Investor-Relations? Yes, “You” Can?? But, FREE Cake?!

As many of you know, we loathe talking about anything that is overly business-minded but today, we need to take a moment to discuss something called, “Investor Relations” – We’ve scoured, brainstormed, analyzed, and have even theorized many secondary and third-party items that we may want to test/utilize in order to make sure we are in fact, giving all the best options available for people to not only embrace us via downloads/streams but as well, to be able to engage us in any way possible per the old phrase, “Money wise,” (without quandary) and ultimately, sans limitations.

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Please remember that beyond being goofy artistic people, the overall basis of our operations functions as a company. We’re private and, can only grow from the contributions “you” are able to make.

We always tell others that, “Just one dollar makes a huge difference,” and it’s still true (without a doubt).

We create and in turn, entertain, but beyond all of that, any transaction, be it download, stream, or donation, goes straight into our expansion and ability to do everything we try, 1000% percent better; every time!

If you can’t hear the video above, please check that the sound is not “muted”. If you can’t see the video above then please use this link instead.


Now, if “you” don’t have an extra-dollar to spare then by all means, DON’T – Seriously!! Instead, consider streaming us a few times on Spotify, which costs absolutely nothing but a few seconds of time.

If you have extra-dollars and want to go beyond purchases on iTunes etc. then please consider one of the following options:



There’s probably a ton more we could say on this matter but, we’re choosing to keep it simple and to the point. A ton of things are going haywire across the Internet so no matter what happens right this second or tomorrow, these are some ways that we can be helped beyond anything typical.

If you can’t hear the video above, please check that the sound is not “muted”. If you can’t see the video above then please use this link instead.


Some people often say, “So what costs you most?” – Listen; studio-labor (i.e. engineering), mastering, marketing, packaging (i.e. artwork), video-production, bandwidth/storage, optioning (e.g. international-licensing) – IT ALL COSTS!

If you’re doing it the way we’re trying to do it, making sure that it’s great, the best it can be, and highly visible then it really takes a lot out of our own wallets to keep it growing.

Some people get away with the lower-quality, hobbyist type of thing but, we’re for better or worse, still trying to make a dent in history…

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27 thoughts on “Investor-Relations? Yes, “You” Can?? But, FREE Cake?!”

  1. Another creative way to raise support and funding is to be creative and do like some athletes and bodybuilders do. What they do is get companies to sponsor their endeavors. So let’s say you release a song, and on that single you can give shout outs “advertising” to the company or companies who help sponsor it. Also their names can be in the credits on song(s). And if they really put up a lot of money and support, you could have large banners with their company name on it at your shows, merchandise/posters or other creative idea.

  2. Sounds like some good options. You might want to try some of those crowdfunding site too – particulary ones like Indiegogo that have a lot of independent artist projects.

  3. I have been following your work and blog now for a while and I definitely will support what you guys are doing in any way possible. Fundraising and support becomes necessary and any entertainment endeavor. It’s not all just fun and games; it’s a business.

  4. I support you all the way! Love how there’s a spotify option that makes it easier for me. At this day and age, we should really be supporting creators and artists.

  5. I really like music, always enjoying all kinds of music. Streaming music on spotify and some other applications is always a daily habit. Supporting the artists is a natural thing by seeing the contribution they have given, I really support this…

  6. Contributions are extremely important to make a platform grow. The only way you truly know something is authentic when they request for donations. Only scam artists and fakes do not require a donation or contribution. I truly support you guys completely.

  7. Getting a job out there as an artist is never easy so I can totally relate with your artistic journey and I hope that you will be rewarded well at the end.I hope your fans appreciate your efforts too.

  8. I always like to use Spotify for streaming my music and it a good thing you’re collaborating with them. It will make getting your music very easy then.

  9. It’s a big collaboration with studio work and marketing. It’s good that your work can be supported through so many platforms online. Excited to hear more!

  10. I have my favorite YouTuber and I support their channel thru Patreon. Thanks for sharing this article. Enjoyed reading it.

  11. So you are back at writing huh? A few months back I saw a video. I am not sure of its nature but its propaganda I suppose.

  12. I think it’s quite a coincidence that I’ve just only managed to discover Spotify. I also have a Paypal. So this is indeed a win-win solution for both of us. Keep up the awesome work!

  13. I believe the Paypal form of payment will work fine for a lot of people. Giving out at least a dollar can’t make anyone go broke. So anyone can assist with that I believe.

    1. I agree with this, but it’s good to have other support options like they’ve listed. This way we all can support in a way that we’re moved to.

  14. Yes, I can totally relate studio labor isn’t easy to overcome but good that you’re doing the best with it. Keep up your good works and you will go places.

  15. Every platform has a business side to it even if it’s an artistic one. Great harmonies and keyboard playing!.. Aside from the little blip… Thanks for sharing!

  16. I’m definitely in the Spotify option! That option seems to be the most useful in my opinion and I love that you made choices for it. Thanks for the cool blog as usual and love your works!

  17. I love the Spotify Option. It’s nice to put out such options out there in the open. I love your work and seriously hope you people continue. Anyway, I am heading out to PayPal right away.

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