PSSST! Hey You!! You Can Hire Us But, Be Warned, We Aspire To Awesome And With That, Comes, Craziness? Eh??

We’re not making any official public announcements yet but, we are going to be updating our F.A.Q. both here at and at our other websites (and related navigational menus). You might want to BOOKMARK these changes…maybe…perhaps…CERTAINLY!

They say you shouldn’t force others to take action but, BOOKMARKING our changes is so simple, even Cro-Magnon-Man can do it.



Remember, you can always contact-us directly or, call/text us via: +1 (646)895-6050

For now, as we’re doing a lot both in the studio as well as technically, we may not be able to respond to/complete every request(s) submitted but as things sort out, this will improve.

Sectors we are eager to assist include:

• Film

• Television

• Video-Games

• Mobile/App

• Business Advertising/Marketing

And of course, [Student productions] (our only stipulation being that you are on top of your game and you won’t leave us in limbo because you got sidetracked by your girlfriend dumping you etc.) – You may be a Student and though we may assist you, WE’RE still Professionals and don’t necessarily want to help every Tom, Dick, And Harry whom may leave us hanging.

Can you hang?

We’ll see.

Begin by starting a dialogue with us; here on this article is good or via any of the direct-contact methods we’ve provided. We heavily prefer email, phone, or text over social-media networks so please, don’t try Twitter/Facebook etc. first – Other questions??

Let us know!

Welcome to TAKEO TAMA, we love you…..



Tell the Universe! Now!!

12 thoughts on “PSSST! Hey You!! You Can Hire Us But, Be Warned, We Aspire To Awesome And With That, Comes, Craziness? Eh??”

  1. What is it that you guys offer? I’m into video games and I’m open new and radical ideas to make playing video games more fun.

  2. Let me guess, you guys have some wild ideas that you want to share with your audience. If you can be a little more specific perhaps?

  3. So what are these changes huh? Are you going mainstream? I dunno if you’ve been doing background work on mainstream projects, but it would be nice to see your name up there in the credits someday!

    1. Our lead Composer has done some things like with PBS and EA before; for us, the sky will not limit us? Who knows. Definitely far from mainstream however.

  4. Marketing, guys, marketing! I’m glad you’re eager to help “struggling” students. Despite your crazy ramblings on this site, I know deep down you’re willing to lend a hand. Good luck guys…and hey, where’s the music?

  5. well, this is definetly an intesting site; not sure what you are wanting to focus in on; agree that providing more details for each service would be helpful

  6. That’s a pretty diverse list of services you got there. Adding the details of the tasks you will do under each, in addition to a price list, might drive more traffic and clients to the services you offer.

  7. Along with awesomeness comes craziness? I wouldn’t argue with that. Achieving awesomeness requires courage. If I recall correctly, a crazy person who is poor is simply called a crazy person. On the other hand, a crazy person who is rich is called eccentric.

  8. Ahh, am I the only one out here that can’t quite figure out what the purpose of this website is? I mean other than trying to say witty things that aren’t coming out all that witty cause I’m probably losing a whole lot in the translation. I get the feeling that English is not your first language. Would I be right on that?

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