Updating “Pages” to Medium/Large Video Screen Sizes for Testing…

While we haven’t been saying much on the front-end of everything lately, we’ve definitely been EXTREMELY busy behind the scenes! As a matter of fact, one of the many things we’ve been figuring out is how to give every single one of you a faster, better, more streamlined experience when you take tyme to use our “Pages” section. So without further ado, we announce to you that we’re merging the new layouts currently and shall be ‘replacing’ previous designs and have as much up as possible over the next few hours.



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6 thoughts on “Updating “Pages” to Medium/Large Video Screen Sizes for Testing…”

  1. とても興味深い。分布モデル。


    1. Shhhhhhhhh, i ain’t complainin *lol*

      As for the page idea that’s cool. i guess like moves in chess you’s lookin for control and speed, i mean it’s gots to be, right?


      keep it coming.

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