In the Background and Other Things

Many of you may have noticed, but there are a lot of things going on in the background currently at Takeo Tama Co. We have been steadily distributing and redistributing title after title as well as adding a few new options. There are a numerous amount of songs listed currently and still being added.



In addition to being available for the usual digital streaming and downloads, a few titles are available in physical disk form, such as;

“Ransom City”:

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34 thoughts on “In the Background and Other Things”

  1. your music is quite new to me. Now I have the other options to download because I never thought I will able to discover your music. Cool, this is cool.

  2. The traditional disk form is not too common nowadays. I’m glad that you are still offering this as an alternative to digital streaming.

  3. I love this set and Koji Kondo’s Castle caught my attention the most. It’s a thrilling song at first then turned to something triumphant towards the end. It gave me an impression of a plot twist. That kind of feeling. It’s really good. You guys are amazing.

      1. Oh no, then I was depriving my ears by not listening to the rest of it. And I might get the wrong interpretation of it. My bad. It might sound a little dumb, but where can I find the rest of it? Hihihi. Thanks a bunch!

  4. I am totally adding this to my workout music playlist and pretend that I’m a star in my own video game. Hahaha. This is fun.

  5. Sick tracks!! You gotta wonder where all those cool laser sounds come from. The Koji Kondos Castle theme track sounds like it could be used in a Lord of the Rings movie. Thanks for the article!

  6. Koji’s Kondo Castle is kinda creepy but I like the song, it reminds me of being in this ancient great castle with many haunted things inside. The composing is excellent, really nice!

  7. I think electronic music is just normal since technology is constantly evolving. What matters though is how we use it.

  8. I beg to differ. It all goes down to execution. Ever heard of a VOCALOID before? This is mind you just a software but it is good if you look at it.

  9. Doing a good job on your music. Honestly it’s an acquired taste but surely there’s people out there that dig this tune. <3

  10. I really have to appreciate your music and your thought that you are against auto tune. The Koji Kondo’s castle is the one that I like d the most. Really good and Ransom city is awesome. All the best for your team. Keep making music like these. 🙂

  11. The music is great and I really liked ransom city as hearing to it brought back so many childhood memories when I used to play video games. The music is catchy. The first song is good but the music has overtaken the lyrics making it hard to hear. Otherwise, it is good. Good job guys.

  12. I´m a musician and like to play the piano. I also like to make music on the computer. I like the sounds that are created on the pc and how they replicate the sounds of nature or even other sounds, such as space etc. There is much to learn when doing digital music. I like ¨In the backgroung¨ It´s an original name for this site

  13. I know your copany is very against autotune and all that but would you realy never help promote someone who wants to share their songs to your audience?

    1. Not if it has autotune. Though we have our standards set high, We have worked with other like minded musicians in the past and are not opposed to new opportunities should they arise. We have also offered help to others recently who ended up flaking out. So, that being said… We are a real company with real musicians and We work hard and stay focused.

      Our email and phone number is in the contact section of the home page for anyone who has something that may be of interest.

    2. You can’t expect people to lower their expectations just because you do things certain ways.

      Rather you should raise your standards as you grow or otherwise, you are not growing.

    3. Cannt say I disagree, these computerized voices have ruined the essence of good lyrics and melody very much so over the years.

      Even the dance music is not listenable compared to what clubs played in 1980s and 1990s.

      You see, it’s even regular songs that are invaded by the autotuned machines, not just a pop or r&b songs.

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