemic, After) [Our Survival, Their Control]”

  1. Hey! Thank you for stayinh along through the craziness! I will tell you, whatever is next doesn’t matter because this world is waking up!

    Your songs are magical against the stuffs on my radio!

  2. It is prudent to stay safe and healthy especially given the pandemic that we’re facing. Most of all, stay at home and practice social distancing.

  3. In these adverse times I look up to entertainers to help lift my spirits. It provides a good escape from all this terrible reality.

  4. Thousands of businesses are closing thanks to the coronavirus. The impact to the economy brought by this virus is truly unfathomable.

  5. This virus has practically brought society to a complete standstill. I never though I would witness anything like it in my lifetime.

  6. This whole pandemic has served to make the corporations bigger while hurting the independent creator. This is totally unacceptable.

  7. Positive thinking, hoping for that only God can do is the way forward. People are getting tired staying at home and this is getting the virus spread more. Government should please help, it’s a plea.

  8. Almighty heal our land, Grace to come back with strength please give us….Amen.
    We should keep praying because this virus is getting stronger in the media day in day out.

  9. Once we can get our momentum back as this virus caught un aware, we will bounce and come out strong. It just takes a little more time. Just a little more

  10. A lot of people I know have already lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Things are not looking good and it’s not easy to stay positive.

  11. You raise some really good points in this piece. I think it’s high time we started asking these difficult questions.

    1. ASCAP has already sent out letters concerning reduction of pay to artists. Shows and events cancelled, naturally. We would guess that even when things “open up” again, people’s behaviors will be different and may be more weary of going to events and public gatherings. It’s an interesting time for sure.

  12. The sad part is that the government has seen it fit to only bail out the big corporations. Everyone needs a bail out at this time.

  13. Everyone should be positive with the situation. A lot negativity will only ruin our mind and we are not being in peace.

  14. I can’t understand what would negativity benefits us. Let’s stop spreading fake news and just hope that we can all be safe.

  15. COVID-19 which means Corona Virus Disease which was first discovered in 2019 in Wuhan, China….is a disease that kills the aged faster than the young ones.

  16. I’ve heard about a book talking about this virus written before now. This is a bioengineering weapon by the China even as written in the book so as to become the world greatest and to reduce their population.

  17. Staying positive will make a huge difference in order to survive the Virus. The negativity or sadness can low the inmune system.

  18. Desperate times require clear and positive thoughts. Maybe it’s time for thinking and helping each other, in order to increase the chances to survive this COVID-19

  19. We can’t expect to be prepared for the coming of any form of diseases, that’s why it seems negative to us. But staying safe to get save makes the positive side of this pandemic to the world. Stay safe with the lockdown rules to get positive results.

  20. Everything in life is like a two sided coin, you choose the one you want. As for me, the positive side supersede the negative. Think positive to live positive and strong.

  21. COVID 19 is simply something that we aren’t really prepared for. For people who have been living each day always enjoying what the internet has to offer and real life socialization that almost always certainly lead to posting it on social media, it has dealt them with such a huge shock. Despite the dismal day to day life that each day the quarantine/lockdown brings, one shouldn’t really wallow in just thinking his or her world is getting smaller and more restrictive every passing day. Positive thinking, and not really panicking at what is happening in the world right now (it is, but something that can be fixed by understanding the facts from respected and reputable sources), will go a really long way to help us to survive.

  22. Its hard to distance ourselves from our usual routine, but in order for us to contain this virus we must learn how to respond to this virus in the most positive manner. That way, it would be easier for us to fight it with an open mind and a cooperative attitude.

  23. It’s all in the news that some covid 19 patients has been healed and released. How did the doctors do that and what is the medication they used? This will help other infected people to be properly taken care of.

  24. The world also needs to accelerate work on treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, yes we know nurses and doctors are doing a wonderful job. But a vaccine should by now be available. This is my prayer.

  25. The world needs to save lives now while also improving the way we respond to outbreaks in general. This is our priority, our leaders should this time show that they have blood flowing in their veins.

  26. People are checking in on their neighbours, calling older relatives, and offering to help the elderly, this is an act of love. Together we can out last this virus.

  27. Clearly, your thoughts on entertainment and creative entrepreneurs have been stewing for awhile now. It’s good that you didn’t hold back at all with your message and invited others to be in the conversation.

  28. It’s cool you have strong opinions on the entertainment industry and true innovators. Getting support online is a good way to gain momentum and get your foot in the door for real change.

  29. At this point we just can give the best of ourselves and try to be together, generous and positive, in the hope to find a solution to the virus that allow us to survive.

  30. Right now all we can do to help others and keep us positive, counts.. after all we never know when helping others helps indirectly to help ourselves.

  31. This is the time we need to come together as one.lets think positive and together we will overcome this situation.

  32. In this times, we all have to keep hope alive within us and around. It is sad that right now we may not have control over the situation but with time things would turn around and everything would be fine, we just have to stay positive.

  33. Everything is just a tragedy to me. I know we will get over this in no time. Negative will die while the positive sides remains forever. Thanks for making me smile here.

  34. We have to help our neighbours this time, making sure no one goes to bed hungry because their wellness is our priority. Just a pity that fingers aren’t equal and we all got funny leaders.

  35. No one told me WW3 will be inform of a deadly virus. This has affected every aspect of life. We short down willingly not with bombs or guns. God help us.

  36. What came to my mind now is Covid-19 might not just leave but with learn to live with it like the HIV/AIDS. But I pray for total removal or cure. Tired of this lock down

  37. We can make it anything we pronounce from our mouth because power is in our pronunciation. Positivity I declare and I am pronouncing that to my life and the world at large. Peace be with you

  38. Even we are facing a very difficult time,I believe that being positive and staying positive is what will makes us survive. We can make I through if we stay together and listen to more knowledgeable people in this.

