We’re Re-Discussing Localization @ TakeoTama.com However; No Determinations Yet…

Specifically, within the contexts of the pandemic etc., we have “every” reason to reconsider serving out localized content/links and similar but, we as well have no full control over global-internet initiatives and only vow to make considerations for our visitors/patrons vs. oblivious minded policies that wouldn’t allow our material to be as free to audiences. The main takeaway is “resources” but, we’ve learned that there’s some weight to us having placed those pages up in recent weeks, so, the volley towards discussions continues.

Despite the happy-accident with Music being wildly distributed to YouTube, we shall enact for all of that to be resumed back to “us” and therefore, while being the easiest options at hand for distribution, because we don’t support big-tech in the traditional understandings that many employ, we want everyone to be aware that we have every intent to restore control over those standpoints.

Stay-Tuned for updates…

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14 thoughts on “We’re Re-Discussing Localization @ TakeoTama.com However; No Determinations Yet…”

  1. Wow , this corporation has grown long about.

    I wasn’t sure but maybe sticking with the musics was the better choices.

    As for international relations, I mean, it all comes to cost energy, right? So why not stay focused in one handle but then again, if you can make justify the bigger approaches then yes, bring it all into focus!


    1. We stay music focused, but sometimes localizing and language expansion opens up a small window to a broader audience. At least we hope. Plus Kat get’s very excited about the whole multi-cultural thing going on here. Keeping at least one person amused and entertained at the very least.

      1. Similarly, I had some questions as I try to help a friend build her brand up.

        See, I show her this website and a couple similar because there is not a lot of external tools like socials used but there’s tons of audience.

        I told her that maybe it is something we are just not informed of but that maybe we don’t have to use anything but ourselves and then maybe blogs, videos, or half and half clips of that style of contents.

        Then she gets told by almost everybody else that no, this Takeo company isn’t doing it right or is missing x y z.

        But then again, it all seems seamless so then I get confused. 🙂

        But all of this being stated, my questions are like below.

        1. Why did you turn away fast from the donation platforms?

        2. What are you doing that external marketing seems invisible?

        3. Why or how are you building without YouTube or Facebook pages?

        I don’t mean for any question to be an annoying. I just feel inspired to see something that doesn’t seem to follow or need what every advice or marketing video says but, like they say, what works for you might never work for us and all those things.

        Thank you, danke!

        1. Well to be honest and without knowing any detail about your friend’s endeavors, the one word answer is TIME. As well the statement about what works for one… partly untrue in our opinion these days luck has a bit more to do with it. But seriously, we started out simple and slowly. As time passed we evolved our processes, and we are constantly having to change and adapt. We did get traffic, numbers and “likes” when we had our Facebook pages, and we may have lost some audience when we ditched, but if all our efforts, posting and scheduling and blah a blah blah-ing on other networks, that takes up time that we should have been making our music. That is our focus and what we care about most. Coding our own websites takes up plenty of time already, but we are unwilling to ditch those. 😉 as far as the donations, we are always happy if someone can help, but these days, with pandemic and so many people loosing their employment? Asking for donations is like adding insult to injury. But… if people are stuck at home and want to stream the heck out of us? That’s good too. In our earlier sites we had the blogs with no comment section, for a good while before we opened that up. When we turned it on, people started trickling in. I’m sure there are plenty of good uses for more social media, but for us it’s mostly a waste of our valuable time. We saw better numbers and engagement from vidme when it was around than from YouTube. It’s not to say we won’t use it some times, but with you tubes stance on COPPA, we honestly don’t feel it’s worth the risk of a 40,000$ fine from the FTC if they deem something is mislabeled or for children and not marked properly. We do video game music too, video games can be considered for children, you tube passed the buck off on the regular people. Any ways, we wish your friend luck on her endeavors, just remember there are no quick fixes. Patience wins the game in our book.

  2. Well my friends, it is all a matter of productivity, yes? Like, look, imagine, anyone around the world could probably try and understand english but really, having the russian, or the japanese, or the german, published and ready. Well, it’s faster, right?

    But my friends, the thing is no matter what anythig is, just do not take the times away from the important things.

    I am impressed that a song company would make so much dedication to cultures around our globe.

  3. i mean, if it doesn’t take away from the rest then why not? The big thing is right now, time, money, and being able to stay creative. You probably dont have the problem like many do because you’re always producing but just dont put too much weight on the shoulders, hurting the creations.

  4. Very interesting and always interesting rantings here! So censorship finally came to your lyrical contents? *lol* you have honors now!


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