Takeo Tama’s Birthday?!

Hey everyone, Takeo Tama turns 2 this month! In lieu of celebrations, we decided to lock ourselves in the tool-shed like mad hermits. We are even out of Whiskey!! What the heck? We’ve been hermits for months!!! While our social-media presence is shrinking, Takeo Tama is expanding. Some new ideas are being implemented, as well as reconfigured websites.

Some of our ideas are decidedly much more underground as opposed to mainstream but hey, that’s the way we like it.

Honest and rough around the edges, but legit.

Our art, our music, and our presence is as real and dirty as it gets.

Sounds good, Ja?

There may be a few beards and unshaven legs around the cubicle (and studio) but we promise we are still showering. Though we are void of alcohol presently, we push on. Even hermits need love…

The one great thing about being locked in the tool-shed is that our creativity flourishes. We remain unorthodox and passionate about everything we do. Click the link below to hear the fruits of our labor…

WARNING: If you love Coldplay, you’ll hate this song!

Medicine Cabinet (Full-Version) by: Sekrett Scilensce

Backup-Link (In case above link is down or busy)

🙂 We are not sure if we will distribute this one.

😉 Maybe iTunes doesn’t deserve it. Maybe Spotify can go f*ck themselves!

We will see…


Tell the Universe! Now!!

16 thoughts on “Takeo Tama’s Birthday?!”

  1. Happy happy birthday Takeo Tama i hope you have fun in the shed. I love what your doing very creative, am a great fun keep it up.

  2. I love Cold Play and Takeo Tama songs too. There is nothing mutually exclusive with the two bands. All the best on the work of art you are working on and when you are finished the first round of whiskey will be on me. I do not drink anything else other than Jameson though. Thank you for the updates keep going on with the strong artistic spirit.

  3. Congratulations to everything you are doing for your site. I am happy for the good news. This would be a perfect gift for Takeo Tama for sure and I wish you nothing but the best.

  4. Congratulations on turning 2! Keep it up. Absolutely agree, even hermits need to be loved. Don’t worry we’re here to love and appreciate your works.

  5. It’s not easy to have survived for 2 years in this highly competitive world. Please, do keep it up. Let your creative juices keep flowing. Do whatever is necessary to revive your social media exposure. I wish all of you at Takeo Tama all the best and good fortune.

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