Publishing Industry Reality

We know a little bit about this or that, and it’s fine. Any questions etc. about what some call, “The Publishing Industry” (megaphoned); look, first of all, the whole damn thing has been broken since the early BBS-driven internet. It wasn’t just Blogs or Forums etc. that ripped it wide-open. Think of it this way, if you see these Facebook/Twitter profiles where someone wrote a book, calling themselves a bestseller etc., it doesn’t mean jack.

If you’re a New York Times bestseller, it essentially means you have a readership comprised of your close relative (who read it), close friend (who accepted a copy), and manuscript-agent (who got lucky and in turn, got you thinking you’re a somebody in a pool of fish who all think they’re sharks).

Just think about it.


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One thought on “Publishing Industry Reality”

  1. Or the “CEO” of your home made, self-employed business. This one always makes me giggle. Self proclaimed “experts” or this and that… it’s a humorous and simultaneously disappointing time we are in. Main example; “distracted walking” is now a term.

    Need I say more?

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