The Happenstance Dance

Our articles (blogs, or however you want to call them), are never really rooted in overt self-promotion or business related musings but, today, we need to stray just a small moment to tell everyone about a few changes we are implementing (which shall ultimately help your experience with our stuff be even easier and more fun).

First order of things; if you weren’t having “fun” previously at this website, please schedule an appointment with your doctor, now!

Second order of things; ‘Whiskey’—we just never seem to have enough, so much so to the point where we’ve had to obtain Scotch (pronounced, Skuh-Huh-Otch, especially before running a billiard table), to hold us over.

Thirdly; we are well within a full-scale paradigm-shift, both mentally and physically.

Things we’re doing in no particular order:

1. We’ve scrapped a ton of wasted web-space and time consuming junk. LinkedIn is out (useless to us). G+, out!! Useless to us. Facebook? It is gone (not deleted), but gone for now. Likely shall never come back.

Many of you had already noticed this change but, we’re speaking to it here and now. Many of you had always suggested more use of video etc. and well, all we can say is, it’s coming and, it won’t be boring. Our facilitation of any ‘social’ “media” will occur via Twitter, VidMe, or YouTube. Tweets will be limited at this point.

Note: This is not, “Hey, we’re quitting social-media,” rhetoric; we have insightful and eye-opening thought-processes that we’ll be sharing soon.

Feel what’s coming

2. Adapting new modalities/networks etc. is not on the horizon any time soon. We need changes that are as complete as possible and, we need to be very good/sharp at a couple of items.

3. We can’t claim any innovation beyond our audio-catalogues at any point, maybe in the past where packaging was still a commodity but now, in the present, and towards the future, everything is stale and just really a series of updates (in terms of presentation).

We’re okay with that. This understanding leads to revelations and perspectives beyond our own hearts, minds, and spirits.

All your suggestions are welcome!!

4. We will be implementing non-intrusive recommendations to people, products, and services we enjoy. Nothing like what Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube ads display. Our integrations, occurring mostly at our song-pages will be clean, intelligent, and nearly un-noticed.


Don’t forget to visit: OCTOTIGGY

Express any opinions you have on this topic. We’re listening

5. We’re not leaving anything indefinitely, but we are looking beyond what is seen, heard, presented, and rehashed via the internet.

We don’t know what the next great innovations shall be or become. We don’t know if our entertainment-enterprise will sustain into the next jump.

We always know we’re ahead, better than a ton of people/services out there but, we’re all trapped in the same box known as the internet (for featuring and delivery of our audio).

Perhaps interesting times are about to begin again in tech sectors such as computing.

Maybe everything is at a stalemate for the next ten years?

Alright! Enough of our ramblings!!


Like we said, we’re moving in a very different direction; the format is a work in progress…

Stay tuned…..

What say you??


156 thoughts on “The Happenstance Dance”

  1. I thought by quitting social media, you would be able to focus on your music and create brand new songs. How come I see something in the article that says no new material for the meantime. Or something like that.

    1. Nope. We have plenty of new material in the works and on its way. We are always reaching forward and spend most of our time in the “toolshed” creating more.

  2. Quitting LinkedIn? But why? Isn’t that like walking away from business opportunities? I hope you will reconsider your decision guys.

  3. I would like to see the changes soon. But do take your time, as it is for your satisfaction and not just the audience’s.

  4. “We don’t know if our entertainment-enterprise will sustain into the next jump.” – Of course it will! As long as you maintain and/or improve the quality of your products, there will be those who will remain loyal. I wouldn’t be surprised if your work will spread via word of mouth or social media likes and shares. I mean, you may be putting the social media thing on standby, but it won’t stop your fans from spreading the word through them.

  5. Changes are bound to happen either for the better or for the worst. I hope that you figure it all out and do what is best for you.

  6. Business is about trying to find out what works or not so I don’t have any problems with it. It’s always nice to have changes than being stagnant.

  7. I no understand. Why Sekret Scilense work for Takeo company now?

    He was fires from other place from before now?

    And how does Takeo company have some much musics from him and now itself?

    I do like but I do not understand this change.

    Keep up great songs coming!

    1. We kidnapped Sekrett Scilensce, tossed him into the back of a van and tickled him with a red feather until he conceded to joining our company.

      You will continue to see many more songs by him.

