Prepare For 2020: “Official Release Schedule” (Statement & Thoughts) []

Well; the END IS NEAR?! The end of 2019 that is… The end of a decade… The beginning of a better era…..? Well, that’s the thing, right? Who knows, should we care, is it better to just say, “F*ck it!” – And like always, we’ve never been afraid to say, “F*ck it!” so, F*CK it!! – So what happens, what becomes of everything we hold dear, be it in ideas, beliefs, tolerances, or even perhaps, ideology?

Well, many items can happen. Maybe we’ll finally do something right and become one of the most powerful Music entities known to mankind! – Maybe we’ll fail horribly and drift off into the sunset…

Maybe we won’t fail but will somehow just fade off into obscurity despite our best efforts!

Or, perhaps we will succeed in a way that is pioneering of how success is defined in the new decades.

Anything, everything, and something is possible; all at once. But for now, all we can do, is, tell you a little bit about what’s coming in 2020.

So, without further ado, we give you, “THE OFFICIAL” Takeo Tama release-schedule.

Coming in the new decade…


January 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


“My Dystopia”

February 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


“Lost & Found”

March 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


“Electric Light Foreigner”

April 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


“Russian Rigazzi”

May 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


“June 6th, 1944”

June 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


“Piano Electro” (Blue)

July 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


“M, S-A.”

August 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


“Out From The Mold”

September 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


“Chicago Neo-Classical Steamroller”

October 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


“Piano Electro” (Red)

November 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


“December 7th, 1941”

December 2020, Sekrett Scilensce


So……….what else is coming?!?!

A quick return…??

. . . . . . . . . .

“Simple Love” (Radio-Edit)

January 4th, 2020 – Katlina Kliewer


– – – – – – – – – –

“Simple Love” (Single/Instrumental)

April 1st, 2020 – Katlina Kliewer


Want to hear it early?!

“Invasion of Privacy” (Radio-Edit)

August 1st, 2020 – Katlina Kliewer


– – – – – – – – – –

“Invasion of Privacy” (Single/Instrumental)

October 31st, 2020 – Katlina Kliewer


Liked that one? Try this!

Get your pre-sale, pre-order, pre-streaming on! — No matter what becomes of this Earth, we’ll keep doing what we do best, hopefully, even better and maybe, even faster?

Hope and pray we all enter the New Year sans worry, sans negativity.

Lastly, we’re looking for coders and illustrators so, if you fit that bill; CONTACT-us!!!

Become a V.I.P.

(it’s free)


Sorry. Coffee…

Article :: Prepare For 2020: “Official Release Schedule” (Statement & Thoughts) []

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Achieving Homeostasis, Our Natural Response To & FTC, & A Few Other Musings

Article: Achieving Homeostasis, Our Natural Response To & FTC, & A Few Other Musings
– – – – –
Author: Takeo Tama

Alright! So, what is homeostasis, for us? Well. We’ve had a long-line goal to become as self-sufficient as possible, in total regard to the creation, distribution, and expansionism of our audio and now, even our videos. Nothing is guaranteed, something is always around the corner, someone is always lurking, but never can “you” just know that what “you’re” doing will just stick with the onlooker. — So this is hard, and a little sad, but, it’s evolution.

Pretty much everything seen at any of our websites now, is self-hosted…

So yes; bandwidth costs, etc., etc. — It’s all up in the air now, and as explained in a previous blog, “you” can contribute if you want but really, all things thought of and said for the moment, this has become (albeit utterly), this has become exactly about building an entity that can lasts. That can derive, that can survive, that can flow with the next evolution, even, if it doesn’t necessarily have all the components in place for the exacts that may be changing because truthfully, in the next decade, it will be humanity moving into the quantum-computing eras and frankly, we’re likely all going to become lost, somewhere in all of that switch.

There are tons of rhymes and reasons behind much of this but, we’re going to cite one of our latest statements as food for thought regarding this very #blog you’re reading… “We’re Not Complicit, And Shall Never Contribute.” Brand and Channel operations resist FTC, COPPA pressures beginning at and associated third-party communications-hubs.

