Where The Hell Have You Been And Why Do You Smell Like Ketchup?!

Now, before you ask us, Where the Hell have you been and why do you smell like Music?! — we’d like to ask you, Where the Hell have you been and why do you smell like Ketchup?! — You must understand, while your question is important, it is equally strange that you smell like exotic blends of Ketchup. Are you using a special Ketchup scented shampoo? Are you using a special Ketchup scented soap?? Are you rolling around in Heinz on purpose before coming to our website, just so we look around, becoming paranoid that Ketchup scented F.B.I. agents are perusing our .com…

You can never be too careful.

As for smelling like Music; come on, really?!

Social-Sense Century:

We’ve been back and forth and forward and back over all the trivial and somewhat interesting perspectives regarding social-media usages and you know what, Freak it, we have a conclusion:

We’ll continue to support Legacy-networks such as YouTube and Twitter (primarily) [as they are good for automated distribution] however, we’re going to begin evaluating new/growing networks that may have better accommodations for people like us, doing the things we are doing.

We won’t go into many details but, we stand by everything we’ve ever said or observed and more than ever, now, we can’t function per any status-quo ideas (even if/where they may have once had merit).


As always, we’re making and putting out things we hope are interesting…

In Conclusion:

You’re not getting out of this without answering the principle question at hand…

Where the Hell have you been and why do you smell like Ketchup?!

* * * * * * * * * *

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14 thoughts on “Where The Hell Have You Been And Why Do You Smell Like Ketchup?!”

  1. I am not sure of the relativity of the ketchup to the music, but the title is interesting and I was quite interested to know what it is. Still in question on the relation between ketchup and music.

  2. I’m actually not sure how ketchup relates to all this, but I suppose it was catchy, at least?

    And why do you consider Youtube and Twitter as legacy networks? Aren’t they still popular and well, today? What about Facebook? How does all this relate to what you are claiming as automated distribution?

    So many questions right now. I can’t make sense of the blog’s contents.

  3. Everyone is unique and different. Just be yourself and do what you love and you’ll find success in what you do. It might not be easy but, it is worth chasing your dreams.

  4. The ‘ketchup’ word really got me to the end of this article. And now I understand that when you smell like ketchup, you are being genuine and being youer than you. Good luck on the Legacy Networks! 🙂

  5. At first I thought what’s with the Ketchup did they came from some diner or something? And then there were the music (sigh), I got hooked!

  6. You caught my attention here with that title. I say, keep it going and rolling more better than before, or should I say better than Ketchup?

  7. To be honest, I was actually really bewildered by that opening simply because I love ketchup and had some for lunch. Moving on, I’m sort of glad that you’ll still be supporting Twitter and Youtube, but more overtly happy that you’re looking into other networks, too.

    And that Russian style, operatic Mariachi music going on! Swoon. Eerily beautiful the first minute in then boom! It hits all the right spots! Definitely digging it and definitely interesting!

  8. I was hooked until i read the whole post. One thing i believe in ( and its good you do too) is that when you have chatted your way and you know where you are going, stand by it. Nice read.

  9. Gosh, I thought it was really a question! Just reading the title, it really made me interested. Good to know that it was more than that! Thanks for the great read!

  10. I was really enjoying reading your blog especially in the first paragraph, it blew my mind huh. More power to your endeavor on the Legacy network.

  11. I’ve been in the land of dreams and I smell like ketchup because I want to be unique. Just like the unique music you provide, I can only find it in my dreams. I can really see Synth Ballad Type 1 as a background music to my interesting sleep sequences.

  12. “As always, we’re making and putting out things we hope are interesting…” – Yeah! They are really interesting. Keep it up!

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