      “So it is written, So it shall be.”

  8. As long as you keep the music flowing…we’re here to stay! Changes are something that we have to live with. What’s important is we rise up above the challenges and make a positive change!

  9. I sure would like to see that physical paradigm shift. Oh wait…did you mean your physical selves or this site? LOL!

  10. If you feel restricted with the internet, are you guys going mainstream? And what sort of platform are you talking about? Are there any collabs on the horizon so we can hear your songs in tv series or movies?

    1. It is sometime more important what is implied vs. what is said.

      If one man finds money that is not his on the ground and he picks it up, it does not immediately label him a thief, as he can think through his secondary actions, reactions and ability to place the money back on the ground.

      He may choose to take it and in that moment, only he knows the real reasons why.

      After that, he is still the only person who knows the real reasons why he made his choice.

      To say someone chose in the social media world is along the lines of where Takeo Tama company is speaking I believe.

      Who chooses and who is choosing?

      If you clear a mind, it is a very very interesting viewpoint and in sync with something beyond status quo ideas about what makes our worlds go around.

      – Aki

  11. Sometimes less is more. Do away with what you can do without. It is faster to go anywhere if one carries less.

  12. “I call them, “Bitch Arse Shell Lop Monkey F*cks,” but…that’s just me.” – That’s a promising sign for me! That’s what my girl calls me too! I guess I do have a career in tech!

  13. No new modalities/networks means no other means of checking you out except on this site, right? That’s cool. Who needs them when you have a fantastic website!

  14. Change is inevitable my friends. We will welcome it with open arms. Just don’t make some radical changes that we won’t recognize you anymore LOL!

    1. So I was thinking we are going to start manufacturing bubble gum, instead of awesome and unique music…

  15. The message from the video made me think the same. Made me feel rather depressed. I guess I’ll just stick to the the music from you guys. You’re just too deep for me to internalize! Whew!

  16. I think it is very nice of you to consider the thoughts of your audience in changes you intend to make. Not many bloggers, site admins, or whatever else they’re called, would readily be open to such things. Good on you guys!

  17. How do you plan to do the “non-intrusive recommendations” ? Currently, I don’t see any intrusive recommendations. I’m curious, in general, as to what changes you will bring to this site.

  18. “Maybe everything is at a stalemate for the next ten years?” Hope not! That would be boring. Changes, as long as it aims for improvement or higher, is essential for moving forward.

  19. If the changes will be anything like the example you posted here, it doesn’t seem so bad. As long as they do not interfere with what I visit this site for, then by all means, make the change. I’d love to learn about the stuff you guys would recommend.

  20. Yeah just put all your music here. Even if you’re not on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, your fans (us!) will always find this blog. We will always find our way here.

  21. Hey guys! I haven’t visited for a long time…and now this? You’re making some “changes” to this site? I missed a lot huh. Anyway, glad to be able to still listen to your music though.

  22. The only people I know who can totally quit social media are my grandparents, and probably other people their age. For use, however, it has become a platform for so many things. It used to be something that was just on a personal level. Now, it has become so much bigger. But, as there are already so many to choose from, we just pick out and use the ones we think suit our purposes better. Make the change!

    1. So-called Social-Media is actually quite, “Small.”

      Did you know that to run a ‘trend’ on Twitter, it cost(s) $250,000.00?

      Aside from the high price-tag, none of the networks account for the quote/unquote ‘demographics’ that aren’t at all “on” or “in” said networks.

      So, the mass-exposure for entities not involved with the advertising-sectors is essentially what they (the valuated, social-engineering companies) call the consumer-base.

      So a non large-sum creator is a consumer.

      A regular Joe is a consumer.

      A social-media marketer is a consumer utilizing the platform to make money from the preexisting consumer-base.

      More could be said but, if you can’t see the wider picture, you need to wipe your lenses…

      – Ss

  23. Video: Simple, but very nice. Just curious, is that the guys office or home? If it is his home, that would be kinda sad. If office, then that’s awesome! Alcohol + work? Just a dream for many of us!

  24. The first order of things sounds fun to me. The “if you weren’t having “fun”, please schedule an appointment with your doctor, now!” simply rocks and I love it. Anyway, I find your site nice and user-friendly already.

