Did “You” Know You’re A Goldfish?

There’s a belief out there. Someone believes, “The average internet user has the attention span of a Goldfish.” — Think about this for a second. Some person, not only with the understanding that not all mankind is created or grows equally but, with the understanding that they are likely similar if they can ‘judge’ such a metric against their own existence; this person believes that other people, in general, have no dexterity beyond flopping around needlessly, endlessly, and devotedly upon the world-wide-web with no other interpretation other than to eventually “die”, sans oxygen, per the form of a device/vice called, “The Internet.”

Eh, you’re right…”we’re” over-reacting…..

But, let’s think about something for one quick second?!

Let’s think about the things most utilized on this “Internet” for a moment. What do we have? We have:


…and what else??

Those are the basics, a.k.a., most widely known networks in the “mainstream” conscious.

Here’s a thought:

Nearly everything that goes big like Facebook is a product of mass-marketing, and if something is built to be mass-marketed then you can make both educated and uneducated guesses that for the most part, anything built to thrive upon a mass-market is likely (and typically), an “average” product or byproduct.

There isn’t a large middle-ground for debate usually, and it’s primarily because, the items that are created, built, or deployed for mass-appeal are safe and often indistinguishable.

So, if “we” say, “Well, the internet is actually just an average product for average people and doesn’t really go beyond the paradigm of average,”–well–“you” can pretty much summarize that our statement is, “average”, at best…?

While we have “our own” problems with the Internet (mostly encased in issues of fair reporting and fair monetizing abroad), we tend to think that the Internet is more like a game of Billiards. — Many people step-up to the table but some people just DOMINATE the game.

If we call what we do a “job” then “our job” ultimately is to “make art”, period; no more, no less.

For us, YES, we consider a ton of items average and merely to be more points-of-distribution for our creations (and sometimes borrowed materials) but no matter what, no matter where you look or how you attempt to discover more and more things to be interested in or learn about, somewhere, a ton of times and usually where unexpected, you’ll find amazing and average, intertwined, ad nauseam…

Yes…Feel Their Suffering Young Jedi…..

An Average Song With A Slightly, Above-Average Rendition…?

Really Just A Classic But Also A Much Needed Reminder For Times Like Now.

(And of course, some of our stuff)

“Disagree Disappear”

“Die Korrektion”

“Motown Radicals”

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26 thoughts on “Did “You” Know You’re A Goldfish?”

  1. The internet is a vast space where people can freely communicate their thoughts and feelings to a worldwide audience. And it’s just as easy for these exchange of ideas to make us aware of and be easily swayed by opinions depending on how you perceive them to be – the summary of your experiences/thoughts/feelings/etc. while growing up in a different culture. And your interest in internet topics whatsoever will be dictated by that, spanning more than an average goldfish if it comes to that. The internet is a wonderful yet scary place at the same time when you think about it.

  2. You addressed some interesting points. It’s good to remember once in awhile the merit in constructive activities away from the internet like visiting a library or museum. I would hate to think that every day is wasted looking at tweets and having the attention span of a goldfish.

  3. I like how you compared what internet users do as a ‘job’ and how it is their responsibility to make ‘art’. It’s a very refreshing way of looking at it.

  4. Some of the posts I see on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook really make me believe that we are like goldfish sometimes. The comments can get so toxic and insensitive.

  5. The internet has changed the world in ways we would have never imagined. It is upon us to decide whether we use it to make ourselves better version of us.

  6. I can understand why it can sometimes be difficult to focus on one thing when using the internet. We are constantly being bombarded by information from all sides.

  7. I think the reason some people believe that the average internet user has the attention span of a gold fish is because a lot of internet users cannot maintain doing something for extended periods of time. It’s the only reason I can think of.

  8. I would say that a lot of what goes mainstream on the internet is average. Every once in a while you have something that stands out but for the most part it is average.

  9. The Internet is more like a game of Billiards. Many people step-up to the table but some people just DOMINATE the game. I couldn’t have put it better myself 🙂

  10. Wonderful and a catching Title you have given this article. I so !such love this that ‘we tend to think that the Internet is more like a game of Billiards’. Thanks for this well packed informative article.

  11. The impact the mega three social medias is immense. I wonder what the world looked like before the three were invented.

  12. I just like the way you had put ways together on this post. Yes, any thing that need mass marketing is an average product because good products market itself.

  13. The internet is here and it seems our social life is at a standstill. Well from my own experience it really so for me But all the same we should do our thing while creating space for another.

  14. This is a great analogy to illustrate what internet has reduced the human mental power in the name of surfing. Sometimes we need to face the truth as it is to understand it better.

  15. I always find ironical though with the name social media. Meant to make us social, but at the end of the day, you end up spend so much time staring on the screen, that you don’t have time to socialize with the real people anyway.

  16. An average internet user has the attention span of a goldfish?what’s the attention span of a goldfish.. I think we need to start from their

  17. To be sincere, the title is catching! Though in today’s era, we make use of the internet for a broad wide of things from Social Media, to Internet of Things (IoT), I believe it is vast growing each day! For me, it is better to help people than to be a pest or parasite to them.

  18. I will bot hesitate to agree with you that the internet is like a game, some people set up the table while others play the games. Well, for me I think life is the same. people that make things happen and others that just enjoy it. It all about the art.

  19. Definitely, the internet era is here with us for both the average and less average beings. the only difference therein is what each does with it which is an individual thing. The most outstanding which I like is that it is more beneficial than being harmful.

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