Masks Are Officially Banned @ (All Visitors Must Not Have A Mask)

While we get all our nice, juicy, tender, plump, magnificently marinated, spicy “Instrumentals” ready for all of you, we wanted to take this moment to inform ALL OF “YOU” that we have officially banned M A S K of any shape or sort -at- Takeo Tama — All visitors are encouraged to stay at websites that are M A S K friendly until they feel safe enough to visit us here @ — We would apologize for any inconvenience but, well, … why?! – On the other hand, you are still most welcome to wear your underwear, socks, or perhaps, your robe with nothing under…?

Let FREEDOM boil!!

Let oppression sink…

PS: If you come to the conclusion that saying, “Don’t wear a mask!” is oppressive then guess what? You’re smart! One word; “Satire,” much??

COVID-19: “Positive-Thinking Vs. Negative-Staggering” (The Pandemic, After) [Our Survival, Their Control]

We’ve spent a ton of time mulling over everything occurring across the globe. And then there’s the bullshit we call, “Entertainment”. – On one hand, we’d like to feel “this” world, especially “now”, perhaps needs/wants creators? To rough it through?? Turning to us for enjoyment, hopefulness, distractions that maybe could ultimately lead to understanding…

But, the family of six that can’t make the car payment or mortgage couldn’t (and rightfully so, wouldn’t) give a rat’s anus.

We’d love to be able to say, “Our work is important too,” but, meh.

We owe more to everyone who ever took a listen to our sounds than we do to any so-called associative-entities that proclaim to aid in spotlighting our wares. – The kid at an Applebee’s style restaurant, the kids delivering food, the grown-ups keeping our water, electricity and so on, “on” for the while until we learn where things go next.

We “are” and have been the way we exists because we became tired of seeing creators getting screwed by broken paradigms which don’t value creative-efforts. All events happening now are making it painstakingly clear; while the Internet has offered opportunities for creators of all types, these so-called rules of what’s deemed, “The Attention Economy” are serving corporations firstly, leaving creators with less, less financial-stability, less creative-control, and less abilities to connect with both the like-minded and those who are otherwise enthused to journey along for the ride, the adventures otherwise unexplored without the people we call, “The Creators”.

Yeah, we remain rogue…

But, we don’t “really know” what the fuck to do either.

One item we’re going to do right off the bat is move as much of our catalogs as we can to a completely ‘Freenomic’ existence.

For those that recall us in our many incarnations and off-shoots, we’ve mostly always begun and remained in that manner but recently, we were pushing hard, expanding to fight the advertisers, sub-publishers and low-paying content-providers harder at their own games but today, right now, “Screw it all!”

Our next updates will be the links to whatever we have to offer…

If “You” have the moment to indulge, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK-YOU.

Stay healthy, stay safe.



for all the survivors across the globe…..