CHICAGO, IL (Midway) – – TAKEO TAMA, a leading provider of Music sound-recordings and obscure entertainments has issued its official stance pertaining to FTC/COPPA policy pressures, beginning at in relation to the current power-grab and monetary-pull being enacted across the platform by the Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations now imposed due to YouTube non-compliance with existing COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) laws.

“[YouTube] is more interested in throwing its user bases under the bus than being accountable and responsible for not complying with laws or regulations that they seemingly have known to have existed the entire time of their operations,” a Takeo Tama spokesperson explained.

“But we’re not bothered or worried in whole. You see, while a creator at [YouTube] will worry about their only platforming venture or option, typically, people and entities that have existed and expanded wider and as well, previously before the Internet as it is now known, will simply make a choice if [YouTube] is a good fit for continuing any style of business or ventures with.”

“At long last, in our case, it is plainly, disrespectful what [YouTube] is doing. Not many people or organizations are simplifying the shenanigans as such but in a pure outlook, like say, if [YouTube] was your human friend or colleague, based on their actions and inability to respond competently, if you asked yourself, would I still be friends or do business with this person albeit company, would you say yes or no?”

“Either way, further regarding our stance, all we’ve ever been able to do is ask of our audience to contribute where, when, and however they can. We’ve set more mechanisms for anyone interested in contributing but we are always realistic and well aware that we’re in a world where some people think a buck for a song or signing up for a free subscription to any service to hear us is a high toll to pay.”

“[YouTube] was a great middle ground to introduce new listeners and recapture previous audiences but truly, why gamble with a federal commission that’s seemingly enamored with a potential money grab.”

“We’re not complicit and shall never contribute.” Takeo Tama concluded.


TAKEO TAMA is a Music-entertainment provider, offering a variety of Songs spanning many genres and styles including Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune). – All titles are available where Audio is sold and are ready for Licensing in Film, Television, Video-Games and similar productions.



So; moving onward, change is inevitable, and, we hope “you” stick around through whatever comes next.

And speaking of such; a couple things to checkout!

“Simple Love” (Test-Market) [KATLINA KLIEWER™]

Can’t see the image or link above? Click-Here!

Too! Check out Katlina Kliewer’s next-venture…

Kat, is back?!™

In conclusion…

We’ll be here in the new decade, still doing the strongest material we can, but, besides doing it smarter, wiser, and when required, aggressively, we’re going to be doing everything at capacity, the best we can. If that sounds confusing, just think of finding a way to do the things you do for yourself that still feels comfortable but as well, somehow, resembles the most awesome factory assembly line you could ever want to make certain that your desire to evolve doesn’t get hindered so much by any forms of anxiety, depression, or clueless-procrastination.

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Just Getting Something Out Of The Way (Because We Can, And, Probably Should)

Not often, but every once in a blue-moon, some person or entity will ask, “Do you guys have alternative funding methods up and running?”, and for a truly, very long while, we’ve just sat on the fence because for us, whether as people or as a company, it’s never been this all important, total encompassing “thing” to try and get more monies beyond the Major-4 retail-earnings and royalties etc., and, while they’re not all that much these days, it’s always been a matter of “just” feeling fine, treading the lines and willing, hoping for all the best, making the greatest audio-experiences we can.

And we still feel this way, but, we’ve added something to “experiment” with this sentiment…

Talking about money sucks; all said, for instance, when a person or entity can’t monetize on YouTube then the alternatives are either ask, beg, or hope. Well, we’ll just say the facts! When you listen to our stuff at Apple, Amazon, Spotify, or Google-Play, it helps!! But on the flip-side, at our website, neither YouTube or the companies listed above are providing enough return to keep doing what we do at the highest-quality and at scale, so, simply put, ANY CONSIDERATION for a DONATION is deeply and greatly appreciated.

So without further ado, we present a new website section, just for “You” (a.k.a. “The” person or entity that may want to help with the many items beyond adding us to a playlist or purchasing a download).

Want to help us further our distribution and marketing?

Takeo Tama co. (Investor-Relations)

"You" Are, -the- Record-Label…

And really, telling others about us is just as awesome.


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Did “You” Know You’re A Goldfish?

