What Is The Fate Of Shapr?

An App deemed, the “Shapr,” has taken the brave (courageous) action of following our resident megalomaniac on Twitter—so, what the heck is a, “Shapr?”

According to them:

“Swipe for 1 minute each day and make the connections you didn’t expect.”

Watch THIS VIDEO for a simpler explanation…

1. The Interesting Thing About Shapr

Many people who embark on trying to find better ways to network etc. have likely encountered the mantra, “Social-Media is like having a publicist in your pocket.”

This is ‘mostly’ untrue because many social-networks are junkyards/wastelands for bloated, over saturated bombardments of, “Sell, sell, sell, buy, buy, buy,” nonsense.

Shapr could shift perceptions on a larger level (and inspire others who may be working on similar services to consider filtering as a necessity vs. trying to get every Tom, Dick, and Harry).

2. The Uninteresting Thing About Shapr

Since they may have developed the first (actual), “Publicist in your Pocket,” type/style of tool, they are doing an amazing job of presenting it in, corporatized-fashion?

Why make an App that essentially kills LinkedIn (potentially Twitter), with strong paradigm shifting possibilities yet, present it in that bland, Apple Inc. culture mannerism?

Our resident Firebrand was quick to point out the one thing that could kill them fast:

Backlash for unfiltered engagement via social-software is nothing new. Everything from Facebook to AirBnb has had its share of foul-ups in this arena. Alongside the obvious, and similar to the (so-called) music-industry, another problem that will either be ignored or remedied is filtering via fact-based merits.

Imagine cesspool marketer behaviors (as sometimes seen at social-media), transferring to Shapr.

While we really aren’t the type of people to do a write-up (per se), we deeply appreciate and respect what all of you here have to contribute and say about our concepts, ideas, and notions, no matter how aligned, bizarre, or frustrating they tend to be at times.

Shapr may one day wakeup to the reality that they are the most widely used tool in the pornographic industries.

Shapr might be the first social-service to go big since Facebook

What is the fate of Shapr??