  25. Is this the trend nowadays? I mean people taking their business out of social media? Seems counter-intuitive but I know there’s some logic to it. Keep us posted!

    1. Not sure about any “trends” We, as a company feel that our time can be better spent on our own websites and making our own music. Besides, you guys are all still coming here right?

  26. Yeah take out those distracting ads (you meant ads, right? hehehe). We just want your videos and music. How’s the soul-searching so far?

  27. Had that music blaring in the background while playing a fighter jet pilot sim game. For some reason, I played better that I usually do! Haha! Next time, I’m playing with aviator on!

  28. Making changes? Just leave the bad and useless, retain and improve the good, and add stuff that will make things better. If you ain’t gonna do it now, you’re gonna be doing it someday anyway. Perhaps there will be some awkwardness towards the change, but then it’s all about the content anyway.

  29. Curious about these “changes” you will be making. Will there be a new “look” to this blog? A new kind of music? A live session over Skype?

    1. You should try Periscope. There’s people on there doing all type of live sessions from music, poetry, dance and all, from amateur to pro!

  30. Cheers for giving us an update! You’re a lovely bunch and we hate not to hear new music from you lads. But if you’re going through something then we understand!

  31. Well, like that old janitor from way back in my high school used to say: “Never Give Up, Never Surrender!” (or some other really 90s slogan).

    But hey, he was right. When he retired, he actually saved up a whole lot of money and went to his dream vacation. Disneyland. He had never been. Too bad he died of a heart attack on one of the rides. Bit of a bummer really. But you get the point. Change is always a good thing. I’m pretty sure that old janitor was glad he at least died achieving his dream.

    Now what I don’t understand is how the heck do you practice pronouncing scuh huh otch without getting the hiccups?

  32. Cool vid! Is the guy in there actually Takeo, or is he just an actor? It does not, however, depict the kind of mood I picture you guys in. I have always imagined that you guys are a crazy bunch. In a good way of course! That, I’d like to see!

  33. Change is not always easy. There are several conditions that must be met before anything can be easy. However, from what I have read here, it looks like you genuinely care about your followers. Stay that way. If you do, changes won’t matter. Those people will follow you wherever you wanna go.

  34. Change is coming! I thought this was only true to our side of the planet. Hey, you do your thing ok? We’ll still be here waiting for your resurrection.

  35. Are you guys really gonna be spacing out??? Like, no new music for the time being? That’s crazy. Have mercy on us, your fans. We crave for your music!

    1. “What’chu talkin’ ’bout Willis?” Who said anything about music? We are still very involved in making/producing and distributing music/entertainment. Support your favorite Takeo Tama artists and buy/stream our music today. We gotta eat too!

  36. Limiting the use of social media doesn’t mean one is against it. Perhaps you just found a simpler way that is more advantageous for your operations. I go the same way if I were in your shoes.

  37. I think VidMe isn’t getting the credit it deserves. I find a lot of great videos from there. People who only use YouTube ought to check that site out too.

  38. “First order of things; if you weren’t having “fun” previously at this website, please schedule an appointment with your doctor, now!” – Well said! They should see an EENT, to be precise, because something is definitely wrong with their taste!

  39. Can’t be a stalemate in the next ten years man. So much is going on around the world. New players will come in and will make ripples across the industry.

  40. We love your music, and that’s all that matters. Whatever changes will come your way (business-wise or others), we’ll still be here. Just keep on making music!

  41. “We will be implementing non-intrusive recommendations to people, products, and services we enjoy.” Actually, if you guys recommend the products on the ads, I won’t mind seeing them at all. I might actually discover something I never thought I would like.

  42. VidMe seems to be quite a nice platform. Glad you’re gonna keep it. I’m still wondering why it still hasn’t caught up to the popularity of YouTube though. Perhaps I ought to do more research on that.

  43. So you’re streamlining stuff eh? That’s good, “spring cleaning” though it’s almost summer hehehe. Keep up the good work guys!

  44. We understand guys, business is business. If they’re pressuring you in one way or another, well, f***k it! We’ll still be here as long as you have your music.

  45. LinkedIn out is okay. Facebook out? I can live with that. G+ out? Never coming back? Well, I guess Twitter and YouTube will do. Unless there will another platform better and more popular than YouTube that will come out, do stick with that. Good luck on the changes! Hope everything will turn out for the best!

