So…YouTube Hates You If You Live In Countries That Are Not The USA?

Okay, we don’t know if the article title is stating exact truth but, some of you have said that you go to YouTube, hoping to hear our awesomeness when all of a sudden, you see the message, “This video is not available in your country,” (or similar).

We apologize.

As well, there is nothing we can do about what ‘The Big G’/YouTube does.

On the flip-side, we’re going to include some videos from an entirely different platform (from here on in, and not just YouTube). Maybe this will help alleviate this issue for some of you. If not, we have another step in mind, and while it would likely fix everything all around, in favor of saving on bandwidth etc., we’re going to try the first method and see.

In particular, if you’re from the Philippines then please tell us right away if you are able to see the videos we post.

For everyone else, if you suddenly find yourself unable to view our videos, please tell us ASAP.

New Video Platform Test:

Scroll down to the comments section below and tell us about the first time you had ice-cream (after you tell us if you could see the video of course)…

Or tell us about the first time you got abducted by aliens…..

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37 thoughts on “So…YouTube Hates You If You Live In Countries That Are Not The USA?”

  1. I can watch the video. I don’t live in the USA. So I guess, it’s not about the country. Maybe because of the preferences that we made in our Youtube account.

  2. What is the purpose of that restriction anyway? I mean, aren’t the people in those areas potential viewers that can definitely help in the popularity of uploaded videos? One can never know “where” a video can become popular in.

  3. I don’t think there are countries in the USA, but I get what you mean. Yeah, it really sucks to live in countries where YouTube restricts the viewing of some videos. But I heard that there are already ways to go around that these days. Now if someone could only tell me at least one way to do that…

  4. I don’t think Youtube has the intention of banning some of it’s video in a particular country. I think it’s more of a technical issue. Nothing meant to stoke hatred.

  5. I’m not quite sure what the video was all about. But one thing’s for sure, I love ice cream. By the way, great sound effects.

  6. Maybe it depends on the settings of the laptop or device. I like ice cream since I was a fetus. And I don’t believe in aliens.

  7. I’m from the Philippines and I see the video just fine. Never really thought that YouTube hates people not living in the US. And I couldn’t remember when I first had ice cream!

  8. I hate it when YouTube does that. Anyway the vid is working great. As for the first time I ate ice cream, I remember it was just a regular day. My older brother was eating an ice cream cone. He made me try it. I immediately liked it and cried until he gave the whole thing to me. lol

  9. Video is working! Yay! I actually can’t remember the first time I had ice cream. I do remember winning 5 gallons of ice cream from a Father’s day contest. My dad and I had ice cream for weeks lol!

  10. I have a Huawei honor 4g lite purchased in China and I live in Malaysia. I cant log into my YouTube account because google play services and Youtube are a no there.But I can still watch videos so find a those banned and excluded.Youtube doesn’t hate you,they need us

  11. The regional restrictions are really annoying. It’s not like the internet users in those places can harm an uploaded video by just viewing it. In addition, since uploaders can actually benefit from viewers, this limitation can prevent the possible popularity of an uploaded content.

  12. From what I have learned about the internet, there is always a way. It is only a matter of time. People can usually get what they want online if they have skill or patience. From what the blogger wrote here, it seems that help is on the way.

  13. Yes, I could see the video and hear the music of course.
    The sounds is good …
    There is no relation with watching the video and the first time I had Ice-cream .. but I can tell you that I can’t remembered when the first time i had Ice-cream …but the flavor might be Chocolate i guess :-).

  14. Can’t see the video, unfortunately. It would make an interesting story if I had my first ice cream when I was abducted by aliens, but sadly that’s not true! I think it was vanilla, in an ice cream soda.

  15. I had my first gelato when I was three or four I think…it was home made of course. But if I see an alien anyday now, I’d offer it a gelato first, maybe it will not abduct me! I can watch the video just fine, btw.

    1. As Takeo Tama is a Music Entertainment Company, most video clips we share will showcase our music or the music of artists who collaborate with us, however this does not hinder the fact that we as well like Chocolate ice cream.

  16. I cant see the video and im from the Philippines. And i hate youtubr for that because it hates me too. And about that ice cream i think i had it when i first visited the dentist.

  17. Filipino society is very conservative. Maybe, those videos that are unavailable to watch in the Philippines are not appropriate in that country. That’s why it’s been restricted or banned.

  18. Yes, for the first time I can see the video! I can’t remember the first time I actually had ice cream but I do remember the first time I tried its equivalent in Eastern Germany (when it was still communist). It was the strangest thing; it was more like frozen yogurt and not all that good from a kid’s point of view but people were lined up for what seemed like a mile to me, just to get some of this watery, ice milk substitute for the real thing.

  19. Well, I’m able to see the video and the first time I had ice-cream, I dropped it. I’m so sad, I actually cried that day. I still remember the flavor, it’s chocolate my favorite.

  20. I can’t remember when exactly I had my first ice cream, but I know by heart it was a vanilla ice cream. Also, I cannot see your video. *sob*

  21. The first time I had ice cream was the first time I lost my virginity and the first time I had chicken pox all in one go. Yeah, I could see the video, nice.

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