YouTube Is NPR On Steroids?

It sucks to use YouTube on its front-end. Seriously. It’s a wasteland of some sort, a sort of tech-dystopic echo-chamber of nothing but talk-radio heads (a.k.a. podcasts) and how-to jockeys (a.k.a. advice givers/gurus). The alternatives (i.e. Bitchute) are not better either, as you are automatically considered “Political” for utilizing any alternative networks per most TV-watchers opinions/mindsets. It just makes the whole idea of being entertaining a vacuum of blah and further sucking.

There is no “mainstream”.

There is no ‘underground’.

Not online, on the internet; it’s all just stuff to see, hear, and consume?

How are people having discussions about something not being mainstream-enough over the internet??

12 thoughts on “YouTube Is NPR On Steroids?”

  1. its like most of the internet. filled with fluff and garbage. you have to look for what you want. i do like youtube for its tutorials and such, but theres lots of garbage on there too

  2. I agree with you, however, Youtube has saved me more than once with its tutorials. It’s like a Sensei when it comes to finding out how to do something.

  3. I am not really big on youtube. Although I find it helpful when I am in need of some help with just about anything. Especially those how-to videos. Other than that, I do not really browse on other videos for most of the time that is.

  4. I’m not really that much updated on what’s “in” nowadays, so, to a certain extent, I think, generally, mainstream media just spoonfeeds its audience by offering subpar quality content. However, I do think that there are several outstanding videos amidst all those who get all the hype.

  5. I can totally relate because I do wonder same but unfortunately we just have to deal with it that way,no mainstream and underground makes it a lot harder for users but we think have to appreciate it a bit.

  6. Nothing in life is going to be perfect though most things are work in progress, maybe mainstream and underground would be looked into in future.I hope they read this for a change.

  7. Honestly, I only go to YouTube for music videos. Especially for songs I can’t find mp3s for. I am clueless about the so called YouTube “stars”. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a how-to vid. Or any of the podcasts that reviews anything and everything. I’m old school: I still go to forums for discussions.

  8. Youtube is not perfect. But what I love the most about it is the community and opportunities it creates for a lot of us.

  9. It has its flaws, but it definitely makes life easier when you want to learn something musically or intellectually. There are “how to” videos for almost everything. I do see where you’re coming from though how mainstream and underground is dead.

  10. There used to be Vimeo, if I am not correct (I think it is actually still there). However, I remember some Youtubers that I follow who were trying to convert to Vimeo having problems with uploading so that was a bust. It is true that there are very few sites like Youtube nowadays.

  11. I guess we are living a moment of real transition, and while we struggle with the views we’ve always had, we have to face the reality that “Youtuber” is nowadays a profession…

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