There’s a belief out there. Someone believes, “The average internet user has the attention span of a Goldfish.” — Think about this for a second. Some person, not only with the understanding that not all mankind is created or grows equally but, with the understanding that they are likely similar if they can ‘judge’ such a metric against their own existence; this person believes that other people, in general, have no dexterity beyond flopping around needlessly, endlessly, and devotedly upon the world-wide-web with no other interpretation other than to eventually “die”, sans oxygen, per the form of a device/vice called, “The Internet.”

Eh, you’re right…”we’re” over-reacting…..

But, let’s think about something for one quick second?!

Let’s think about the things most utilized on this “Internet” for a moment. What do we have? We have:


…and what else??

Those are the basics, a.k.a., most widely known networks in the “mainstream” conscious.

Here’s a thought:

Nearly everything that goes big like Facebook is a product of mass-marketing, and if something is built to be mass-marketed then you can make both educated and uneducated guesses that for the most part, anything built to thrive upon a mass-market is likely (and typically), an “average” product or byproduct.

There isn’t a large middle-ground for debate usually, and it’s primarily because, the items that are created, built, or deployed for mass-appeal are safe and often indistinguishable.

So, if “we” say, “Well, the internet is actually just an average product for average people and doesn’t really go beyond the paradigm of average,”–well–“you” can pretty much summarize that our statement is, “average”, at best…?

While we have “our own” problems with the Internet (mostly encased in issues of fair reporting and fair monetizing abroad), we tend to think that the Internet is more like a game of Billiards. — Many people step-up to the table but some people just DOMINATE the game.

If we call what we do a “job” then “our job” ultimately is to “make art”, period; no more, no less.

For us, YES, we consider a ton of items average and merely to be more points-of-distribution for our creations (and sometimes borrowed materials) but no matter what, no matter where you look or how you attempt to discover more and more things to be interested in or learn about, somewhere, a ton of times and usually where unexpected, you’ll find amazing and average, intertwined, ad nauseam…

Yes…Feel Their Suffering Young Jedi…..

An Average Song With A Slightly, Above-Average Rendition…?

Really Just A Classic But Also A Much Needed Reminder For Times Like Now.

(And of course, some of our stuff)

“Disagree Disappear”

“Die Korrektion”

“Motown Radicals”

Also remember! While the easiest way to support Takeo Tama is via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google-Play; please also know that if “you” ever want to go beyond traditional downloading and streaming to help us grow beyond the status-quo, you can also make any donation at any time via PayPal, Patreon, or Gumroad; no strings, no silliness, no mailing-lists!!


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New Year, New World

Another year has come and gone, and exactly what do we have to look forward to, this coming year? 2019: A New Year, A New World — One year before the beginning of a new decade, 2020. Get ready for all the good vision jokes. We foresee them coming as well; the world is changing both physically and online, peoples viewpoints are changing, though maybe not as much as “we” have hoped. There are rumors of wars, talks of change, and yet, which direction do we see entertainment heading??

As humanity as a whole may at times be precariously balanced, or is at least, seemingly so, TAKEO TAMA has good hopes for the year to come, such as the hope to continue to pour our hearts out through music, art, and who knows what other avenues.

We give you our heart and hope for the best.

Our wish for you all this new year is for health, growth, and frankly, a year lived on purpose!

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The Shifts Are Occurring?!

The change is happening. We’re in the paradigm shift(s). We’re not anymore certain than anyone else, nor willing to guess exactly what it all means but, we see some items clear as day. Many old-fashioned items are gone, for good, and that’s good and sad simultaneously. Accountability and prose are on the rise, but where shall it all land? Another thing that shows the grand reveal is the uprising known as citizen-journalism. The censorship comes at an interesting moment in all of the upheaval.

Who will reign, regardless of supreme or sensible??

And as far as entertainment…

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Investor-Relations? Yes, “You” Can?? But, FREE Cake?!

As many of you know, we loathe talking about anything that is overly business-minded but today, we need to take a moment to discuss something called, “Investor Relations” – We’ve scoured, brainstormed, analyzed, and have even theorized many secondary and third-party items that we may want to test/utilize in order to make sure we are in fact, giving all the best options available for people to not only embrace us via downloads/streams but as well, to be able to engage us in any way possible per the old phrase, “Money wise,” (without quandary) and ultimately, sans limitations.

