Let’s Play The Vs. Game

@LilMike_317 – a Twitter user recently said, “Emails?? Where can I send my music I have a lot but where can I send..” to which we responded, “Emails are dead. Send them out to the world.” to which they replied, “I do that too much” (to which they then posted a link to one of their musical-works).

At social-media etc., many creators cry out, “How do I get more exposure, where do I send my stuff?”

We feel there is a good balance between our so-called organic onsite and expanded offsite marketing. We’ll disclose some stats:

“A Quarter Passed Four” (as Promoted by: Takeo Tama): https://goo.gl/#analytics/goo.gl/DeYyV1/all_time

“A Quarter Passed Four” (as Promoted by: Sekrett Scilensce): https://goo.gl/#analytics/goo.gl/6CewDn/all_time

The above URLs are A/B short-links that were utilized during beta-demoing for a series of upcoming music-releases by: Sekrett Scilensce

As can be seen, between the specific tasks of only distributing these links between our community (i.e. the page you’re on), Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you’ll notice that results are nearly (if not completely) similar.

Note: We just recently did away with LinkedIn so, if you interacted with us there, just stay here!

Now, who cares, why the heck does it matter?

It doesn’t.

But it does make us ponder if Lil’ Mike is just not being very focused and diligent with their shares etc.

Ok! Onto the game!!

In the name of equality, fairness, and Rum Chata, we’re going to place Lil’ Mike’s song against one of our own and let you, the reader/viewer, weigh in on any aspect of what is written here.

You could:

1. Talk about statistics (Hm?)

2. Comment on the music

3. Discuss why Dick Cheney shouldn’t be allowed into Disneyland

.A. p e n n y -4- your, thoughts?

Lil’ Mike

Addiction (Remix)


Sekrett Scilensce

The Wasteland

All rights reserved?


Tell the Universe! Now!!

33 thoughts on “Let’s Play The Vs. Game”

  1. I don’t think it’s really a competition of the two songs. They are both good in their own right and bot have slightly different flavors. Lil’ Mike’s has that urban rap feel while Sekrett Scilensce has that british rap/pop feel.

  2. I like groove on both off them, but think the vocals could be mixed a little better and are a bit to rigid on both. Just relax and the the rap flow a bit more. That’s my opinion.

  3. Wow this is a tough matchup. I like both songs as I’m into HipHop and RnB but The Wasteland was easier to “digest” than Addiction, in my opinion. But make no mistake, both tracks are tight! Mad respect to both artists

  4. Sometimes, a song’s success isn’t dependent on exposure alone. It needs to have a hook, a rhythm, or anything that’ll draw a listener almost immediately.

    Judging by what I’m hearing from the two tracks, I think I kinda know why Addiction isn’t doing so well compared to The Wasteland. The former may be too eclectic for my taste. LOL

  5. It’s is a bit more challenging to commit Mike’s track to memory. It is good, but it just won’t stick. Sekrett’s, on the other hand, can linger in the head after hearing it at least thrice. Sekrett’s track is the winner for me on this one.

  6. This is not just my opinion. This is based on the popular vote of my little group of friends – 7 in all. Played these tracks on our Street Fighter Saturday. Unanimous on Sekrett’s track!

  7. Sekrett’s sounds more pleasant. It sounds more refined somehow. Mike’s is good too, but Sekrett’s is just more appealing for me. Both nicely done though!

  8. Both songs have merits. It’s just that, my ears favor the one from Sekrett. Perhaps it sounds clearer? Then again, I agree with one of the comments I’ve read about the song’s bass. Really nice!

  9. Sekrett’s music is gonna be good in my friend’s car. The bass is awesome! I think someone made a comment on a music video. Is there a plan for one?

  10. That image of the guy in a suit reminds me of the art style used for the Gorillaz. The music? Sekrett’s is my choice here. Is there gonna be a music video?

  11. I prefer the one with Sekrett Scilensce because I love Hiphop. Upbeat songs makes me feel upbeat too. I move fast, I feel motivated and it is everything that helps me to wake up during the night that I have to stay up late.

  12. I prefer the one from Sekrett. Love the bass! Lil’ Mike’s is good too, it just so happens that Sekrett’s appeals to me more.

  13. There is something in the music that makes me want to listen again and again. I can’t quite figure out if it reminds me of something or what. Whichever the case, I appreciate it. The cover art is something that caught my attention too.

  14. There’s more groove in soul in Sekrett’s song. can’t put my finger on it but i just watched my bonehead brother and his friends smoke and nod to it without problems. lol

  15. Lil’ Mike’s song is not bad but I like Sekrett Scilensce’s song better. It’s got the old 90’s hip-hop vibe which I really like.

  16. Social media can still help you know. It’s what people are into these days. Especially if you have a lot of influence.

  17. Is this music mainstream? I sure have not heard of it. Anyway I bookmark the page and I will check it later.

    1. So I have to agree, and accordingly, I also must say that on the points of efforts that are more targeted, I feel that many people fall into the theory of believing the Internets are broad by default.

      Twitter is small and as such, doesn’t account but for maybe but 12% of the total available opportunities in the world.

      On the point of the music composition and value, SS is a very disciplined artist who is very underground, even if you try to compare him to those who announce being such things.

      I forget the other company sites but I remember SS to have been always working on many things, some blending over to the mainstream as some call it easily.

      The Addiction song is like many others you randomly could pick off of YouTube remix artist or soundcloud which I know because I followed a soundcloud link from LilMike Twitter.

      There is levels of distinctive existence and appreciation in all Humans but, while I think a person could say this is an unfair comparison in some ways, I would have to say that it is completely fair because a person chose to be public and was then interacted with accordingly.

      The Wasteland is a great music maker showing capabilities to bring it down or up to any level.

    1. I have to agree. The Addiction track is realy just standard fare when all the while, The Wasteland is totally moving about in a different direction on the music evolution scale.

      I feel it to be more rebellious or rather, revolutionary in that way.

  18. Social media should be enough for exposure. It is where things happen right? I’d be happy to have my stuff featured in social media cuz it’s a sure-fire way of reaching the whole world.

    1. Social is smaller though and mostly a USA thang. this company has talked about this and I googled around and its kind of right.

  19. I find your song so much better. But hey, maybe it’s just my type of song. I don’t mean to say that Lil Mike’s song isn’t good. It’s just that your song appeals to me more than Lil Mike’s.

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