Masks Are Officially Banned @ (All Visitors Must Not Have A Mask)

While we get all our nice, juicy, tender, plump, magnificently marinated, spicy “Instrumentals” ready for all of you, we wanted to take this moment to inform ALL OF “YOU” that we have officially banned M A S K of any shape or sort -at- Takeo Tama — All visitors are encouraged to stay at websites that are M A S K friendly until they feel safe enough to visit us here @ — We would apologize for any inconvenience but, well, … why?! – On the other hand, you are still most welcome to wear your underwear, socks, or perhaps, your robe with nothing under…?

Let FREEDOM boil!!

Let oppression sink…

PS: If you come to the conclusion that saying, “Don’t wear a mask!” is oppressive then guess what? You’re smart! One word; “Satire,” much??

Tell the Universe! Now!!

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