New Year, New World

Another year has come and gone, and exactly what do we have to look forward to, this coming year? 2019: A New Year, A New World — One year before the beginning of a new decade, 2020. Get ready for all the good vision jokes. We foresee them coming as well; the world is changing both physically and online, peoples viewpoints are changing, though maybe not as much as “we” have hoped. There are rumors of wars, talks of change, and yet, which direction do we see entertainment heading??

As humanity as a whole may at times be precariously balanced, or is at least, seemingly so, TAKEO TAMA has good hopes for the year to come, such as the hope to continue to pour our hearts out through music, art, and who knows what other avenues.

We give you our heart and hope for the best.

Our wish for you all this new year is for health, growth, and frankly, a year lived on purpose!

The Shifts Are Occurring?!

The change is happening. We’re in the paradigm shift(s). We’re not anymore certain than anyone else, nor willing to guess exactly what it all means but, we see some items clear as day. Many old-fashioned items are gone, for good, and that’s good and sad simultaneously. Accountability and prose are on the rise, but where shall it all land? Another thing that shows the grand reveal is the uprising known as citizen-journalism. The censorship comes at an interesting moment in all of the upheaval.

Who will reign, regardless of supreme or sensible??

And as far as entertainment…

Investor-Relations? Yes, “You” Can?? But, FREE Cake?!

As many of you know, we loathe talking about anything that is overly business-minded but today, we need to take a moment to discuss something called, “Investor Relations” – We’ve scoured, brainstormed, analyzed, and have even theorized many secondary and third-party items that we may want to test/utilize in order to make sure we are in fact, giving all the best options available for people to not only embrace us via downloads/streams but as well, to be able to engage us in any way possible per the old phrase, “Money wise,” (without quandary) and ultimately, sans limitations.

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If you can’t hear the video above, please check that the sound is not “muted”. If you can’t see the video above then please use this link instead.


Please remember that beyond being goofy artistic people, the overall basis of our operations functions as a company. We’re private and, can only grow from the contributions “you” are able to make.

We always tell others that, “Just one dollar makes a huge difference,” and it’s still true (without a doubt).

We create and in turn, entertain, but beyond all of that, any transaction, be it download, stream, or donation, goes straight into our expansion and ability to do everything we try, 1000% percent better; every time!

If you can’t hear the video above, please check that the sound is not “muted”. If you can’t see the video above then please use this link instead.


Now, if “you” don’t have an extra-dollar to spare then by all means, DON’T – Seriously!! Instead, consider streaming us a few times on Spotify, which costs absolutely nothing but a few seconds of time.

If you have extra-dollars and want to go beyond purchases on iTunes etc. then please consider one of the following options:



There’s probably a ton more we could say on this matter but, we’re choosing to keep it simple and to the point. A ton of things are going haywire across the Internet so no matter what happens right this second or tomorrow, these are some ways that we can be helped beyond anything typical.

If you can’t hear the video above, please check that the sound is not “muted”. If you can’t see the video above then please use this link instead.


Some people often say, “So what costs you most?” – Listen; studio-labor (i.e. engineering), mastering, marketing, packaging (i.e. artwork), video-production, bandwidth/storage, optioning (e.g. international-licensing) – IT ALL COSTS!

If you’re doing it the way we’re trying to do it, making sure that it’s great, the best it can be, and highly visible then it really takes a lot out of our own wallets to keep it growing.

Some people get away with the lower-quality, hobbyist type of thing but, we’re for better or worse, still trying to make a dent in history…

For more videos, please click here!

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Radio-Wave-1: “Reach Out To Me Inside A Dream” (Black Rabbit Society)

Song: “Reach Out To Me Inside A Dream” Artist: BLACK RABBIT SOCIETY Label: Takeo Tama — We’ve had a very good amount of “FM radio-station pickups” during what we’ve dubbed, “Radio Wave 1” — Hopefully (and with your continued help and support), we’re going to see a great expansion and growth going into week-2 a.k.a. “Radio Wave 2” — Locations that have added us to date include:

103.1 KISS (Houston, TX) – 106.5 THE HITS (Reno, NV) – 94.5 HITZ (Miami, FL) – EZ 97.5 FM (Los Angeles, CA) – KSNY SUNNY 91 (Atlanta, GA) – MIX 96.5 FM (New Orleans, LA) & counting…?

