From 8-Bit To War-Strategy To Calm And Affectionate? Yes!

If you’ve been waiting for our usual updates and have been wondering, “Where the heck are you clowns?”, well, we’ve been extremely busy probing (non-sexually, perhaps?) and tweaking our presences across the Internet, social-spheres, and even our own intranets. Crazy! And… in particular, we’ve been uploading a butt-load of Video contents, specifically to:


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From Atari To Nintendo To SEGA To TAKEO TAMA? You Betcha’ Ace

We’re good at a lot of things Music-wise. We’re DAMN GOOD at 8-Bit, 16-Bit, awesome, bleep, bloop, audio-adventure utopia crafts (well, at least, we hope we are). Never the less, there is something about the transition from Atari to Nintendo to SEGA to the modern video-game industries that didn’t quite evolve the gaming sound architectures at their then current apparatus.

CD ROM games went straight for fully orchestrated songs, developed no different than soundtracks for films and television.


Who knows.

“Ransom City” (an 8-Bit audio-adventure by Takeo Tama)


All we can say:

• Authentic chip-tune synthesis with splashes of YM FM modulation and full native POKEY integration

• Genuine wave-table pulse-code modulation with Technics and AY chip-sets

• RP2A03 and SiD; enough said

• No emulation; YES, some light re-sampling triggers for advanced layering but, NO EMULATION!!

Have a listen for yourself:

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“Ransom City” compact-disc

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