Goodbye VidMe

We received notice that VidMe is out:

While we are currently removing all VidMe links, The Audio Gambler channel can still be found at YouTube.

This just goes to prove our notion about social media platforms. While we still choose to utilize some at times and may continue experimenting with new platforms, we as a company; choose not to “keep all our eggs in one basket“.

“He who chases two rabbits, looses them both”.

Get it?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Super Mario for the Win!


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8 thoughts on “Goodbye VidMe”

  1. It was bound not to last. Really. A YouTube/Reddit clone that was only championed because it said it was new and made for free speech purposes.

    Get real.

    They even tried to have venture capital…,

  2. Ein Buch, das nach seinem Titel beurteilt wird, kann niemals große Erwartungen wecken, dann wurde ein ungelesenes Buch von einem Kritiker nicht gesprochen. Also hat Vid.Me mit sich selbst Krieg geführt und seine Zukunft nicht weiter paraphrasiert.

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