Call or Text and request us!

Let’s get “no auto-tune”, High-Quality Music back on the airwaves!!



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YouTube Hasn’t Been What It Was For A Very Long Time

Though newcomers will find it hard to digest, you must know that THE GREAT @YOUTUBE hasn’t been what it was for a very long while. We’re not invoking this thought to be negative or condescending. In fact, we’re saying so to be encouraging and helpful. — While Alt-Tech isn’t an answer to or for everything, there is a lot to be said about what the next shifts could possibly be. AI yes, perhaps, duh but, for the Human experience and entertainment; what’s next? What will still have meaning vs. marketing and surveillance??

Syria Strikes Over?!

Sanity. Clarity. Amenity. Factual. Actual. Rendition. Perdition. Abridged; many, many, people are confused, scared, zealous, unsure? Uncertain?? Uninformed! Remember to breathe!! We may never know what really happened. What did happen? Why did it happen?? Everyone cries foul, cries World-War-Three but in reality, what is really occurring? What may truly come of all these things unknown?


Sekrett Scilensce: “The Wasteland” (Expanded North-American Releases)

FM and internet based radio campaigns for expanded play of “The Wasteland” (by: Sekrett Scilensce) set to — Expanded FM radio and internet-streaming play of ”The Wasteland” (a Pop/Soul music release) by: Sekrett Scilensce is scheduled to begin resurfacing in commercial listening hubs on Monday, April 16th, 2018.

[The Wasteland] has previously been featured on several radio stations, all airing the full seven-minute version of the song which includes:

– Hot 102 Jamz (Nashville, TN)
– Star 95.7 (San Francisco, CA)
– Dominion Global Radio (Houston, TX)
– \ KPTR FM (Atlanta, GA)
– Pure Sounds Radio (Chicago, IL)

Other programs where [The Wasteland] has been featured include:

– The Lady Rerun Show (hosted by the daughter of Fred “Rerun” Berry)
– NBT Radio (Deutschland)
– Banana Peel Radio

Product Notes:

“The Wasteland”

On the verge of collapse, the societies of our planet scramble, seeking refuge from the fear and uncertainty that has become reality; through this panic, one song brings resolution, teaching survival and perseverance to a generation, ‘lost in the storm.’

About Sekrett Scilensce

Sekrett Scilensce is a composer and producer of Classical and Electronic Eurasian crossover music. His primary instruments are Piano and Synthesizers. He has also co-produced and distributed collaborative works for the publishing-industry (with a focus on licensing and acquisitions).

Bringing Popular Videos Back!

With some of the alt-tech options available, we have some opportunities to revitalize some of our most demanded video-presentations. That being said, it’s extra work, and alt-tech isn’t an answer for everything (although it beats the Hell out of trying to get out of YouTube’s scanning-bots which make mistakes all the time!)–so, please make sure you are following us @Twitter and too, make sure you have any RSS notifications set so you can get the updates fast and efficiently.

Party on Wayne, party on Garth?!

Quick Thoughts On WW3 Hysteria

Entertainment company or not, we have plenty of thoughts that stray well beyond our Music-minds (and simpler-sides per our existences). CRITICAL-THINKING: Tweets, words-of-wars, podcast broadcasters going silly on themselves, people panicking over what will or won’t happen. RESOLUTION: Does anyone know? Where are the journalists on the ground, the photos, the video-footage, of the armies, of the skirmishes, of the shelling, of the warships, of the jets, of the truth??


After The Blackout: “Still On Twitter?”

The Censorship, though strong across many networks will in fact, “not deter us” from trying to keep our songs and sounds alive (and abroad). Adjust your notifications if you follow us at @Twitter because for now, as far as ‘lame-stream’ avenues we somewhat still want to use, it’s for better or worse, sort of one of the last networks standing with some viable visibility still attainable. Will it go away? Maybe. But no matter what, all we can do is try.