Country, Language, Region Support Relaunched For USA, ESP, DEU, UKR, JPN, KOR, PHL, CHN & RUS

We’ve relaunched regional support for the following languages: USA – ESP – DEU – UKR – JPN – KOR – PHL – CHN & RUS; if you’re unfamiliar with ISO country-codes, this just means: North-America, Spain/Mexico, Ukraine, Japan, Korea, Philippines, China and Russia — In two-letter format, these are typically: US, ES, DE, UA, JP, KR, PH, CN and RU. All said, there are some language-support options that may feel like they’re ‘missing’; well, here’s the quick explanation…

Everything included is based on data that’s specific to “us”. There’s no instance where we’re over asserting or bloating what we’re servicing.

International relations remain one of the more important mechanics behind all the fun we have being a world-wide-web entity but also, remains an important key to our survival moving forward.


Afrikaans, French, Italiano, and Tex/Mex almost made the cut but in “our” experience, most of the African, French, Italian, and Southwestern U.S. Spanish speakers we’ve ever known or encountered, speak English fairly well (even when a bit broken).

If you feel that we should consider supporting a particular language then please feel free to mention it.

Also! Do feel free to criticize any of the translations we currently have available!!

You can access our regions section below:

Click-Here if you can’t see the frame above.