The Shifts Are Occurring?!

The change is happening. We’re in the paradigm shift(s). We’re not anymore certain than anyone else, nor willing to guess exactly what it all means but, we see some items clear as day. Many old-fashioned items are gone, for good, and that’s good and sad simultaneously. Accountability and prose are on the rise, but where shall it all land? Another thing that shows the grand reveal is the uprising known as citizen-journalism. The censorship comes at an interesting moment in all of the upheaval.

Who will reign, regardless of supreme or sensible??

And as far as entertainment…

Tell the Universe! Now!!

19 thoughts on “The Shifts Are Occurring?!”

  1. Cool outlook, and I guess all your stuff has been around a while then? Seemed like I just found it again a couple days ago. Crazy! But excellent! 🙂

  2. I can’t remember the last times i heard “new” music that was just superb right out the box! Please kind sirs, can we have some more? I’m gonna spotify that shit!

  3. That’s very interesting! I don’t think I’ve ever heard from anyone before who is so adverse to social networking tools, but for such valid reasons. I say you should carry on doing what’s best for you at any given moment.

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