Responsive Design Vs. App Culture

As we modify our infrastructure to support ‘Direct-Delivery’ mechanisms, older (but now standard utilized concepts) become re-explored. Much of it is whether to implement additional ‘Device-Application’ layers or if the entire Genetic-makeup of all dynamic-content should be loaded (and shelled) in the web-browser. The most secondary argument is whether these innovations service the long-term suggestion of financial-gains for the executed content within these Parent, Child, and extended-family architecture deployments.

The TAKEO TAMA perspective for entertainment-media is that we foresee the need to consistently have cross-browser, compatible offerings vs. device specific functions which introduce further steps between the material-origin and the person accessing the content.

We haven’t changed our minds on this core-competency but sometimes wonder if singularly implemented experiments would expand upon any gains possible.

Who knows?

We’ll see.


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Space Combat Anyone?

You know our crazy in-house composer, dude, guy, artist, godlike, musician person? Ja?? Well, we’ve turned him loose again and well, a magnificent piece of Electro fused Orchestration has commenced. But Hey, don’t just take our word for it…

Begin your first journey into, “Space Combat


Battle Stations?!

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Animation And Degeneration And You (The Connection?)

Opinions are like rear-ends; so what? People are free to think, choose, alter, at least when it comes to immediate choices aside from politics, propaganda, and menu items. Who notices the clutch? No one, but really fancy food is expensive as much as not making certain decisions can be detrimental beyond all recognition.

What price is paid? Does the Piper lead us into temptation? Is it all just another form of sabotage because someone merely wants to share a feeling, a story, an idea, an insight?

We have many things that run through our minds. This one is about, “Animation And Degenration And You” (and its possible implications).

If any…


Animation has come a long way over the years, quite backwards to some degree, which is to say, the quality has declined. Instead of detailed and interesting animations, films, cartoons, and such have reduced to blobs or sponge shaped characters with little hairs coming out of their noses that make obnoxious and repetitive sounds.

Again, no dialogue, no art, no finesse, no creativity.

We want to turn back time, to when Saturday morning cartoons were something to look forward to, when it was worth doing household chores to be allowed to watch.

Honestly, we likely would not allow our children to watch the morning cartoon programming these days.

It seems degenerative.

We think the corporate idea of quantity over quality is taking over every aspect of life.

Especially in North-America.

It’s ruining culture, art, Music, cinematography, animation, and even passion for education; it is all suffering, and what for? News of what color bikini a Kardashian wore? Or how about which rape a music artist “allegedly” committed? Or why small town school districts should get brand new football stadiums over new textbooks?

What happened?

Things don’t have to stay on this path. If only we would wake up to complacency and attempt to rediscover passion, artfulness, and enlightenment.

But hey, according to most we encounter, to quote/paraphrase directly, “Ah, but you guys digress,” and furthermore, “You can’t change that, you guys should just keep doing what you do, although, we’re not sure how many opportunities will be available for you.”


Moving on, right?

How to aspire, how to inspire, when to jump-in, when to leave, where to go, who to team up with, why ‘effing do it?

Scroll down below and tell us about your favorite animated adventures or even better, tell us what you wish someone would make?

You’ve made an animated presentation of your own? Share it with us, link to it.

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From Atari To Nintendo To SEGA To TAKEO TAMA? You Betcha’ Ace

We’re good at a lot of things Music-wise. We’re DAMN GOOD at 8-Bit, 16-Bit, awesome, bleep, bloop, audio-adventure utopia crafts (well, at least, we hope we are). Never the less, there is something about the transition from Atari to Nintendo to SEGA to the modern video-game industries that didn’t quite evolve the gaming sound architectures at their then current apparatus.

CD ROM games went straight for fully orchestrated songs, developed no different than soundtracks for films and television.


Who knows.

“Ransom City” (an 8-Bit audio-adventure by Takeo Tama)


All we can say:

• Authentic chip-tune synthesis with splashes of YM FM modulation and full native POKEY integration

• Genuine wave-table pulse-code modulation with Technics and AY chip-sets

• RP2A03 and SiD; enough said

• No emulation; YES, some light re-sampling triggers for advanced layering but, NO EMULATION!!

Have a listen for yourself:

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“Ransom City” compact-disc

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So…YouTube Hates You If You Live In Countries That Are Not The USA?

