Sekrett Scilensce: “The Wasteland” (Expanded North-American Releases)

FM and internet based radio campaigns for expanded play of “The Wasteland” (by: Sekrett Scilensce) set to — Expanded FM radio and internet-streaming play of ”The Wasteland” (a Pop/Soul music release) by: Sekrett Scilensce is scheduled to begin resurfacing in commercial listening hubs on Monday, April 16th, 2018.

[The Wasteland] has previously been featured on several radio stations, all airing the full seven-minute version of the song which includes:

– Hot 102 Jamz (Nashville, TN)
– Star 95.7 (San Francisco, CA)
– Dominion Global Radio (Houston, TX)
– \ KPTR FM (Atlanta, GA)
– Pure Sounds Radio (Chicago, IL)

Other programs where [The Wasteland] has been featured include:

– The Lady Rerun Show (hosted by the daughter of Fred “Rerun” Berry)
– NBT Radio (Deutschland)
– Banana Peel Radio

Product Notes:

“The Wasteland”

On the verge of collapse, the societies of our planet scramble, seeking refuge from the fear and uncertainty that has become reality; through this panic, one song brings resolution, teaching survival and perseverance to a generation, ‘lost in the storm.’

About Sekrett Scilensce

Sekrett Scilensce is a composer and producer of Classical and Electronic Eurasian crossover music. His primary instruments are Piano and Synthesizers. He has also co-produced and distributed collaborative works for the publishing-industry (with a focus on licensing and acquisitions).

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