  46. Alcohol and a billiard table in your workplace? Simply spectacular! Seems you guys get a lot of work done despite having easy access to those things. Good on you!

  47. Yeah social media is crazy nowadays. Fake news, fake people, etc. Who needs them? But we need your music guys!

  48. I think you guys will make decisions based on what will be best for your following without losing what you stand for. Best thing I like about you guys is your attitude. I hope you won’t lose that along the way. Also, some of the artwork you use remind me of the style used by the Gorillaz, which I really like!

  49. Ads are annoying. However, they don’t bother me much. As long as I can listen and view your stuff without the ads being too bothersome, then I’m good. I believe you guys know what your’e doing, and that you won’t do anything to disappoint your followers. Keep up the great work!

  50. I like non-intrusive recommendations. I wanna see how you’ll go about it. I don’t like how it is done in Facebook or Twitter.

  51. Yep down with the ads! LOL! So what’s this mind shift thing going on? Will this influence how your music sounds moving forward?

  52. Can you put that “insightful and eye-opening thought-processes” into a song? I’d be interested how that would turn out. Please?

  53. So much going on in the world now and you’re quitting social media. What’s happening? Even if it doesn’t make sense to me, as long you’re on this site, I can play your music, then I’m good!

  54. You guys are cool. I think this is some form of new innovation of music for me. Probably because there is some unique twist on it and not just what I’m hearing a lot these days.

  55. Yeah take out those big ads! I know you need to earn but big banner ads are just annoying. Keep on playing music guys!

  56. Heyyy…what’s up guys? Sorry I spaced out for a while. Big decisions huh…so what you gonna do with no connection to social media? Is there a big reveal soon?

  57. G+ is useless, I agree. But LinkedIn? Why? Did you find it too business-like? Well, as long as you have this website, we’re good!

  58. The internet is really one hell of a gift to humans. You see, music is everywhere and music is life. I enjoy listening to different music websites. Continue giving us good music and as long as the changes are for the better then go for it.

  59. I love exploring music websites. What a shame I only came across this now. I’m looking forward to hearing music and different genres in your website. I’m not the type who just stick to one genre by the way. And if you are making changes, it wouldn’t matter much to me I guess. I haven’t really seen this site before. So go ahead with the changes. Just keep the good music.

  60. It was my boyfriend who introduced me to this site. He loves the music that you make so much! I listened in and found myself enjoying them as well. All I can say is, go ahead with the changes, just keep up the awesome works!

  61. If you think the change is going to make your site better, go for it! Just keep the music coming as usual! That is what many are here for.

  62. Why do I feel like this is more of a business move than a “creative” move? But I don’t really care as long as you stay true to your music! Never ever change!

  63. I think social media matters these days. People talk and share everything on social media, I wonder why you minimize the social media platform as a portal to reach your fans.

  64. Heyyyy! So I wondered why you have been inactive lately on Facebook. I got worried. So I’ll have to go here to check on you guys huh. No worries!

  65. We’ll go with the flow guys! We believe this is for your growth and a business move as well. Just post more music and videos ok? Cheers!

  66. Why this paradigm shift now? What triggered this? You are doing well (at least, according to me!). Don’t tell me you’re gonna change your sound too?

      1. Hehehe you peoples are sadistic space monkey cowboy rangers that make wonderful music songs!

        I am proud to be here and that other pace you will take us.

        Do we get a new car and bear suits?

        Joking I am, kidding maybe?

  67. Quite concerned about the no innovation thing. So, no new material from you guys? That’s sad. We love your creativity and unique brand of music.

  68. Let us see what will happen once the change is implemented. But I do believe that this change is necessary to make the site stronger and better than ever.

  69. You are great and interesting company.

    I didn’t see you in other product lines so will guess you are audio emphasized.

    It very advanced contents that I’ve not heard come from other music makers.

    Maybe i am wrong but, the name is too powerful to just be sound centralized.

    I will continue to look and read because some of these songs are too amazing to listen once.

    – Sai

  70. We don’t care which platform or what design, as long as we have your music, then we’re good. More music please! That’s my only request.

  71. Just what is this site previously? I am asking because I am new here. Anyway, I believe that the changes mention will make the site stronger. On a different note, I am happy that I stumble to sites like these.

