Bringing Popular Videos Back!

With some of the alt-tech options available, we have some opportunities to revitalize some of our most demanded video-presentations. That being said, it’s extra work, and alt-tech isn’t an answer for everything (although it beats the Hell out of trying to get out of YouTube’s scanning-bots which make mistakes all the time!)–so, please make sure you are following us @Twitter and too, make sure you have any RSS notifications set so you can get the updates fast and efficiently.

Party on Wayne, party on Garth?!


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Quick Thoughts On WW3 Hysteria

Entertainment company or not, we have plenty of thoughts that stray well beyond our Music-minds (and simpler-sides per our existences). CRITICAL-THINKING: Tweets, words-of-wars, podcast broadcasters going silly on themselves, people panicking over what will or won’t happen. RESOLUTION: Does anyone know? Where are the journalists on the ground, the photos, the video-footage, of the armies, of the skirmishes, of the shelling, of the warships, of the jets, of the truth??



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After The Blackout: “Still On Twitter?”

The Censorship, though strong across many networks will in fact, “not deter us” from trying to keep our songs and sounds alive (and abroad). Adjust your notifications if you follow us at @Twitter because for now, as far as ‘lame-stream’ avenues we somewhat still want to use, it’s for better or worse, sort of one of the last networks standing with some viable visibility still attainable. Will it go away? Maybe. But no matter what, all we can do is try.



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Can We Help Film, Television, Video-Games, (& Possibly Radio)?

We aspire very much to help both beginners and seasoned professionals who dab their minds and fingers in Film, Television, Video-Games, and similar. One question we have asked ourselves despite anything is, “Can we even help anymore?” — It’s not from a cynical point of view nor’ conflicted sleight-of-mind; in fact, it’s completely based on the fact that we’re always around, working hard on our arts and crafts and yet, not many people or companies ask this favor of us.

Everyone enjoys the sounds but no one incorporates our style?

It’s just a conundrum (not even worth thinking about) but! It’s still curious!!

F*ck it?! Keep on coming…

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First order of things, “Get back to work!” — Second order of things, “We just hired you!!” — Third order of things? FREE Whiskey, Billiards, and back-massages for all employees… NOW?! With all the facts (that we’ve just made up) out of the way, it’s time for us to ask you, for your help and consideration. For you see, we have reached this point, this place where we just don’t know exactly what to do about anything, about everything, about something.

This is where you come in…

Help us have direction, a perspective, many directions?? Help us achieve diversity, difference, and indifference (all at once). Help us become engaging beyond what we dream, dreamed, or ever deem possible.

In your reply below, do one item from the list displayed; help us start things off with a bang:

1. Ask us something funny

2. Ask us something serious

3. Tell us a joke

4. Tell us something scary

5. Share a conspiracy involving avocados and beer

6. Tell us in two sentences why you should be president of the planet Jupiter

7. Tell us about the time you ate so much food, the grocery store placed a ban on you (similar to the ban a casino puts on Blackjack card-counters)

Throughout the coming months, we’ll be taking the answers and turning them into everything from hilarious social-media posts to unlikely blog-topics.

Welcome to your new-year, soldier!


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Happy New Year: “Didn’t Ya’ Know? We’re Evil!”

So… On the fence, many have been (ourselves included); but, it turns out, “We’re evil!” — After a long period of denial, self-debate, intrusive self-testing, and gallon Whiskey barrel consumption, we can safely say (and admit), we’re evil, however, don’t just take this text as Gospel, for there is an old saying, and that saying is, “A picture is worth one thousand words.” — Well, without further ado’ we give you:

1,000 Words!!


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Takeo Tama’s Birthday?!

Hey everyone, Takeo Tama turns 2 this month! In lieu of celebrations, we decided to lock ourselves in the tool-shed like mad hermits. We are even out of Whiskey!! What the heck? We’ve been hermits for months!!! While our social-media presence is shrinking, Takeo Tama is expanding. Some new ideas are being implemented, as well as reconfigured websites.

Some of our ideas are decidedly much more underground as opposed to mainstream but hey, that’s the way we like it.

Honest and rough around the edges, but legit.

Our art, our music, and our presence is as real and dirty as it gets.

Sounds good, Ja?

There may be a few beards and unshaven legs around the cubicle (and studio) but we promise we are still showering. Though we are void of alcohol presently, we push on. Even hermits need love…

The one great thing about being locked in the tool-shed is that our creativity flourishes. We remain unorthodox and passionate about everything we do. Click the link below to hear the fruits of our labor…

WARNING: If you love Coldplay, you’ll hate this song!

Medicine Cabinet (Full-Version) by: Sekrett Scilensce

Backup-Link (In case above link is down or busy)

🙂 We are not sure if we will distribute this one.

😉 Maybe iTunes doesn’t deserve it. Maybe Spotify can go f*ck themselves!

We will see…


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Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg, Bat-mobile, lost its wheel, and Joker took ballet, HEY! Oh!! Hello there our little dwarfs from the land of I never got a pony from Daddy when I was Ten, Twelve, Eleven, and Forty-Five…well, I mean, SANTA might still deliver the pony; stop judging us; you’ll shoot your eye out and remember, MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone…


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Goodbye VidMe

We received notice that VidMe is out:

While we are currently removing all VidMe links, The Audio Gambler channel can still be found at YouTube.

This just goes to prove our notion about social media platforms. While we still choose to utilize some at times and may continue experimenting with new platforms, we as a company; choose not to “keep all our eggs in one basket“.

“He who chases two rabbits, looses them both”.

Get it?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Super Mario for the Win!

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Happy Thanksgiving and remember, don’t forget to make great music for at least one hour (but preferably not while you’re stuffing your face full of large, luscious, delicious, awesome Turkey). Enjoy your time with your families, friends, and alien-encounters. If you’re the guy that told us he is building a hovercraft that flies on lava……….good luck! Aye!!


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