Working The Kinks Out, But! Pages Are Ready For “You” to Test!!

So…..we…..don’t have an EXACT handle on this whole scenario yet. #Censorship BS aside, we have been tirelessly working to get all the freebies running for you guys and gals so we can just jump “completely” forward however, recordings and Song-catalog submissions have eaten some of that meantime (and rightfully so) but! All said, we’ve decided we’re just going to start letting “You” test some of the web-pages and let us know how they’re working per your devices etc.

As well, we’re going to be a little old-school in that we’re literally just going to put them in an open page-directory, kind of like 1990s Internet and just let you click as desired.

This directory will eventually be closed to not attract Bot content-scrapers etc. but!! For now, have fun.

* If you can’t see the content/iframe above then please click-here…

And lastly, if you encounter problems then just let us know.


• These are all self-hosted/self-dedicated links, at no tyme are “you” required to register/sign-up for “any” uses

• As previously discussed, we’re removing all ads except for a couple of sliders and in-video streams (we did discuss entire removal but during testing we just want to see if it really doesn’t matter in terms of anything being intrusive etc.)

• As per now, the links are a mix of leftover YouTube residuals and some of our beta-pages however, they will all be renewed coding soon enough


CLICK-HERE for the pages…

That’s it for now. Have fun?!

Tell the Universe! Now!!

10 thoughts on “Working The Kinks Out, But! Pages Are Ready For “You” to Test!!”

  1. So this isn’t not somethings asked but I am developer part side time and notices.

    If examines your codes, there is error message and you noticed a differences protocol part: in the iframe “src” tag in error message

    The reason that the returns redirect canonical with slashes /page/ but redirect must be a full. The server might isn’t includes the protocol using http:// instead?

    could be configurations or codings.

    You use a link that doesn’t trigger canonical

    Maybe it fixes.

    You no asking but I didn’t see iframe on mobile browser so then I check code because I am coder.

    Sorry for bad english!

  2. I do not mind the sliding graphic, personally. The in videos is debabtable but, I mean, you aren’t forcing logins or things like Youtube, Facebook etc.

  3. Looking great! I don’t think anything is intrusive and honestly, there would be a couple more pennies in having some banners but maybe you just dont have time to do everything like you said so it’s all good regardless.

    I don’t know if moving away from the links where people could donate was neccessary but I won’t complain for freebies. 🙂

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