    1. We are en entertainment company. But… If you want to think of us as the best circus you’ve never been to, go right ahead.

  72. As a rookie marketer I see this site being geared towards advertisers which is never a bad thing. I hope those so called changes gets implemented soon.

  73. I like the way you write your thoughts. You give a very relaxed and real impression. Not pretentious nor self-righteous. I especially like a response to a comment where you mentioned to enjoy a tall one. I hope that, with all the changes you intend to implement, you won’t change the way you write. Good luck!

  74. “We will be implementing non-intrusive recommendations to people, products, and services we enjoy.” – Glad to know this! People who enjoy visiting your blog are likely those who enjoy the same things as you do. They may even think the same way, in a way or another, and may prefer the things that you like as well. Thus, they would welcome your recommendations. I know I would!

  75. Hmm even society is so much into social networks, but I think not always follow the trend is the best. I mean we don’t need to go into all social media accounts. After this clearing, you will be reborn with something refresh maybe with new music? Who knows 🙂 but I support you!

  76. I think it’s always wise to take a moment for make a change. However it for your own good. And don’t worry, you have many people here to support you still.

  77. Changes are always necessary, especially when you said it’s moving to make us more fun and experiencing the stuff on the site easier. It is always good to find out what work and not work. Thanks for making the change and the effort your team has put in.

  78. A paradigm shift? Big words! What brought about this new strategy? Whatever it is, just churn out the same awesome music ok? Hugs xxx

  79. I love the “non-intrusive recommendations” thing. Ads, you say? It’s fine as long there’s no pop-up or big ad banners. Those are really a big turn off.

  80. So what modalities/networks are you gonna try? Hey, whatever it is, I’m still gonna be a regular visitor to this blog. Cheers!

  81. I really think you should go beyond video and do some live stage production/skits. I see that in what you guys are doing. These type of productions will help bring your whole entertainment aspect to life from the music, the acting, the emotion, the plot, the purpose, the connection and everything straight about you straight to the people in an original way. And then from the live productions you can repurpose and immortalize it online via video and other social media channels. Like the Steve Jobs video: “Think different”.

  82. If you are looking for ways to give the site leverage then You tube is a way to go. However its protocols are really out of this world unfair almost. Just being real here.

  83. People tend to respond more to visuals as suppose to just plain straight up paragraphs. If I may ask though what is up with the title? It is quiet irrelevant in the topic.

  84. More videos and podcast, maybe? I personally would want to hear you blog in action! ‘Curious and excited how the future contents and discussions will come about. Cheers!

  85. “We need changes that are as complete as possible and, we need to be very good/sharp at a couple of items.” What I think that,
    sometimes, if you adapt changes, you might find fresh and new on our thinking process.

  86. YouTube is probably the most useful out of the lot that you decided to keep. The only issue about it is the geographical restrictions. What is the purpose of that anyway?

    1. We agree! We have had problems with YouTube in the past due to this. A lot of times we utilize YouTube in conjunction with for this reason. Especially since our audience does not just come from one region. We love that you guys are from all over the world.

  87. Discarding things that are useless is normal. You found a better way to get your content across, then that’s all good. You can always modify your methods in the future anyway.

  88. Pretty new to this site but, you guys are the creators so you should do whatever it is you want to with your site right? I mean if you’re going to do something different then of course there would be some people who would disagree with your course of action, but in the end, if you guys are happy with it, then i believe that it is a good choice.

  89. Eh, videos seem to keep people’s attention nowadays anyway so who are we to complain? If this direction is what you think is best, then i say go for it.

  90. Yes I agree with Pinkpuff. Video is very quickly becoming an intrinsic part of content marketing because it is so much more consumable than a long text post.

  91. I believe you should use more use of video. People are watching more video now than ever before. Search engines recognize this trend, and they’re giving video more space in the search engine results pages. 😀

  92. I am glad that we have something to look forward too when you are gone, I hope it would be soon. Change is the only permanent in the world and it should always regard as positive and for the betterment of everything and anything.

  93. Love the phrase “we’re not leaving anything indefinitely, but we’re looking beyond….” It sounds very futuristic! Whatever direction you will take, we’ll still be here guys. Cheers!

  94. So what kind of format are you gonna be using? I’m quite intrigued. What’s better than social media promotion?

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