Facebook Is Not Relevant For Business

It gets tiring, being asked by money-hungry hopefuls about ‘the most important’ network “for business” and on and on and on… LOOK! None of them are really about marketing, sales, or conversion (in general); that is an up-sell by the companies themselves and the many guru-types that abound but in all factual-basis, these networks are places for people to just waste time and decide on personal matters and tastes (vs. your great new idea).

Video-Games do well on social-media spheres because they are highly social-activities.

Same with Movies.

Music has taken a backseat because every time someone follows a new band etc., they get an immediate auto-generated message saying: “Hey, great to meet you, see me here, like me here, send your friends here.”

It has gotten beyond old for people.

So, in regards to Facebook (or any of the said networks), it’s essentially redistribution of your message and wares (more than it is communication) in most cases.

Who knows?


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3 thoughts on “Facebook Is Not Relevant For Business”

  1. You are some very smart peoples here.

    Gracias for the explanations and encouragement.

  2. So yes, this is most correct infos I see about what SMM is vs. is not. Bravo for being forward and courageous about the things that others don’t consider.

    Twitter ads are worse than FB ones but nobody speaks for it, as an example.

    And people think they can abandon their own web structures which is very wrong and not good as per one day, everything might stop being how it is, today.

    Thank you very much for writing this article.

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