Any Products/Services Offered In Chinese Are For People Of China And Not Its Government Or Agencies

We wanted to be clear about something before any person or entity chooses to have an impression that may not be correct. Regarding all products or services (i.e. language-pages) that we have created for people of Chinese origin or descent; we want to stress that the materials are present “for the people” and “not” the Chinese-Government or its related/collaborative agencies. — TAKEO TAMA is “not” a Chi-Com nor’ engaged in any Chinese-Communications patents, operations, or legal-recourse.

It sucks that we’d even have to make such statements however, even if you’re reading this and thinking, “Well, come on, that’s no big deal, right?” — Trust us — It’s becoming a bigger deal than you could possibly imagine.

All said, fuck it! Let’s party!!



China Is Calling?

We have been receiving your calls (中國) but alas, there is a language barrier (翻譯). We are intrigued and curious as to what you have in mind (你的申請?) regarding licensing (許可協議). Perhaps we can communicate through e-mail (電子郵件) so that it can be easily translated. 請再次聯繫! 我們祈求聯繫。

Your move.