Don’t Miss Out!

Though we are very much in a digital era, there is something to be said about holding and owning your favorite music in your own hands.

For a limited time, Takeo Tama Co is offering a selection of titles available on physical CD as well as digital downloads.  It’s a really amazing deal that gets shipped directly to you.  Downloads are immediate and our shipping is quick and efficient.

Get Yours Now!

Every purchase helps Takeo Tama conquer the world with quality music in astounding numbers.

If a hand autographed copy from the artists themselves interests you more, email us today.

Tell the Universe! Now!!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out!”

  1. You guys kep knockin em out and knowcking em dead, it’s insane!

    The diverseness is unbelievable and it all sounds good!

    Very pro!


  2. Love it much! And the prices are better than a lot of those expensive sets people try to push on you for albums that aren’t so great!

    We pick and choose YES! we can!


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