Let’s Play The Vs. Game

@LilMike_317 – a Twitter user recently said, “Emails?? Where can I send my music I have a lot but where can I send..” to which we responded, “Emails are dead. Send them out to the world.” to which they replied, “I do that too much” (to which they then posted a link to one of their musical-works).

At social-media etc., many creators cry out, “How do I get more exposure, where do I send my stuff?”

We feel there is a good balance between our so-called organic onsite and expanded offsite marketing. We’ll disclose some stats:

“A Quarter Passed Four” (as Promoted by: Takeo Tama): https://goo.gl/#analytics/goo.gl/DeYyV1/all_time

“A Quarter Passed Four” (as Promoted by: Sekrett Scilensce): https://goo.gl/#analytics/goo.gl/6CewDn/all_time

The above URLs are A/B short-links that were utilized during beta-demoing for a series of upcoming music-releases by: Sekrett Scilensce

As can be seen, between the specific tasks of only distributing these links between our community (i.e. the page you’re on), Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you’ll notice that results are nearly (if not completely) similar.

Note: We just recently did away with LinkedIn so, if you interacted with us there, just stay here!

Now, who cares, why the heck does it matter?

It doesn’t.

But it does make us ponder if Lil’ Mike is just not being very focused and diligent with their shares etc.

Ok! Onto the game!!

In the name of equality, fairness, and Rum Chata, we’re going to place Lil’ Mike’s song against one of our own and let you, the reader/viewer, weigh in on any aspect of what is written here.

You could:

1. Talk about statistics (Hm?)

2. Comment on the music

3. Discuss why Dick Cheney shouldn’t be allowed into Disneyland

.A. p e n n y -4- your, thoughts?

Lil’ Mike

Addiction (Remix)


Sekrett Scilensce

The Wasteland

All rights reserved?


From Atari To Nintendo To SEGA To TAKEO TAMA? You Betcha’ Ace

We’re good at a lot of things Music-wise. We’re DAMN GOOD at 8-Bit, 16-Bit, awesome, bleep, bloop, audio-adventure utopia crafts (well, at least, we hope we are). Never the less, there is something about the transition from Atari to Nintendo to SEGA to the modern video-game industries that didn’t quite evolve the gaming sound architectures at their then current apparatus.

CD ROM games went straight for fully orchestrated songs, developed no different than soundtracks for films and television.


Who knows.

“Ransom City” (an 8-Bit audio-adventure by Takeo Tama)


All we can say:

• Authentic chip-tune synthesis with splashes of YM FM modulation and full native POKEY integration

• Genuine wave-table pulse-code modulation with Technics and AY chip-sets

• RP2A03 and SiD; enough said

• No emulation; YES, some light re-sampling triggers for advanced layering but, NO EMULATION!!

Have a listen for yourself:

Help us spread the word!

Tell your family, your friends, their friends friends, the friends of their friends, and their friends, and when you’re all ready then please visit the link below:

“Ransom City” compact-disc

Another way to help us!!

We haven’t put out a public-notice yet but, if you are a game designer, coder, developer, hardware-technician, or software-engineer, or you know anyone who is, please tell them to contact-us ASAP.

We want to speak with YOU!!!

Scroll down below and inform us if we are your new 8-Bit Song overlords…

Vee’ hav’ vayz’ uv’ making you understand ze’ power uv’ TAKEO TAMA…..

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So…YouTube Hates You If You Live In Countries That Are Not The USA?

Okay, we don’t know if the article title is stating exact truth but, some of you have said that you go to YouTube, hoping to hear our awesomeness when all of a sudden, you see the message, “This video is not available in your country,” (or similar).

We apologize.

As well, there is nothing we can do about what ‘The Big G’/YouTube does.

On the flip-side, we’re going to include some videos from an entirely different platform (from here on in, and not just YouTube). Maybe this will help alleviate this issue for some of you. If not, we have another step in mind, and while it would likely fix everything all around, in favor of saving on bandwidth etc., we’re going to try the first method and see.

In particular, if you’re from the Philippines then please tell us right away if you are able to see the videos we post.

For everyone else, if you suddenly find yourself unable to view our videos, please tell us ASAP.

New Video Platform Test:

Scroll down to the comments section below and tell us about the first time you had ice-cream (after you tell us if you could see the video of course)…

Or tell us about the first time you got abducted by aliens…..

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