New Year, New World

Another year has come and gone, and exactly what do we have to look forward to, this coming year? 2019: A New Year, A New World — One year before the beginning of a new decade, 2020. Get ready for all the good vision jokes. We foresee them coming as well; the world is changing both physically and online, peoples viewpoints are changing, though maybe not as much as “we” have hoped. There are rumors of wars, talks of change, and yet, which direction do we see entertainment heading??

As humanity as a whole may at times be precariously balanced, or is at least, seemingly so, TAKEO TAMA has good hopes for the year to come, such as the hope to continue to pour our hearts out through music, art, and who knows what other avenues.

We give you our heart and hope for the best.

Our wish for you all this new year is for health, growth, and frankly, a year lived on purpose!

12 thoughts on “New Year, New World”

  1. Happy New Year TAKEO TAMA, I must say that entertainment has always been unpredictable and delightful. I am looking forward to what is in store for all of us by 2019. I do hope everyone sees more clarity of their purpose in the new world

  2. Looking forward to the new year ahead with high hopes and full of wishes and optimism. Just very glad I am going to spend a new year with my friends and loved ones.

  3. Happy new year to all. During this time of year, everyone wishes for a peaceful time ahead. However, most of the things do not go as per wish. Hope, people’s good intent bring a positive outcome.

  4. Happy New Year too my friend. Simply put a new year gives us a chance to start over. I do not believe in it though. Why wait if you can start new everyday.

  5. Every New Year indeed brings a sense of hope. Unfortunately, there are some of us who simply cannot do away with “old habits”. New Year. New World. Same attitude.

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