Ready For Fun, But, We’re Also Going To Level With You: “If You Think The USA and the World Isn’t Being Invaded Right Now, Think Again!”

Firstly, please make certain you understand going in that nothing we’re stating here is of bias or political. It’s facts! Secondly, entertaining while teaching is always pure joy and after our quick spiel on current events, we have some video-clips for your viewing pleasure (to just sort of sit back and allow to sink in).


We’re nearly ready to fully allow all visitors to test-drive our wares (i.e. Music) at full “Freenomic” capacity. The coding and design bits have been a tad tedious but oh well, hard work is just that; HARD work! But beyond those items are the events happening in the USA and globally which not only raise concerns but simultaneously, raise fears, anxieties, and uncertainties well beyond the norms.

Let’s begin at, “Obvious,”…

The toppling of statues, rewriting of history, full-fledged attacks via propaganda and ‘governmental’ prowess, the establishing of autonomous-zones within USA continental borders etc.

Well, perhaps that’s simply put, “An invasion?!”

The videos below depict more “formal” armies etc. but, maybe you understand what we’re attempting to illustrate…?

Note: We don’t support the RED DAWN remake at all as China was allowed to tell an American film-studio to remove the Chinese as the enemy and replace with North-Korea however, the scene is being used here as it’s entertaining and will aid us in getting to our next discussion points.

So perhaps some of you watched those and thought, Hmm, what’s the connection?

Here is a real-life clip from the invasion of Shanghai:

These groups on USA and the other countries around the globe’s soil, doing what in our view are Bolshevik/Communists style revolution tactics, let us just tell you; Minneapolis, right now, looks like Shanghai in that old footage. And from what we hear, a ton of other places that were looted etc. fared similar.

It sucks, but, it is what “it” is (and may become days after).



Our advice/warning (which we’re fully aware no person or entity is asking for but, f*ck all that for now), our viewpoint is to lookout for the following:

• Those mobs that aspire to take these protests/riots beyond cities into the suburban and rural areas, be extra careful because the governments across the globe “are” allowing them to take precedence and, “they” are armed in zones where police have either been removed or are in process of being, unfunded.

* You won’t be protected by anything but yourself in most cases.

• Those founders and co-founders of a lot of these so-called activism-groups for change etc., if you dig back a little bit, they say in interviews which doctrines they abide and aspire to implement.

* Video-Evidence below:


We’ve been dealing with some intrusive communiques and propaganda aimed directly at us over the last couple of weeks but we’ve been keeping all of that nonsense off-site. We don’t wish to burden any of you with any of this junk but we are moving forward with at least one mass statement regarding all of it.

You can read it here:

TAKEO TAMA Denounces Social-Media/Internet Censorship Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic & Racism “Baiting” Ops

Backup-link *

[Primary link is from FOX40 New York — Active links may change suddenly]…


We didn’t want to write this blog-post but after thinking about things for a few days, it’s probably better that you, our audience, readers, listeners, (whoever you are out there), it’s probably better that you know exactly where we stand/stood on the off-chance that all these things happening kick into to high-gear and much becomes lost in the fog.

“We” don’t have a dog in these fights.

The interests for “us” are merely financial in the respect that a ton of the entities trying to sway us to become vested in their ideals and morals are sources that pay us to do what we do best.

The Music

But “they” want blood for some reason.

We thank-you from the very bottoms of our hearts, underwear, and socks!!

PS: One video-clip we wanted to include was the invasion scene from Empire of the Sun (1987) [Steven Spielberg] but alas, we just couldn’t find the damned thing!

Bonus: Our very own KATLINA KLIEWER has made an awesome funny meme comparing the world depicted in Demolition Man (1993) [Sylvester Stallone/Wesley Snipes] to the current year, 2020, and statements made by none other than the insidious | 😛 | Dr. FauciWhat say you…?

Update (2020/22/06):
Gelsenkirchen: Controversial Lenin statue erected in German city

Update (2020/04/07):
Twitter Ditches “Offensive” Non-Inclusive Terms Such As “Whitelist”, “Man Hours” And “He, Him, His”