Okay, we don’t know if the article title is stating exact truth but, some of you have said that you go to YouTube, hoping to hear our awesomeness when all of a sudden, you see the message, “This video is not available in your country,” (or similar).

We apologize.

As well, there is nothing we can do about what ‘The Big G’/YouTube does.

On the flip-side, we’re going to include some videos from an entirely different platform (from here on in, and not just YouTube). Maybe this will help alleviate this issue for some of you. If not, we have another step in mind, and while it would likely fix everything all around, in favor of saving on bandwidth etc., we’re going to try the first method and see.

In particular, if you’re from the Philippines then please tell us right away if you are able to see the videos we post.

For everyone else, if you suddenly find yourself unable to view our videos, please tell us ASAP.

New Video Platform Test:

Scroll down to the comments section below and tell us about the first time you had ice-cream (after you tell us if you could see the video of course)…

Or tell us about the first time you got abducted by aliens…..

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Are You There? Interact With Us! Yes, You Can!!


Do we have your attention?


We’re implementing a ton of changes here at Takeo Tama. The most significant is that we’ve opened parts of our Blog/Social sections to public contribution (not just reading).

But this in itself begs the questions; who is there? Who is it that our statistical data is verifying? Why doesn’t Donald Trump own a dog-shampoo product-line??

We seem to get a lot of international visitations but, the internet is far different today than it was ten, fifteen, Hell…twenty years ago…..

A good example of this is ‘proxy internet browsing’.

For instance, a good amount of toolbars, plugins, social-browsing-tools will in fact, mask the true location of a person’s whereabouts. This is fine but, a cluster of internet-addresses can therefore be misinformation in the long run. This is fine as well but then it begs an ultimate consideration; what’s the value of so-called ‘data’?

Well, here at our official website, while we don’t over concern ourselves with such trivial nuances, we have still, become more curious in recent weeks as we’ve been creating some of the most awesome concepts and titles over the last three months.

From 8-bit to 16-bit to full-fledged orchestrations to synthesized Electro crossover ‘we don’t know’ what the ‘frig it is audio-presentations, we ponder; who is on the receiving end?

Social-Media (a.k.a. the Devil) tells you some things. This whole ‘likes’ business is understood and misunderstood by a lot of people. Mini celebrations of enjoyment equating to social-tracking…blah…etc. Oh, and of course, “Shares” (a.k.a. the other Satan).

By the way, we’re not cynical or uninspired; as a matter of fact, it would be our pleasure to hear from you!

So, without further ado, we welcome you to say, “Hey guys, I need doughnuts now!”

Or some other form/variant of this that fits your mood, style, haircut, or strange showering rituals…

Please visit our friends too:

Katlina Kliewer

Sekrett Scilensce

Loverboy (Mr. Doug ‘JD-800s’ Johnson)

Sivers (rhymes with rivers)


More coming soon, check back VERY often!

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PSSST! Hey You!! You Can Hire Us But, Be Warned, We Aspire To Awesome And With That, Comes, Craziness? Eh??

We’re not making any official public announcements yet but, we are going to be updating our F.A.Q. both here at and at our other websites (and related navigational menus). You might want to BOOKMARK these changes…maybe…perhaps…CERTAINLY!

They say you shouldn’t force others to take action but, BOOKMARKING our changes is so simple, even Cro-Magnon-Man can do it.



Remember, you can always contact-us directly or, call/text us via: +1 (646)895-6050

For now, as we’re doing a lot both in the studio as well as technically, we may not be able to respond to/complete every request(s) submitted but as things sort out, this will improve.

Sectors we are eager to assist include:

• Film

• Television

• Video-Games

• Mobile/App

• Business Advertising/Marketing

And of course, [Student productions] (our only stipulation being that you are on top of your game and you won’t leave us in limbo because you got sidetracked by your girlfriend dumping you etc.) – You may be a Student and though we may assist you, WE’RE still Professionals and don’t necessarily want to help every Tom, Dick, And Harry whom may leave us hanging.

Can you hang?

We’ll see.

Begin by starting a dialogue with us; here on this article is good or via any of the direct-contact methods we’ve provided. We heavily prefer email, phone, or text over social-media networks so please, don’t try Twitter/Facebook etc. first – Other questions??

Let us know!

Welcome to TAKEO TAMA, we love you…..



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