From Atari To Nintendo To SEGA To TAKEO TAMA? You Betcha’ Ace

We’re good at a lot of things Music-wise. We’re DAMN GOOD at 8-Bit, 16-Bit, awesome, bleep, bloop, audio-adventure utopia crafts (well, at least, we hope we are). Never the less, there is something about the transition from Atari to Nintendo to SEGA to the modern video-game industries that didn’t quite evolve the gaming sound architectures at their then current apparatus.

CD ROM games went straight for fully orchestrated songs, developed no different than soundtracks for films and television.


Who knows.

“Ransom City” (an 8-Bit audio-adventure by Takeo Tama)


All we can say:

• Authentic chip-tune synthesis with splashes of YM FM modulation and full native POKEY integration

• Genuine wave-table pulse-code modulation with Technics and AY chip-sets

• RP2A03 and SiD; enough said

• No emulation; YES, some light re-sampling triggers for advanced layering but, NO EMULATION!!

Have a listen for yourself:

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48 thoughts on “From Atari To Nintendo To SEGA To TAKEO TAMA? You Betcha’ Ace”

  1. My father detested it when we played computer games,but from my little time experience spent those days, now 16 bit video games bring reality to you Other Than just visual effect unlike those 8 bit video games..

  2. 16-bit generations of gaming are found to trigger motion sickness especially to those game addicts,unlike 8-bit generations of gaming whose sound track are full of memories ….

  3. Making me rehash a simple yet dreary part again and again, just to get to the crucial step to attempt once more, 8-bit music sounds can make you move easily to the next level without much trials..

  4. My brother wasn’t kidding about this!!!!!!!! Is this going to be for an APP?? I’d luv to have this on mobile! Or at least Spotify………..

    Hint hint?!


  5. We don’t study actual microchip music per se, at least not as a subject, but it should be very much essential to learning about analog to digitization as standard, because it still outdoes modern EDM songs and is more imaginative!

  6. I enjoyed much playing with those games from old consoles than the new games from PS. For me, old games are more challenging compare to new ones. And some new games make me dizzy when I play them.

  7. I used to argue with my friends that Sega was the better game console over Nintendo. Am I depressed that they are just a third party publisher now.

  8. The 8 and 16-bit generations of gaming. Those were fun times indeed! While graphics may impress, it usually takes a back seat to fun factor. I can’t imagine how a such small amount of chip memory could store games with humongous fun!

  9. For some reason, the 8-bit music sounds fun to me. It is probably more fun to make. Good on you for doing it so well!

  10. Yup the sounds of those 16 bit video games sure brings back a lot of memories. I couldn’t get over playing contra and bomberman.

  11. Man! Listening to that made me feel old. It is pretty nice to listen to though. Pretty nice. That just made me want to look for my old NES…

  12. That kind of sound brings back a lot of memories. Video games were so simple back then. The visuals may not be as great as the ones that can be seen today, but the fun factor is definitely way ahead of today’s games.

  13. I am no gamer but I am one who can appreciate handwork and in soundtracks at times its a hit or in rare cases a miss. With that said sounds are not that vital when playing games specially if you are already in the zone. Overall music ads up yes but if you do not like it then just turn it off no problem.

  14. My younger sister likes it when the speakers of her video games are in full volume. I will tell on this news to her. She would love this.

  15. I’m not a gamer … but both of my Son and Husband are really fanatic fans of videogames.
    When they playing a game .. I sitting near them.
    The music/sounds can turned my face to the games hahhahha
    Yes, music for videogames is the TOP, most important on the game.
    The music and the sounds create more vivid, more real.
    I will tell them on this news.

  16. So how should videogame background music evolve? Was there a “missing link” before the transition to CD ROM games?

    1. Likely; the early variation of emulation after SiD etc. could have been in the form of ‘Signature’ instruments attached to devices vs. GM, XG, or PCM-FM compatible makeshifts; this could have bounded a very specific architecture away from the predecessors and made the 44.1 CD-A experiences more interactive, adding a layer of diversity with sounds that could only come from particular sets of architectures where the artist behind them were masters of the sound-design spectrum vs. sample-artists.

  17. I love Gameboy. That’s the only gaming device I’ve enjoyed. After that I sorta “grew up” and didn’t have much time for video games. So where does Gameboy figure in you video game sound architecture spectrum?

  18. RP2A03 is the bomb. I used to play around the chipmusic scene. I’ve tried LSDJ for Nintendo GameBoy and then I try using FamiTracker that uses the RP2A03, VRC6 sounds. Even just from two of those I can feel the difference from a very simple 4 channel 8-bit sounds for Nintendo GameBoy to the rich and oh-so-lovely NES sounds.

    I can refer you to some of my favorite chipmusician if you’d like (maybe show you some of my work too xD)

  19. I don´t pay to much attention at the music when I´m playing videogames, I mean yes I enjoy it, but it´s nos a priority at lest for me.

    1. I bet you that once you turn down the volume or you completly put off the volume the whole gaming will look boring, its just like a music video without volume of course you won’t enjoy that,dough i still wonder how you enjoy video game without sound track.

  20. Well I supposed I have never see it this way, I mean I´m not gamer, but both my son and husband are great fans from voideogames and I think you´re right, that´s a great idea.

      1. @ maury switching? ooh ! yes i also agree with you as technology envolve you move with latest trend i strongly believe that ,the shape of sega games can’t be compare with trending console games…

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