[hvp-video url=”″ adtagurl=”″ width=”300″ height=”300″ poster=”” controls=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” muted=”false” ytcontrol=”false”][/hvp-video]

If you can’t hear the video above, please check that the sound is not “muted”. If you can’t see the video above then please use this link instead.


Please remember that beyond being goofy artistic people, the overall basis of our operations functions as a company. We’re private and, can only grow from the contributions “you” are able to make.

We always tell others that, “Just one dollar makes a huge difference,” and it’s still true (without a doubt).

We create and in turn, entertain, but beyond all of that, any transaction, be it download, stream, or donation, goes straight into our expansion and ability to do everything we try, 1000% percent better; every time!

If you can’t hear the video above, please check that the sound is not “muted”. If you can’t see the video above then please use this link instead.


Now, if “you” don’t have an extra-dollar to spare then by all means, DON’T – Seriously!! Instead, consider streaming us a few times on Spotify, which costs absolutely nothing but a few seconds of time.

If you have extra-dollars and want to go beyond purchases on iTunes etc. then please consider one of the following options:



There’s probably a ton more we could say on this matter but, we’re choosing to keep it simple and to the point. A ton of things are going haywire across the Internet so no matter what happens right this second or tomorrow, these are some ways that we can be helped beyond anything typical.

If you can’t hear the video above, please check that the sound is not “muted”. If you can’t see the video above then please use this link instead.


Some people often say, “So what costs you most?” – Listen; studio-labor (i.e. engineering), mastering, marketing, packaging (i.e. artwork), video-production, bandwidth/storage, optioning (e.g. international-licensing) – IT ALL COSTS!

If you’re doing it the way we’re trying to do it, making sure that it’s great, the best it can be, and highly visible then it really takes a lot out of our own wallets to keep it growing.

Some people get away with the lower-quality, hobbyist type of thing but, we’re for better or worse, still trying to make a dent in history…

For more videos, please click here!

Copyright © MCM-MMM – All rights reserved. || Available where MUSIC is sold. || Copyright © MCM-MMM Takeo Tama (Entertainment-Enterprises) L.L.C. || ***** A “Kun4Ko” /|\ “T3C0” Venture ***** || Copyright © MCM-MMM Kuneo Koei (Broadcasting & Distribution) L.L.C.

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Radio-Wave-1: “Reach Out To Me Inside A Dream” (Black Rabbit Society)

Song: “Reach Out To Me Inside A Dream” Artist: BLACK RABBIT SOCIETY Label: Takeo Tama — We’ve had a very good amount of “FM radio-station pickups” during what we’ve dubbed, “Radio Wave 1” — Hopefully (and with your continued help and support), we’re going to see a great expansion and growth going into week-2 a.k.a. “Radio Wave 2” — Locations that have added us to date include:

103.1 KISS (Houston, TX) – 106.5 THE HITS (Reno, NV) – 94.5 HITZ (Miami, FL) – EZ 97.5 FM (Los Angeles, CA) – KSNY SUNNY 91 (Atlanta, GA) – MIX 96.5 FM (New Orleans, LA) & counting…?

Call or Text and request us!

Let’s get “no auto-tune”, High-Quality Music back on the airwaves!!



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Instagram I
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Ransom City: “Reloaded, Redefined.”

The internet is broad, however, it isn’t a planet? Or, maybe it is an entire universe, and should be chartered by NASA — The next void is alt-tech?? But rent-seeking is over-rated, because it is without a doubt, completely wrong and not forward-progressing of Humanity. Humans are lost, all around this world, this planet, Earth; the globe. Nearly every person is on a paper chase to nowhere and secondarily, in a race towards the Sun, ultimately. Hence, the next void is not a planet or the internet. It’s death, after life…

And that brings us to the point:


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China Is Calling?

We have been receiving your calls (中國) but alas, there is a language barrier (翻譯). We are intrigued and curious as to what you have in mind (你的申請?) regarding licensing (許可協議). Perhaps we can communicate through e-mail (電子郵件) so that it can be easily translated. 請再次聯繫! 我們祈求聯繫。

Your move.



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