Just Getting Something Out Of The Way (Because We Can, And, Probably Should)

Not often, but every once in a blue-moon, some person or entity will ask, “Do you guys have alternative funding methods up and running?”, and for a truly, very long while, we’ve just sat on the fence because for us, whether as people or as a company, it’s never been this all important, total encompassing “thing” to try and get more monies beyond the Major-4 retail-earnings and royalties etc., and, while they’re not all that much these days, it’s always been a matter of “just” feeling fine, treading the lines and willing, hoping for all the best, making the greatest audio-experiences we can.

And we still feel this way, but, we’ve added something to “experiment” with this sentiment…

Talking about money sucks; all said, for instance, when a person or entity can’t monetize on YouTube then the alternatives are either ask, beg, or hope. Well, we’ll just say the facts! When you listen to our stuff at Apple, Amazon, Spotify, or Google-Play, it helps!! But on the flip-side, at our website, neither YouTube or the companies listed above are providing enough return to keep doing what we do at the highest-quality and at scale, so, simply put, ANY CONSIDERATION for a DONATION is deeply and greatly appreciated.

So without further ado, we present a new website section, just for “You” (a.k.a. “The” person or entity that may want to help with the many items beyond adding us to a playlist or purchasing a download).

Want to help us further our distribution and marketing?

Takeo Tama co. (Investor-Relations)

"You" Are, -the- Record-Label…

And really, telling others about us is just as awesome.


13 thoughts on “Just Getting Something Out Of The Way (Because We Can, And, Probably Should)”

  1. When it comes to funding, we should all be sensitive. We should be more familiar with the platform first before telling others.

  2. I agree with you, talking about money when I don’t have alternative funding methods makes me feel very unconfortable. I’m planing to change that and being proactive.

  3. You are so correct, I also ask that do you guys have alternative funding methods up and running. This site is something I can’t do without, I have started rebroadcasting on the social media.

  4. Have you guys ever heard of the Savvy Musician Academy? I read and heard about some of what they’re doing to help musicians and creative types flourish in this new age and think it may be beneficial for you guys to at least check out. I am not affiliated with them in any way but just think they have a cutting edge out-of-the-box approach and it seems to be working well. Appeciate you guys, keep doing what you do best, keeping breaking boundaries!

  5. Listening to your stuff at Apple, Amazon, Spotify, or Google-Play, is really helpful and resourceful. Nice money thinking exploration!

  6. I can share your link on my Facebook page..its never bad to ask for help if one is in need of it..I hope you get more funds than you need

  7. Talking about money sucks even when we can easily monetize so many things now. Can even beg as you’ve said. Wont mind checking the site out. Nice one guys

  8. Yes, I just love this site and what it stands for and yes I will tell others about you and Takeo Tama co. (Investor-Relations) too.

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