  39. I like your “Attention Economy” phrase and screw it all attitude. You got a lot to say and the first step is finding like minded individuals. Thanks for sharing.

  40. It’s good you got the conversation started on this topic. I like the points you mentioned on creators and corporations. Thanks for the insightful piece.

  41. Your sentiment here is well understood by me. Fears created runis people more than even the virus. This is the truth.

  42. I’m really positive that our land will be healed in coming week, everyone should have this positive mindset.

  43. In this difficult times, all we have is each other. This will test how patient we are in this tough times. Have seen a lot of hatred posts on facebook but this is not the right time to rant.

  44. To me the negative side of this deadly virus is our bad leaders. If only our leaders can be optimistic, then we can get rid of this deadly disease with positive minds.

  45. The threat brought with this corona virus itself is deadly. But we yourself should think positive to make the negative die.

  46. I.already have a positive feeling that this virus will pack off this earth surface and all activities will resume fully. Government should genuinely help the masses.

  47. To be serious now, I am tired and frustrated about this whole thing. Positivity will help give us more confidence. Let keep hoping for end.

  48. While I do not wanna lean to theories but are you aware of the HUNTA virus? A virus that comes from rats and the source? Who else China. People are getting the idea that CORONA is actually a Bio weapon? I do not believe that but it offers the question. What is China really up to? Perhaps it is just a coincidence???

  49. I saw Don Lemon and how he puts the virus together. ” It is no hoax and it is the real deal. To be honest I like a bit of overreaction as suppose to an underwhelming take. The numbers do not lie this virus is indeed a threat. However, as the saying goes it cannot rain forever. Stay positive guys.

  50. Across the world are crazy leaders and head of states that makes funny lock down rules for their populace without providing what they will eat or drink for the stipulated time. We gat ourselves, let help our neighbours to pull through, please. We are all we gat

  51. Together we can come out stronger, we have survived worse, and this will pass. This is a time of ” Togetherness ” and not “Selfsenteredness “. Stay Safe

  52. it might seem like the virus will consume us but if we believe in success of it, then we can live above it in a positive way and with a positive mind.

  53. I know this is getting worst by the day but the good thing is that we will still overcome it, we all need to be positive.

  54. As they say, Corona is just a new virus that we can find cure of. The real virus that existed a hundred years ago and still existing until now, oassed on from generation to generation, person to person, the F virus. We should all be careful with this F virus which is FEAR virus. We should stand all as one.

  55. No matter how bad or dire the situation may be I believe we will emerge victorious in the end. The coronavirus is just a passing cloud.

  56. A positive mindset is not enough. We need to actively partake in activities that will see us through this pandemic.

  57. Creators should keep creating despite the virus. Platforms like Youtube can help a lot to creators at a time like this.

  58. Indeed the mainstream media creates the narrative when it comes to these types of things. I totally agree with your sentiments.

  59. I have to admit that Covid19 kind of caught us all flat footed. Hopefully in future we will be much better prepared for a pandemic like this.

  60. It is important that we get information from the right sources. There is a lot of misinformation out there about the virus.

  61. The numbers are frightening. I can’t believe the number of people dying on a daily basis because of this virus.

  62. I blame China for everything. Had they not concealed information when the virus broke out the world would have been better prepared.

  63. As the death toll continues to rise the media keeps playing sensationalism. It’s quite a sad state of affairs.

  64. Remaining positive in these adverse times is admittedly not the easiest thing to do. But we have to be hopeful and pray for the best.

  65. Cool concepts mentioned. Entertainment and news definitely play a big role in shaping our lives. It’s good you got the conversation started about being rogue and the ‘Freenomic’ existence.

  66. I think news people and broadcasters sometimes like to intensify COVID-19 and it’s harmfulness just because it improves their ratings and expands their audience. Shock value is a key facet for news and entertainment. I agree that we should stay positive, so we can get through this together and stay resilient.

  67. Quite hard to stay positive in this kind of situation. But people say that negativity might weaken our immune, so hell yes I’ll try my best to stay positive!!

  68. In due time, this crisis will end. Till then we must think positively and help each other in these trying times.

  69. the question is when though? For one we do not make the timeline the Virus is. The world is already playing catch up. I hope the experts secure a cure soon. In the meantime, we are already helping in this effort by staying at home.

  70. I am mot in doubt that this crisis will end. However, what if the freaking leader of the land does not take it seriously. A leader is the one that should lead the battle but what if a leader is busy pursuing his business? With that said a doze of positive light is good but we must also do our part.

  71. Only positivity: positive attitude,positive minds will eliminate this pandemic.Lets stay calm and always positive. Covid will be over.Just a matter of time.

  72. When you make your thinks positive ones, then your will be free from any threats from this virus. Get yourself protect and obey the lockdown rules.

  73. Corona the negative destroying the positive human and its world. Thanks for this piece to get us informed.

  74. This is really lovely in this time. Negativity is the virus, a positive thinking will take it out. We will survive it.

  75. Negativity has never brought anything good. Let all have a positive mind because when seems an obstacle today can be one a door way.

  76. We still have to still remain positive after every thing must have turned upside down. Staying focus will really help.

  77. All Is feel here is positive thinking, getting informed, staying safe to see how our lifes will turn out after the lock down. Also in addition, let care for our neighbours that’s lack some essentials. Y’ll be safe

  78. The negative is the virus that stroked unaware and a positive thinking day in day out will collectively take it off the face of the earth. I am so sure we will all pull through

  79. Hatred breeds hatred. Positive mind results to positive outcome. Let us all wish for the best that this virus will be over. Stay healthy and stay safe y’all.

  80. I believe in staying positive in all situations, it might not be great for us but seeing beyond the present condition will always help. this too will pass.

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