Happy New Year: “Didn’t Ya’ Know? We’re Evil!”

So… On the fence, many have been (ourselves included); but, it turns out, “We’re evil!” — After a long period of denial, self-debate, intrusive self-testing, and gallon Whiskey barrel consumption, we can safely say (and admit), we’re evil, however, don’t just take this text as Gospel, for there is an old saying, and that saying is, “A picture is worth one thousand words.” — Well, without further ado’ we give you:

1,000 Words!!


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17 thoughts on “Happy New Year: “Didn’t Ya’ Know? We’re Evil!””

  1. I remember a person who approached me in the past few days, she said we’re all angels before we are born. That the earth is a spirit prison of bad angels. It’s depend on you if you believe or not.

  2. There is no such thing as being evil and therefore evil does not exist. For instance killing dogs for food is considered evil in some countries like America but in china its just a norm.

  3. We are all evil. It depends with the level of evilness in oneself. But we do recall the unworthy with a new start.

  4. we are not evil, some people choose to be strange just to be different. There are just people who act strange to get some attention and act strange just to let someone leave them alone.

  5. Didn’t know that evil people can be creative and cool persons? Anyways, you ain’t evil dude! Lots of people think you’re a really chill and cool person that includes me. Thanks for the funny post though.

  6. Hey, don’t be so negative. Your blog tells me you’re creative, can write well and are honest. You’re not evil, you’re cool.

  7. Evil is too harsh to describe a person. Many will be offended. But, I won’t deny that all of us are sinful and committed many sins.

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