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We’re implementing a ton of changes here at Takeo Tama. The most significant is that we’ve opened parts of our Blog/Social sections to public contribution (not just reading).

But this in itself begs the questions; who is there? Who is it that our statistical data is verifying? Why doesn’t Donald Trump own a dog-shampoo product-line??

We seem to get a lot of international visitations but, the internet is far different today than it was ten, fifteen, Hell…twenty years ago…..

A good example of this is ‘proxy internet browsing’.

For instance, a good amount of toolbars, plugins, social-browsing-tools will in fact, mask the true location of a person’s whereabouts. This is fine but, a cluster of internet-addresses can therefore be misinformation in the long run. This is fine as well but then it begs an ultimate consideration; what’s the value of so-called ‘data’?

Well, here at our official website, while we don’t over concern ourselves with such trivial nuances, we have still, become more curious in recent weeks as we’ve been creating some of the most awesome concepts and titles over the last three months.

From 8-bit to 16-bit to full-fledged orchestrations to synthesized Electro crossover ‘we don’t know’ what the ‘frig it is audio-presentations, we ponder; who is on the receiving end?

Social-Media (a.k.a. the Devil) tells you some things. This whole ‘likes’ business is understood and misunderstood by a lot of people. Mini celebrations of enjoyment equating to social-tracking…blah…etc. Oh, and of course, “Shares” (a.k.a. the other Satan).

By the way, we’re not cynical or uninspired; as a matter of fact, it would be our pleasure to hear from you!

So, without further ado, we welcome you to say, “Hey guys, I need doughnuts now!”

Or some other form/variant of this that fits your mood, style, haircut, or strange showering rituals…

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More coming soon, check back VERY often!

Did you enjoy, “Koji Kondo’s Castle”?!

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PSSST! Hey You!! You Can Hire Us But, Be Warned, We Aspire To Awesome And With That, Comes, Craziness? Eh??

We’re not making any official public announcements yet but, we are going to be updating our F.A.Q. both here at and at our other websites (and related navigational menus). You might want to BOOKMARK these changes…maybe…perhaps…CERTAINLY!

They say you shouldn’t force others to take action but, BOOKMARKING our changes is so simple, even Cro-Magnon-Man can do it.



Remember, you can always contact-us directly or, call/text us via: +1 (646)895-6050

For now, as we’re doing a lot both in the studio as well as technically, we may not be able to respond to/complete every request(s) submitted but as things sort out, this will improve.

Sectors we are eager to assist include:

• Film

• Television

• Video-Games

• Mobile/App

• Business Advertising/Marketing

And of course, [Student productions] (our only stipulation being that you are on top of your game and you won’t leave us in limbo because you got sidetracked by your girlfriend dumping you etc.) – You may be a Student and though we may assist you, WE’RE still Professionals and don’t necessarily want to help every Tom, Dick, And Harry whom may leave us hanging.

Can you hang?

We’ll see.

Begin by starting a dialogue with us; here on this article is good or via any of the direct-contact methods we’ve provided. We heavily prefer email, phone, or text over social-media networks so please, don’t try Twitter/Facebook etc. first – Other questions??

Let us know!

Welcome to TAKEO TAMA, we love you…..




Tell the Universe! Now!!