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As many of you know, we’ve struggled off and on to leverage ‘so-called’ “social-media” usages that par directly inline with our ambitions to expand our awareness and outreach beyond our own .com websites and associated domains. Primarily, we had focused on Twitter and then studied YouTube to see how we could substantially differ our Music (i.e. MP3) offerings but alas, it bored us to tears to only review gimmick after gimmick of mimicking-prowess and junk-spam blasting tactics (even when they were cleverly disguised).

We’re just too focused on our production-values that we ultimately don’t care and don’t want to adopt silly-antics just to ‘seemingly’ “appear” ahead of others whom are trying to maintain the same.

All that said, whether people want to believe in particular ideas or not, for us, we feel that items like Twitter (and even YouTube to a degree) are ‘mostly’ now, “Legacy” networks vs. outright tools for succession.

Many people disagree with us but, there are a lot of reasons why these are possibly truer statements than all the up-sell monikers that people try to rage into audiences around the globe.

It’s kind of like how people perceive individuals such as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates to be the almighty, powerful controllers of the planet when in fact, there has always been richer, more powerful, and savvier people in existence, throughout the Earth’s time.

Facebook? Aye, don’t get us started…

Anyhow, in conclusion, as far as Legacy networks are concerned, we shall continue to support YouTube and Twitter, but likely at a different capacity and for very specific purposes.

There hasn’t really been any value in Facebook usage for us but, we’ll keep looking into it for the moment (it is however, still disabled/enabled sparingly as of this article’s publication).

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14 thoughts on “Legacy Network Support”

  1. Personally I have never had of legacy network so thanks for the informative article. I really didn’t understand clearly the difference or the association between legacy network and the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook?

  2. Despite Youtube and Twitter being mainstream, you gotta admit that they help us reach an audience. I’m not familiar with this “LEGACY” thing. Is it a music brand or something? Sorry for the ignorance. Anyways, thanks for the informative article!

  3. I think it’s brave for you to take a different step in terms of reaching your audience via social media. I feel that what you’re doing is something that will benefit you in the long run because you are ultimately tapping the right type of market that you feel is good for your music!

  4. Never heard of legacy networks support but i agree about not finding much value in facebook lol( course i use facebook too) always enjoy reading and seeing others ideas to an extent

  5. It’s my first time to hear about Legacy Network Support. Can’t give any opinion to something I’m not familiar of but, when it comes to Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, they are definitely important to me.

  6. This is an interesting read. I’ve always been interested how other people market their brands using different platform. Youtube and Twitter has so many users that it’s almost a must to promote your brand via these mediums. If you think they don’t work for you, then don’t do it; just do you and the rest will follow.

  7. I’m not really familiar with Legacy networks. Anyways, I find you piece helpful for me to realize that it is true that we use Twitter, YouTube, and even Facebook for very specific purposes.

  8. The platform you use to reach different audience depend with the demographic and your intended outcome. I don’t know much about Legacy, but i know even facebook is important, if you use it correctly.

  9. Nice piece over here. I agree that Facebook nowadays is a waste of time, I had to delete my account altogether. Twitter on the other hand is factual driven and can be used to drive a specific agenda.

  10. Facebook is just a waste of time nowadays, realized it only weeks ago, trying to stop going there altogether now, and it’s working at least for now. Not sure about legacy networks but great article still.

  11. I think Friendster, MySpace and the like would be more accurate to be labelled as legacy networks. However I think Youtube, Twitter and even Facebook makes it easier to push ideas across easier or create awareness. An example would be viral videos.

  12. I am lost what you are getting at here. Perhaps because I am not familiar with LEGACY. However, I take that it is a music brand? Anyway good read.

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